Reasons You Need a Vaporizer

E-cigs are great. They are the basic method lots of people started vaping with. Many of you are still using e-cigs and hey, that’s cool if you’re content, however, you may want to elevate your vaping a little bit if you’re wondering if there is something more out there. Here are the top reasons to give vaporizers a go, and why they may change your vape game for the better!

  1. Bigger, better, more powerful. That’s the big thrill with vape pens. They offer a more intense experience than basic cig-a-likes.

  2. Better batteries. Bigger devices mean larger, higher-capacity batteries are utilized to create a more powerful experience.

  3. Accessories. Having the option to play around with different tanks can change so much of the way you vape. A vape tank can totally affect your performance, and you have options between larger and smaller sizes.

  4. Customizing is so great. It can give you that personal feel on your vape pen that makes it a total pleasure to use every time because it works exactly the way you want it to. Why would you want to live without customizing your device?

  5. Portable size: they go anywhere! Sure, they may not be as tiny as e-cigs, but they are not bulky at all! Most vaporizers can fit nicely in a pocket or purse, and can be used discreetly in public because they fit snugly and easily into the hand.

  6. Larger tanks mean larger quantities of e-liquid can be held in them. This means that if you’re after an all-day fill, or want to use it constantly without refilling all the time, you’ve got that option.

  7. Speaking of options, using e-liquid, instead of prefilled cartridges is awesome. You’ve got a wild assortment of 30,000 different flavor possibilities when using our e-liquids, so you can never get bored!

  8. Freedom. Yes, you’ve got freedom from smoke no matter what vapor device you go with, but vaporizers offer so much versatility and freedom you will probably have no interest in heading back to using e-cigs!

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E-Cigarette Safety: Why it is SO Important

Canadian teen finds himself at the wrong end of an exploding vapor device. His parents cry foul on the product. The device, an advanced “mech mod” is sold specifically among a class of products made only for the most advanced users. News reports focuses in only on the aspect of the device exploding. As far as the media goes, this kind of reporting is ridiculous. It has become a continuous effort on their part to take any story that appears, or that they invent, regarding electronic cigarettes, and twist it to glare a nasty light in the direction of vapor. Without taking factual information into account, in hopes of getting attention.

Who is benefitting from this lack of realistic reporting? What this makes evident on the large scale, within the big picture is that there needs to be a much greater amount of available knowledge. Parents need to be aware of what their kids are up to, especially when it involves their usage of things they are too young to be messing with. Whether it’s underage drinking, smoking, or using e-cigarettes, education and awareness begins at home. This product should have never gotten into the hands of a 16-year-old, whether a shop sold it to him, or his parents bought it for him unwittingly.

The reality here is that this teenager clearly did not know enough about the item to be using it safely, effectively, and obviously without harming himself. There are a great many precautions that should be observed when using a mechanical mod, the first of which being that an underage person has no business using one. The media reports focus on the sensationalist perspective, however there should be a clear path when reporting that the misuse of these products is leading to precarious and dangerous outcomes. With 25 e-cigarette explosion cases in the past 7 years, the majority of which have occurred due to improper use, it offers an inclination that it’s not really the products the majority of the time, but more in how they are handled.

Fireworks. Guns. Lithium-ion batteries. It’s pretty evident: improper use by inexperienced, uneducated people will result in bad circumstances. Don’t be foolish, understand what you’re working with, and please, by all means people, pay attention to e-cig safety and manufacturer’s warnings; they’re there for a reason.

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Steering Clear of Dry Hits

Dry hits: they’re never pleasant. They’re awful! If you’ve never had one, consider yourself to be extremely luck! They taste horrific, produce a ghastly experience, and basic ruin what would have otherwise been a lovely vape session. We’ve all been there, and it’s seriously no fun. Here’s how to avoid them!

What is a Dry Hit?

Literally, it’s a dry hit. It tastes gross, it’s dry, kinda scrapes your throat, and is not good for your health. You want to avoid them always; if you’ve experienced this dreaded phenomena you know the consequence!

What Causes Dry Hits When Vaping?

