How Do Vaporizers Work?

E-cig vaporizers are not a whole lot different in their inner workings than standard, two-piece, cigarette-look-alike e-cigarettes in how they work, even though they look entirely different.

Just like typical e-cigs, they are powered by a battery which holds a microcomputer smart chip, serving as the “brain” of the vaporizer. They also contain an atomizer (the heating mechanism), which is either a separate component or part of the cartomizer or tank, and they have a compartment, either a cartomizer or tank that holds the e-liquid.

The battery is the power source, and unlike basic e-cigs, vaporizers are known, loved, and obsessed over for their high-powered batteries. These things are pretty darn powerful, and can produce some crazy hits of vaporized nicotine liquid! If you’ve only ever used cig-alikes, you will be blown away by the level of vapor a vaporizer can produce. The battery contains a smart chip, and this works to direct how things get run on the interior, and it controls the other important parts of the vaporizer.

Setting up the vaporizer is simple. Before the first use, the battery should be charged to 100%. Filling the e-liquid doesn’t take much effort or time, however it should be dripped onto the sides of the cartomizer and filled to only 75% capacity for the ideal performance.

To turn on the vaporizer, the user has to press the power button 5 times quickly, in a 2-second time period. When vaping, they will also press the power button during the puff, and release it when they’ve stopped inhaling.

When the use takes a hit, it causes the battery to power up and the smart chip to send a signal to the atomizer that it’s time to heat up. When it does this, it automatically vaporizes the e-liquid, instantaneously creating the hit, which the user will inhale and exhale, savoring the whole exciting process of high-powered, smoke and tobacco-free vaping!

The end result is a process entirely similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette, only in a much more modern, cleaner, more dynamic way. Vaporizers are the future of vaping, and if you are interested in experiencing the power of using one, check out the South Beach Smoke Air!

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How to Maximize Battery Life

You love your South Beach Smoke batteries, don’t you? All the pleasure and enjoyment they bring, all the money they save you over traditional cigarettes, the way they can be used so nonchalantly in public without getting nasty stares from nonsmokers… So like any of your other prized possessions, you probably want to know how to take care of them properly. And because we know this, here is a guide on how to maximize your e-cig battery life, and get the very best lifespan out of them.

-First things first, read the manual. Can’t stress this enough, but in order to take care of your batteries ideally, you need to be really familiar with them and the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

-Pay attention to the charging. Never charge your batteries longer than necessary; when they get to 100% take them off. The only exception here is on the first charge, in which case you will want to charge them for a bit longer.

-Don’t rely on having just one battery. Having at least two (hopefully a couple more as well) will enable you to rotate their use, and give you the benefit of having one ready while the other is charging. Having more than one battery will lessen the wear and tear on each battery, which will extend the life of all of them.

-Never expose your e-cigarette batteries to direct sunlight, and by all means, do not leave them to bake in the sun! Like your cellphone or other electronic devices, lithium ion batteries can deteriorate when they have had too much exposure to the sun and heat.

-Water and batteries are not friends. Like most electronic devices, water does not play well with e-cigarette batteries. Keep yours away from water!

-Keep it clean, this is essential to making your products last and to have the best performance! Clean all the parts between the battery and the cartridge/ cartomizer, focus on the threads and wipe things down with a soft, clean cloth.

-If you are filling your cartomizers yourself, do not overfill. This is bad for performance and bad for the battery because it can cause leaks, which can lead to malfunction. No bueno.

-When not in use, disconnect the cartridge from the battery because it causes a continuous drain on the battery when connected.

We know how much you want your products to last as long as possible, and we know you want to get the most out of your e-cigs, so follow these simple guidelines and take proper care of them! They will provide you much pleasure, and allow you to avoid spending more money than necessary over time!

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A Little FAQ for Your Friday

If you vape, you’re probably used to some pretty strange e-cig questions, be it from people who know nothing about e-cigarettes as well as from those who are interested in switching. Here are a few of them, and the most suitable answers to go along with them!

1. Why should I switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes?

People switch to e-cigs for tons of different reasons, and in the name of free will, if you are wanting to switch for your own particular reasons, then just do it! They are tobacco-free, smoke-free, odor-free, cost less, are more versatile, can be used in more places, and they offer way more variety and choices than tobacco. The question should be: “Why shouldn’t you switch?”

2. Is there an age requirement when purchasing e-cigs?

Yes, it follows the same legal requirement traditional cigarettes do in your jurisdiction; it’s a minimum of 18 years old in most places in the US, 19 in others.

3. Are e-cigarettes really healthier than tobacco cigarettes?

Let’s get technical, shall we? We are in no position to say they are healthier, but we will say that they are entirely different than tobacco cigs. They contain none of the tobacco or (thousands) of added chemicals, and e-liquids are comprised of less than five ingredients.

4. Are e-cigarettes really cheaper than traditional?

Yes, generally. You do not need to constantly purchase cigarettes, and you do not need to purchase your basic gear very often. E-liquids and refill cartridges are considerably less costly, even for those who use them regularly. Another aspect to consider in cost – e-cigs are not taxed like traditional cigarettes, so (at least for now) when you purchase them, you are not paying a huge portion in taxes, and the biggest expense is what it costs to get started.

5. So what’s really in that vapor that gets exhaled?

It’s water vapor, not smoke. E-liquid contains very few ingredients, and it’s basically nicotine-infused water vapor, hence the reason it’s often used in public without causing an uproar, or an inconvenience to others.

