Warranties: What’s Covered, How Long, and What You Need to Know

One thing you may be concerned about when purchasing your e-cigarette is in regards to the warranty. Sure the product looks slick, and the flavors sound indulgently delicious, but is it worth it? Will the company back me up if something fails on me? What kind of warranty am I looking at? These questions are all perfectly sound, and here is what you need to know about South Beach Smoke product warranties.

30 Day Guarantee

Well, first off, you need to know we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Within the first 30 days of purchase, you have the option to send your products back for a full refund, (not including shipping and handling) for any reason if you are not satisfied. So should you decide to try out any of our products and they fail to meet your expectations, give us a call and we’ll help you through the process of the return. When it comes to cartridges, unsealed or opened cartridges are non-refundable; for obvious health reasons. We also do not accept returns on our e-liquids, because they are custom blended freshly per order. So when it comes to products, you are free to purchase and free to send them back if they aren’t cutting it for you.

Lifetime Warranty

And then there is our Lifetime Warranty that makes life with South Beach Smoke really nice. Getting it is simple; join our Home Delivery Program and this added benefit will be yours for life. Kinda like marriage without the commitment. As long as you are enrolled as a member, all of your hardware and parts are covered, (not valid on South Beach Smoke Air vaporizers and accessories) and should they fail, or cease to work in any way, they get covered at no charge to you. For obvious reasons, we don’t cover instances of abuse, misuse, accidents, disasters, and non-South Beach Smoke authorized modification, and as long as your products aren’t falling into one of the above categories, we’ll cover it!

We know the importance of quality e-cigarette products, and we really understand the need for protection should something not go as planned. Hey, we look out for our customers! When it comes to purchasing, fret none South Beach Smoke fans, we’ve got you covered with our 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warrantee!

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Thoughts on Upgrading to a Vaporizer

So you’ve been vaping for a while. You’ve learned to love the feeling vaping as opposed to smoking cigarettes. You’ve gotten so accustomed to not smelling like a musty saloon. You’ve been done with the cigarette trash, such as butts and ash for good. You really appreciate all the modern, digital conveniences that have come from not smoking traditional cigarettes. Yes, you are a bonafide, solidified, dignified vaper.

One problem though: you’re ready to transition to more advanced vaping devices, and you aren’t sure how to get your feet wet. You’ve heard about the South Beach Smoke Air, and while it looks enticing, with it’s promise of greater power and performance, and that gorgeous stainless steel design, you’re not sure how to transition. Your two-piece e-cigs have been your buddies for quite some time, how do you say goodbye?

Well, for starters, you don’t have to give up your two-piece e-cigs if you decide to add a vaporizer into your life; we’re all about options. It’s normal to want greater performance, so drop the emotional attachment. You have more options with vaping pens, and have the option of using our extremely large selection of e-liquids. You can customize more of your experience and really get what you want from your vaping device by using mods.

The South Beach Smoke Air works with cartomizers, and these are excellent. You fill them with the liquid of your choice, and they have the benefit of producing more vapor, and they allow the flavors of your liquids to come through better than cartridges.

Power. When vaping with the Air, regardless of which model you go for, all three sizes offer more power than our Deluxe batteries. That’s the beauty of vaporizers, and why so many people are vaping with them. More power comes out to better hits, more powerful throat hits, and a much higher level of vapor production.

What are your thoughts on vaporizers now? Are you convinced it’s time to get yourself a more advanced e-cigarette? Are you a little less intimidated by the promise of better performance? When it all comes down to it, we encourage you to give the South Beach Smoke Air a try, you’ve got nothing to lose, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be pleased!

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Traveling with E-Cigs: Things You May Not Have Considered

Traveling and smoking tobacco cigarettes is pretty much a no-go. When things get hectic, and you have to deal with countless rules and regulations, most of the time, your smoking habit gets put on hold, no matter how stressed out you are. Even when you get to your destination with the intention of total relaxation, you may have to deal with more red tape that says where and when you may smoke. While e-cigarettes are the better way to smoke in every way, especially when traveling, here are some tips to make things a little easier, because as you may have guessed it, even e-cigs are not welcome everywhere.


All hotels are different, and it will make things easier on you if you research your particular hotel ahead of time. Find out what their policy on e-cigarettes is because they tend to vary. Some hotels welcome electronic cigarettes, some even carry them in their gift shops, understanding what great alternatives they are to smoke. Others consider them no different than traditional cigarettes, and hold them strictly to no-smoking policies. Make sure you know what you are dealing with before you go, so you won’t be unexpectedly disappointed.


Vaping on airplanes is prohibited. You are free to pack them in your carry-on luggage, however actually using them is not allowed. In fact, packing your e-cigarettes and all of your e-cigarette supplies in your carry-on is suggested because this enables you to take everything out should your bag need inspection. If your e-smokes and e-cig accessories are packed in your checked luggage, they are subject to damage and removal by the airline, and you really wouldn’t want that.