An empty vaporizer tank; no liquid causes the atomizer to burn the wick. Did you add enough liquid to the tank to rectify this?

How to Avoid Them:

Pay attention and avoid mindless chain-vaping to make sure you’ve got enough juice in the tank at all times.

If the problem is continuous, you may need an e-liquid with a lower VG content, as it can be quite thick and more difficult/ slower to soak into your wick. If this is your case, go with a higher PG content in your liquid.

Think Quality. A high-quality vaporizer/ mod will be less likely to give you such troubles, so always go with the best you can. As you know, dry hits suck. Pay attention to your usage, and you’ll be able to avoid them!

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Big Sale Happening NOW!

Currently, we’ve got a nice big sale occurring, and you should definitely be aware of it! Who doesn’t want to score awesome deals at insanely good prices?

All of our South Beach Smoke starter kits are discounted as low as 75% off; so if you’re in need of some new gear, or if you want to add a few new pieces to your collection, perhaps grab a new vaporizer starter kit or two just to have back up, this is an excellent time to do so.

If you want to try something new, you guessed it! Now is the time to get on it! Score the always-phenomenal Storm Starter Kit, priced at $16.25, which will get you this rad personal vaporizer, along with all necessary accompanying accessories. This device is known to fit perfectly in the hand and handle extended usage like a champ.

If you are looking for a solid backup vaporizer, the Curve, priced at $16.25 is always a crowd-pleaser. This elegantly-styled model offers a seriously nice hit, and a sleek body that fits perfectly in a pocket or purse, and can handle going just about anywhere discreetly.

If you want a little extra power and a device that will impress all around, the Thunder Kit, priced at $31.25 never disappoints. Available with some seriously powerful batteries, the Thunder offers a psychotically intense level of vapor with capabilities that produce massive hits.

And vaporizers are not the only products on sale! Oh no; if you’re looking for an excellent e-cig starter kit, all South Beach Smoke e-cigarette starter kits are 75% off, with prices starting as low as $9.99, offering really enticing deals on some of the best e-cigs out there.

So, looking for new vape gear without having to spend a fortune? Want to save some money on some e-cigarettes and vaporizers? Looking for the hottest vape sale at the moment? Mosey on over to South Beach, and have at it!

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Let’s Talk Love Life & Dating… & Smoking

Vaping and your love life. You may think they really have nothing to do with one another, but that could not be any further from reality! If you’re prowling the dating scene, and looking for love, or just some fun, here’s a look at why you may want to switch to vapor! Hey, you never know… it could be just a single cigarette between you and Mr. or Ms. Right!

Turn-off #1: The Smell – The smell of musty smoker; it’s not attractive on any level. It stinks, quite literally! And what’s even worse, is that smokers have earned a reputation as such that not only do they smell, but their vehicles and homes tend to be funky as well.

Turn-off #2: The Finances – Smokers spend more on their habits, and as a result, their spending on such an unhealthy habit can be a turnoff to non-smokers who want a longterm partner who demonstrates financial responsibility.

Turn-off #3: The Health Choices – Health matters big time, and it doesn’t take a physician to make it clear that smokers are less healthy than non-smokers, generally speaking. Smoking can be a major turnoff due to all of the associated health issues that come along with it.

Turn-off #4: The (lack of) Education Factor – Considering the amount of information so readily available to smokers and nonsmokers alike in regards to the dangers and detriments of smoking cigarettes, it’s really amazing that anyone would opt to smoke tobacco anymore. It definitely makes one seem less educated by choosing to smoke when there are so many options to choose from instead. Like, hey! Don’t you know how bad tobacco is for you?

On the Contrary…

Turn On # 1: E-cigs give you something to talk about, make it apparent that you’re abreast of the current times, and they are a conscious choice that actually does benefit the planet. They are a statement of your choice to use something more responsible and less scary due to the fact that they do not contain tobacco or any of the thousands of chemicals. You won’t smell bad, and you will have the ability to proudly boast that you’re not a tobacco smoker! So if you’re dating, allow yourself the availability of all options open; why be a tobacco smoker if you don’t have to?

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