Health Effects of Tobacco Cigs, and Why it Pays to Switch!

So you obviously know that traditional tobacco cigarettes are pretty bad for you, but are you aware of all the different ways they cause harm to the body? They can not only cause a myriad of different deadly diseases, which can kill you, but the negative health effects they can cause that impede your daily quality of life and enjoyment of it are also quite numerous. Read on to learn about the many ways tobacco cigarettes can mess with your health, and how the body recovers itself once you get the tobacco out of your life. It’s just another great reason to switch to electronic cigarettes, if you haven’t done so already!

The Heart

This is one of the most common organs to get affected by cigarette smoke. Tobacco causes heart disease, which ultimately can lead to your demise. When you stop smoking cigarettes, within 12 months your risk of acquiring heart disease gets cut in half.

The Lungs

Cigarette smoking causes immense damage to the lungs, destroying cilia and causing carcinogenic tar to build up, making way for diseases as lung cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, and chronic bronchitis. However when you stop smoking cigarettes entirely, within 12 weeks your lungs regain the ability to clean themselves, and around that same time frame their overall functioning begins to improve.

The Brain

In 5 years time, the risk of stroke will significantly decrease.

Other effects of cigarette smoking can take a toll on the skin, the mouth (including the teeth), and the sex drive. One of the most annoying aspects of the damage is the cycle it causes, making it difficult for smokers to get healthy because with lessened lung function, exercise becomes quite difficult. As a result, smokers are less likely to get enough exercise, particularly cardio, and this creates a negative chain of effects because being sedentary only leads to trouble!

However, the human body has an amazing ability to regenerate, and as quickly as 8 hours since your last cigarette, your system will begin to recover. In just 8 hours time, the body flushes out the excess carbon monoxide from the blood. Within just 1 week, your sense of smell and taste will improve.

While it isn’t easy, switching to electronic cigarettes, which do not contain tobacco, produce tar, or contain any of the additional chemical toxins, can really make life a lot more pleasant. Especially if you are looking to avoid these tobacco pitfalls. 

Thinking about making the switch? Check out our awesome e-cig and vaporizer starter kits!

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Vaping for Couples

Do you and your spouse/ partner/ significant other have a habit of stealing each other’s e-cigarettes and cartridges? Did you purchase a starter kit because you were open-minded enough to try vaping, while they refused, only to get interested once they witnessed how much you dig the art of vaping? Do you have the bad habit of “borrowing” their e-cigarettes because you are too lazy to get your own?

If you and your partner can relate any of these scenarios you need one thing, and one thing only: a South Beach Smoke Couple’s Starter Kit.

As the name implies, it was designed for couples, because the scenarios listed above are not unique by any means. In fact, in the vaping world, they are all quite common, and we know how annoying it can be to want to vape, and not be able to locate your battery because someone else has it! Or, even worse, has used it down to 0% on the battery, and did not recharge it. Oh, the nerve!

These situations are exactly the reason the Couple’s Starter Kit was created, because vaping should be lovingly shared and enjoyed together, inspiring domestic bliss, not stress!

The Couple’s Kit contains exactly what you both want and need:

  • 2 Standard Batteries
  • 2 Extra Capacity Batteries
  • 2 USB Chargers
  • 2 Wall Chargers
  • 2 Car Adapters
  • 20 Nicotine Cartridges

As you can see, it contains everything you both could want or need, doubled up! And neither of you will be venturing into the other’s stuff if you’re out of a battery due to charging or having run out of power since there are 4 batteries in this kit! Also, having three different charging options, for both of you, adds to the convenience and versatility of this starter kit package. What makes this starter kit even more fantastic is that you get all of these products for an unbelievable price: $109.99!

If you and your significant other want to make the switch to vaping together, or if you want to make vaping convenient for both of you, this couple’s starter kit is the way to do it! And, if you happen to know another couple who would benefit from the wonders of e-cigarettes, this kit makes an amazing gift! Here’s to love, and vapor smoking!

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Science VS WHO in the E-Cig Debate

In the news recently regarding electronic cigarettes, 53 top scientists from around the world wrote a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) giving reasons and evidence as to why they believe negatively targeting  the electronic cigarette industry, and labeling these devices as tobacco products would be a major disservice to the international public. Stating that the true benefits of these products have yet to be revealed, and they have the potential to change the way smokers smoke in a positive way, for the better.

While many people still are not convinced of the benefits of vapor cigarettes, these experts are certain they present less risks than their counterparts. They believe e-cigarettes have the ability to reduce and prevent many of the deadly diseases that are caused by smoking, and in terms of public health, e-cigarettes can potentially save lives. Why target something that has the ability to offer such positive opportunities for smokers?