Just like hotels, some airports are super accommodating, and others are completely against vaping. London’s Heathrow recently became one of the first airports in the world to open a designated vaping lounge, which not only accommodates e-smokers, it relieves any issues with nonsmokers who wish to keep their distance. So, just to be safe, find out ahead of time what you’re dealing with and you won’t have to find out the hard way.

Public Transportation

When using e-cigarettes in modes of public transportation in different cities and foreign places, it’s also best to look it up before you go. If that isn’t possible, try to get a feel for the area and how things work when you get there. Some places are obviously more smoker and e-smoker friendly than others.

Other Tips:

-Disposable e-cigarettes are great for traveling, especially on shorter trips.

-If you’re bringing e-liquids, remember that most airlines do not allow you to bring more than 3oz of liquid in your carry-on.

-If you don’t know, ask. Ask locals and ask those in authoritative positions if you aren’t sure about something.

-Try not to be an annoying tourist! Don’t be unnecessarily flamboyant with your e-cigarettes because unwanted attention in foreign places is never a good thing.

Traveling with electronic cigarettes is great; especially with smoking bans popping up all over the place. However, just like anything else, it’s best to be armed with knowledge before you end up in compromising situations! Happy vaping and safe travels!

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Accessorize with Air Accessories!

The Air is awesome, and while it does come in a snazzy starter kit, there are a slew of accessories we carry to enhance your experience with it. Here is a look at the options to accessorize your Air vaporizer, as far as we’re concerned, the more the merrier!


There are 3 different Air batteries available: the Air Mini Battery, with 350 mAh, the Air Standard Battery with 650 mAh, and the Air High Capacity Battery, with 900 mAh. As you can see, you’ve got options. The Air Mini gives you a very nice amount of power in a tiny body. It’s a great backup battery, or the perfect one to have when you need that compact design (it goes anywhere, effortlessly!). The Standard is your standard option, enough power for normal daily use and all the control you could want in a vaporizer. The High Capacity battery gives you boatloads of power, and it has the extended capacity to produce unbelievably large amounts of vapor with every hit. If you’re into extremes, and want the most power available, here you go; the High Capacity will be perfect for you!

Air Tank (With Cap)

Vaporizers work with tanks for holding liquid, as well as protecting the mouthpiece from unwelcome foreign invaders like dander and dust. Ours holds a generous amount of e-liquid, and features an atomizer head that will last you between 2-3 weeks with average use; which is about 15-20 liquid refills. Expect your vapor to be excellent, and flavors to come through clean and potent with this tank, and you can count on it’s distinctive design to prevent leakage.

Air USB Charger

Whether your Air came in starter kit, or you chose to purchase the items individually, an extra USB charger is always a necessity. In fact, a few of them are a good idea. Another great thing about it, in addition to powering up your Air batteries and ensuring you can vape, is that it’s compatible with other South Beach Smoke chargers such as the Deluxe Wall Charger and the Universal Car Adapter, so if you’ve been using South Beach Smoke, you’re probably already set!

The South Beach Smoke Air accessories give you all the more options, and all the more pleasure in vaping with high power. Take advantage of them, they are fabulous to add to your repertoire, and they can add even more convenience to your routine!

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Saving Money with South Beach Smoke

One of the best reasons to be a part of the South Beach Smoke family are the savings. While we want you to love our products, we know how important a great deal is. And we’re not just talking about one-time deals, we mean long term savings that give you reason to stay with us over the long run. We’re big fans of long term relationships! Here is a look at the different ways we save you money when it comes to vaping; enjoy the savings, my friends!


The Home Delivery Program is simply awesome. It gives you VIP status with us, enabling you to get your cartridges at set intervals of your choosing so you never run out. The best part about it is that it entitles you to 20% off your cartridge refills, since those little units tend to get pricey, we know the savings are nice! Members also get access to exclusive sales and private events. It’s free to join, holds no contract over your head, you can cancel whenever you want, and you can adjust your delivery dates and quantities whenever you see fit. All you have to do is sign up!

SOBE Rewards

The SOBE Rewards program is our new loyalty program, and it rocks. Every customer is automatically enrolled, and you earn points based on all the money you spend with us. Every dollar earns you 1 point, and when you’ve amassed 200 points you get $20 to spend with us. You also have the ability to earn additional points from doing things like connecting with us on social media, leaving product reviews, joining the HDP, and celebrating your birthday.

Social Media Exclusive Sales

Joining us on our social media sites also has the benefit of getting you access to exclusive sales, so do it! Like and Follow us; it takes just a minute and is so worth the while!


If you love our products, and you tell your friends about them, and then they purchase as a result of your bragging and boasting, we think you should get rewarded. So, with that, we offer our Refer-a-Friend program, and how it works is simple: You send your pals our Refer-a-Friend link, and when they make a purchase, they will receive 10% off their first order as a result of your generosity, and you in turn will receive a $25 gift certificate to spend with us, as well as 10% off your next order. Talk is not cheap, as far as we’re concerned!

What can we say, we really dig our customers! We love your loyalty and the fact that you choose our products over all others, and because of that, we are thrilled to offer you plenty of ways to save with us. You spend your hard earned dollars with us, and we want to make them go farther!

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