6. Are electronic cigarettes safer than traditional cigarettes?

In a variety of terms, yes. They are electronic, so you never have to be worried about the concerns that come with using fire.

7. Am I free to use e-cigs anywhere I want?

They are often able to be used in many public places, and it really does depend on the establishment, however there are some limitations. If you aren’t sure, it’s always smart to ask management. If it’s a general public area and it seems fine for smokers to be smoking, it should certainly be fine for you to vape.

8. What battery style is better? Manual or Automatic?

It’s a personal preference. Do you want more control over the function? Go with the Manual. Do you want a larger amount of vapor? Go with Manual. Do you want a battery that lasts longer through each charge? Go with Automatic. Do you want a battery that starts up automatically when you puff? Automatic is for you.

9. How do you know when to recharge the battery?

There are a few indicators, depending on the battery. Many devices are equipped with indicator lights, so those let you know automatically. If the flavor starts tasting odd, or the vapor seems to be dwindling, chances are the battery needs to be recharged. Simply, regardless of which model you vape with, you’ll know when it’s time to get powered up!

10. Where do I purchase a good e-cigarette from?!!! We’ve got the best products, best variety, best selection, and the best prices on e-cigarettes and advanced vaporizers! If you want an even easier way to try vaping, we have Express e-cigarette starter kits, which give you the same products, in a minimal setup, with the least amount of commitment to start!

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E-Cigs: A History Lesson

Ever wonder about the history of the electronic cigarette? A modern marvel that dates way back to 1963, the e-cigarette has changed the way smokers today enjoy the sensations of smoking and savoring nicotine. The invention was the creation of a man named Herbert Gilbert, and understanding how hazardous tobacco cigarettes are, he had the foresight to know it was only a matter of time before people started seeing the true consequences of smoking heavily.

Back then, however, smoking tobacco cigarettes was far too popular for the invention to have made any ground, so the concept came and went, disappearing into oblivion due to a lack of interest from the public.

Over the next few decades, as people became more and more aware and affected by the harm that comes from smoking tobacco cigarettes, the deadly reality of tobacco would hit home for a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. His father, a heavy smoker lost his life to lung cancer, and Lik, seeing the need for real alternatives, developed a device he thought would greatly help smokers get the same pleasure they had from cigarettes, in a similar manner, without the tobacco and smoke.

This was in 2003, and the products were an instant success in China when they hit the market. By 2006 the popularity and use of these products became so widespread, they were being used all over Europe, and once they reached the American market in 2007, the results were similarly successful.

Today, 7 years in, the market is soaring, on the verge of hitting $2 billion in sales. The popularity of e-cigarettes continues to grow, with new innovations and products being created all the time. While the success has not been met without controversy and obstacles, it comes with the territory of any product that achieves such overnight success.

Through the recent years, politicians have attempted to boycott the products as well as impose large scale taxation, in an effort to recoup lost sales from cigarette decline, however so far the only restrictions the FDA has implemented are those that prohibit the products from being sold to minors, which obviously is a common sense move that is necessary. Some states and counties have imposed bans on e-cigarettes, and do not allow them to be used publicly, similar to the limitations placed on traditional cigarettes, and even still e-cigarettes continue to grow in sales and use.

The future, despite the red tape, is looking immensely promising for electronic cigarettes, and it will be most definitely exciting to see where this industry is headed. One thing is for sure, and that is that the alternative cigarette has changed the landscape of smoking, and smokers have truly embraced their option in vapor. So, let’s all take a moment to tip our hats and speak some words of gratitude to the e-cig’s founding fathers: Herbert Gilbert and Hon Lik!

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Up Your Sex Appeal with E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are hot, and using them can make you even hotter. Now, you may be thinking such a statement is ludicrous, however, most smokers switch to vaping because they want an alternative to smoking tobacco. They inherently want to get healthier, and they are looking for a more positive overall lifestyle.

What this has to do with sex appeal is that, well, the healthier you are, chances are the more attractive you will be. If you work out, the more likely you are to be physically fit. The general population finds healthy, fit individuals to be more attractive. See the correlation? While we can’t promise that flaunting an e-cig will get you more dates, we can say that leading a healthier lifestyle will add many benefits to your life, and exercising has the benefit of not only making your body hotter, but also one’s attitude! That’s right, exercise releases endorphins, which can boost your mood and make you a happier, more confident person! And it’s widely accepted that confidence is very sexy.

Many smokers are not fond of exercising because their lungs can’t handle the increased effort it takes to keep up. This can often lead smokers to not exercise, which in turn can cause unwanted weight gain. A horrible, vicious cycle it is! On the contrary, however, many smokers report a feeling of increased lung capacity when they switch to e-cigarettes. This enables them to handle more intense workouts, and in general handle more physical activity.

In a recent study, 1000 electronic cigarette smokers were asked about their experiences with vaping and their results from using the alternative cigarette products. Many reported a feeling of improved lung function, and three fourths of the participants reported they were much more capable of handling exertion and strenuous exercise since switching to e-cigarettes. 98% of the study’s participants reported that they had been able to decrease their usage of traditional cigarettes after they started using e-cigarettes, with 77% of the participants stating they had switched entirely to e-cigs. 66% of participants reported that they noticed a significant improvement in their ability to perform daily tasks.

While in reality, simply switching to e-cigarettes won’t guarantee that you’ll become hotter, sexier, or more attractive, switching holds many benefits which can in turn, lead you to take better care of yourself. Healthy totally equates to sexy, so switch to e-cigs, hit the gym, and focus on the positives!

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