Stay Tuned: Black Friday is Coming Right Up!

As you’re probably aware, unless of course, you reside under a rock, the holiday season is fully on! Thanksgiving will be happening this week (!!) and Christmas is a mere 31 days away (but who’s counting?), with Hanukkah smack in the middle of all this celebrating! And, yes, as much as we are totally down with celebrating and getting our spirit of caring, sharing, and partying on, it’s those awesome Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday sales that really whet our whistle! We cannot wait to blow your minds with savings and great deals!

On another note, this week, as you get ready to plow into the feast of gratitude, hit the malls for Black Friday, and sit at the edge of your seat during the weekend as you await the killer deals you’re praying for come Cyber Monday, let’s take this moment to be grateful for one thing: vaping.

Sure, it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when prompted on gratitude, but really, if you enjoy the pleasures of vapor products, think about all the ways it has impacted your life for the better. Have you saved a ton of money over the duration of time since you switched? How about how great it feels to not be covered in a smelly haze of smoke? What about the feeling of freedom knowing you are no longer a slave to tobacco, and that you’ve got a world of options ahead of you? And, since we are talking about celebrating, and this time of year is all about getting together with those you love, who doesn’t love the freedom that comes with vaping when hanging out in a crowd? It’s so much more people-friendly, and not being exiled outside because you smoke is a really, really nice thing. So yeah, vapor is amazing!

So, Happy Thanksgiving from South Beach Smoke, guys! We hope your holidays are awesome! We’re totally grateful for all of you out there who’ve chosen SBS as your preferred vapor option, and we totally look forward to hooking you up with rad sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! It’s going to be crazy good!

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Fall Flavors

Well, fall is clearly fully on, and we are progressing well into the spirit of the holidays. Temperatures are getting chilly, well, at least in most places except for us down here in SoFla, and most of us are in the thick of planning get togethers with friends and family in celebration of the holidays that occur this time of year. So, have you got festivities on the brain? And if so, are you looking forward to downing a whole lotta deliciousness in the coming weeks? Yeah, we definitely are too!

So, that brings us to the discussion of delicious fall-inspired e-liquids. Because, why not? And if you’re going to be gorging on all the yummy foods and drinks that come with the holidays, keeping that theme of great flavor coursing through all of your daily doings is just another way to add little pleasures and holiday spirit into your everyday.

Don’t worry, we are all about enjoying the flavors of the season without getting all psycho over the semantics and politically-correctness and implied religiousness of them; no #redcup controversy here! In that light, here are our takes on the best bets to enjoy when it comes to vaping during the holiday season, hope you enjoy the taste of celebration!

Chocolate Cherry Tobacco: Fun, fruity, chocolatey, and with a nice punch of tobacco. It’s kinda like an after-dinner cigar, perfect for unwinding and luxuriating!

Amaretto Sour: This is a perfect taste to have at all times, and especially anytime you want a festive little kick! Bonus: unlike the office holiday party, you won’t be trudging into work the next day with a hangover if you go nuts and indulge hard!

Peppermint Bark: Because really, is there any flavor more perfect for the holiday season? No, this captures it all.

Nuts Over Caramel Apples: Capturing the perfect caramel apple taste of apple pie, this is a fall classic!

Tobacco Mint: Minty goodness that offers a nice, hearty tobacco flavor; this one matches the rich essence of that iconic Christmas tree scent, made for vaping.

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Call to Action: FDA Attempting to Ban E-Cigarettes

If you vape, your ability to do so is being challenged by the FDA, and your right to do so is in serious danger.

You may or may not be aware that since last week the CASAA, or the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, AKA the voice of the vaping community at large, has been encouraging everyone in this industry to contact the White House to demand that the impending Tobacco Deeming Regulations be revised in a more accommodating manner.

The Tobacco Deeming Regulations have been proposed by the FDA to regulate the market, and in doing so, 99.9% of all vapor products will be removed from sale in the next 2 – 4 years. Yes, that is as unjust and as crazy as it sounds, and because this is a serious and imminent threat, all vapers are being encouraged to stand up for their rights to have access to these products.

The counter bill to the FDA regulations is Bill HR 2058, and its aim is to keep all vapor related products (including e-cigarettes, vape mods, personal vaporizers, cartridges, e-liquids, tanks, cartomizers, accessories, etc) available and accessible to adults who choose to use these products. Consumer choice and freedom to use such products is in direct danger, and all of the progress this industry has generated, between the amount of businesses, (including small businesses), jobs, and people who have been able to stop their tobacco usage because of them, would all come to a disastrous halt. To see all of this progress jeopardized in favor of a ruling that is based on legalities that date back to 2007, when the industry was in its embryonic infancy, is beyond ludicrous.