Anyone, any smoker, any vaper can advocate, but having the international scientific community on your side adds major credibility. And above all, their reasoning makes total sense, electronic cigarettes are blatantly an alternative to traditional cigarettes, and do not contain any tobacco.

Also of interest is that Big Tobacco stands on the side of e-cigarettes on this one. While tobacco has been on the decline for over a decade, and even more so in recent years since e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular, even they believe that smokers should be entitled to a smoke-free alternative if they so choose. They also see classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products a detrimental move as it may prevent smokers who wish to have an alternative from choosing them.

Their stance may seem rather open-minded for an industry generally known for it’s ruthess, profit-driven ways, however it could have something to do with the fact that many big tobacco names have extended into the e-cigarette market. 

While we have yet to see what the future holds for e-cigarettes in the international landscape, and how they get classified, at the present time smokers are switching to these smokeless alternatives because obviously they are providing many benefits. If you are currently among them, South Beach Smoke offers a wide selection of alternative cigarette products and e-cigarette starter kits that can help you make the switch!

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How Do Vaporizers Work?

E-cig vaporizers are not a whole lot different in their inner workings than standard, two-piece, cigarette-look-alike e-cigarettes in how they work, even though they look entirely different.

Just like typical e-cigs, they are powered by a battery which holds a microcomputer smart chip, serving as the “brain” of the vaporizer. They also contain an atomizer (the heating mechanism), which is either a separate component or part of the cartomizer or tank, and they have a compartment, either a cartomizer or tank that holds the e-liquid.

The battery is the power source, and unlike basic e-cigs, vaporizers are known, loved, and obsessed over for their high-powered batteries. These things are pretty darn powerful, and can produce some crazy hits of vaporized nicotine liquid! If you’ve only ever used cig-alikes, you will be blown away by the level of vapor a vaporizer can produce. The battery contains a smart chip, and this works to direct how things get run on the interior, and it controls the other important parts of the vaporizer.

Setting up the vaporizer is simple. Before the first use, the battery should be charged to 100%. Filling the e-liquid doesn’t take much effort or time, however it should be dripped onto the sides of the cartomizer and filled to only 75% capacity for the ideal performance.

To turn on the vaporizer, the user has to press the power button 5 times quickly, in a 2-second time period. When vaping, they will also press the power button during the puff, and release it when they’ve stopped inhaling.

When the use takes a hit, it causes the battery to power up and the smart chip to send a signal to the atomizer that it’s time to heat up. When it does this, it automatically vaporizes the e-liquid, instantaneously creating the hit, which the user will inhale and exhale, savoring the whole exciting process of high-powered, smoke and tobacco-free vaping!

The end result is a process entirely similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette, only in a much more modern, cleaner, more dynamic way. Vaporizers are the future of vaping, and if you are interested in experiencing the power of using one, check out the South Beach Smoke Air!

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How to Maximize Battery Life

You love your South Beach Smoke batteries, don’t you? All the pleasure and enjoyment they bring, all the money they save you over traditional cigarettes, the way they can be used so nonchalantly in public without getting nasty stares from nonsmokers… So like any of your other prized possessions, you probably want to know how to take care of them properly. And because we know this, here is a guide on how to maximize your e-cig battery life, and get the very best lifespan out of them.

-First things first, read the manual. Can’t stress this enough, but in order to take care of your batteries ideally, you need to be really familiar with them and the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

-Pay attention to the charging. Never charge your batteries longer than necessary; when they get to 100% take them off. The only exception here is on the first charge, in which case you will want to charge them for a bit longer.

-Don’t rely on having just one battery. Having at least two (hopefully a couple more as well) will enable you to rotate their use, and give you the benefit of having one ready while the other is charging. Having more than one battery will lessen the wear and tear on each battery, which will extend the life of all of them.

-Never expose your e-cigarette batteries to direct sunlight, and by all means, do not leave them to bake in the sun! Like your cellphone or other electronic devices, lithium ion batteries can deteriorate when they have had too much exposure to the sun and heat.

-Water and batteries are not friends. Like most electronic devices, water does not play well with e-cigarette batteries. Keep yours away from water!

-Keep it clean, this is essential to making your products last and to have the best performance! Clean all the parts between the battery and the cartridge/ cartomizer, focus on the threads and wipe things down with a soft, clean cloth.

-If you are filling your cartomizers yourself, do not overfill. This is bad for performance and bad for the battery because it can cause leaks, which can lead to malfunction. No bueno.

-When not in use, disconnect the cartridge from the battery because it causes a continuous drain on the battery when connected.

We know how much you want your products to last as long as possible, and we know you want to get the most out of your e-cigs, so follow these simple guidelines and take proper care of them! They will provide you much pleasure, and allow you to avoid spending more money than necessary over time!

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