So, if vaping is part of your life, please join the tens of thousands of vapers and members of the e-cigarette industry in making your voice heard. Please call the White House to voice the need for support of Bill HR 2058, and email your local representatives, asking for their support. Our rights to access vapor products of great benefit are at stake.

Call the White House: (202) 456-1111

Alternate Number: (202) 456-1414

Send and email to Support HR 2058 – Send an Email

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National Chocolate Day!

It’s officially National Chocolate Day and we could not be more excited. Few things are as delightful as chocolate, and because of its intense, richly flavorful taste, it has garnered hordes of loyal devotees throughout the world, throughout the ages.

Whether it’s due to the silken texture, its richly pungent taste, or its decadently aromatic scent, chocolate is addicting in the most luxurious sense yet! So, in honor of this magically intoxicating bean, here are our favorite e-liquid flavors that include the one and only flavor of chocolate as part of the mix up.

Hey, hey, the great thing about chocolate-enriched e-liquids is that you can gorge ravenously and not have to worry about calories! Nothing like guilt-free pleasure, is there? Here are our fave chocolate e-liquid favorites!

Peppermint Bark: This holiday-inspired taste is perfect all year long with its delicious range of flavors! Chocolate, peppermint, and a little something extra make it truly a festive blend!

Chocolate Delight: The classic. It’s a simple yet decadent take on chocolate e-liquids. Deeply seductive, utterly rich, not too sweet, and perfectly heavy in dark chocolate flavor.

Chocomint: A double dose of delish, and the perfect yin and yang flavors that offer decadence and a splash of tingle! Rich chocolate balanced by crisp, cool mint; it’s refreshing and luscious at once!

Decadent Dip: When pure chocolate alone is a little too much, juicy strawberries tone down the richness with the perfect balance of fruity!

Chocolate Cherry Tobacco: Unexpected, and unexpectedly amazing! This is like a little of everything delicious, and together these flavors come together exquisitely! What a gourmet way to enjoy the taste of chocolate!

ChocoJava: Because coffee and chocolate are so delectable on their own, when paired together the results are earth-shattering… in the most delicious way possible! Chocolatey coffee goodness, oh my!

Silky Milk Chocolate: Sometimes, we just need to go back to the bare-bones basics. Wild flavors aside, there is nothing like a toned down, true to form milk chocolate candy bar to hit the sweet spot. When vaped, it’s simply heaven.

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What’s Your Favorite Apres-Sex Vape?

Alas, the going’s good has gone.

You’ve both peaked, and are now immersed in that delightful afterglow. You reach for your vape pen, while she reaches for her e-cig and you enjoy those calm moments wrapped in clouds of delectable vapor. Each have both similar yet different flavored liquids – now but a plume of succeeding effervescence hanging overhead.

You compare clouds, and then realize this conversation has all the makings of “round 2.” Except, it’s more dialogue than double time – for now. And then she pops the question: “So whatcha vapin’?”

Content, you live in the moment – if for a moment or two. After all, she’s beaming and you don’t want to kill the moment. Otherwise, you stand the chance of jeopardizing that 4:30 time slot extending your Saturday afternoon, meaning a 2nd round is all but inevitable.

Throwing caution to the wind, and an exhale to match, you reply, “sweetness almost as smooth as you.” Translation: Coconut Dream, and a well-played choice at that. A juice not only rich in flavor intensity and finesse, but one that certainly satisfies while setting the tone for even more indulgences. What better way to get your heart rate up and a smile on your face than with good old fashioned lovin’ and ridiculously good flavor? The two work remarkably well together! This, my friend, not only earns you mad style points, but an all-expenses paid intro to the promised land of overtime and body-moving goodness.

So set that vaporizer aside, Rico Suave, and take care of business. Your next moment of zen is waiting.

Of course, not every bed-rocking jolly of a good time may be as well scripted as this. We can’t always be that guy, and depending on your level of bravado, perhaps that’s a good thing.  Nevertheless, always remember to pack your unit, loaded and ready to go. Because when you’ve got that look of a winner and a workout to prove it for your next cool down, dare we ask; What’s your favorite apres-sex vape?

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