The South Beach Smoke Gift Card: ‘Tis The Season And Reason why #VapeIsLife!

Did you know the holidays are fast approaching? Of course you do! And before you know it, they will be right on top of you without a moment to spare in finding that perfect gift for that special someone.

That’s why there’s the South Beach Smoke Gift Card.
Accepted, worldwide at, the SBS gift card is available in $10, $25, $50, $100 & $250 dollar amounts. No doubt, when crunch time is upon us, it’ll arrive just in time to be that last minute, save your rear-end, kind of gift.


Easy. Quick and easy, in fact. The card can be redeemed as fast as it was purchased via email for instant gratification in shopping all South Beach Smoke has to offer. And because it can be emailed to the lucky recipient of your choice, especially when, say, the holidays are here, it eliminates the once unavoidable burden dealing with conventional mail or parcel carriers and their “special” holiday rates. Best of all, it can be done from the comfort (and sneaky discretion), of your humble abode. 

The South Beach Smoke gift card is great for anyone and everyone who enjoys the freedom and convenience of purchasing their vaping needs whenever – wherever. And for those choosing to #maketheswitch from traditional cigarettes, there’s no better way to introduce a friend, colleague or family member to the better nicotine option electronic cigarettes offer and spread a little holiday cheer knowing they chose to walk away from the ashtray – for good.

So whether those dearest to you are seasonal vape pen users, seasoned mod engineers or simply new to the world of e-cigs, the South Beach Smoke gift card is the perfect reason to remind us – ’tis the season to #maketheswitch and #staycloudy.

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Black Friday is Happening NOW!

Right now, our one-day-only Black Friday extravaganza is going on, and if you’re looking for a reason to stock up on all the South Beach Smoke goods you can get your hands on, it’s time to get busy! We hope your Thanksgiving was awesome, and we’re sure you need the right kind of action to follow up the feast, so this sale is all you need to know about. Black Friday happens but once a year, and it’s the ultimate time to score some amazing gear at amazing prices. Are you ready for this?

Today, and today only, get on over to to get a load of a whopping 35% off everything, sitewide, along with a lovely little 20% all cartridges! So if you’re aiming to score some rad new vape pens, a new starter kit or two, or if you’re getting your holiday shopping done early for all the smokers and ex-smokers in your life, this is the sale to hit.

Why face the masses at the malls or other shopping venues when you can keep your happy, (possibly hungover) self at home, in your PJ’s, and do Black Friday the right way? Without the stress of haggling in line, dealing with other irate individuals trying to one-up you in your deal-finding, or fighting your way through traffic and obnoxiously packed parking lots? We’ve got the best deals on the web, and are offering it up to you simply, with minimal effort involved! 

So, head on over and start saving big on e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids, cartridges and all types of accessories that will enhance your vaping at the max! We have an awesome Black Friday sale that will make your day extra smooth, and keep your savings level at the top of the game. The holiday season is officially on, and the season of savings is here, so don’t miss the deal; it’s extra hot today only!

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Why Vaping is Better for Your Love Life (Than Smoking)

Has the fall air got you feeling frisky?

Whether you’re a current vaper or are considering making the switch, we thought we’d offer a little public service announcement on just another great reason vaping is the best course of action if you’re into inhaling nicotine. Your love life deserves the best, and by that we mean vapor smoking is the best course of action if you’re looking for love. Here’s why:

The Smell

Cigarette smoke smells awful, and it is certainly not the most mood-inducing aromatic aroma out there, if you know what I mean. Translation: for many, it is a major turnoff, and a great amount of nonsmokers have no interest in getting busy with smokers who smell like smoke. Switching to vapor takes care of this stinky issue; no smell about it!

The Options

With vaping, you have the option of vaping indoors without creating a problem for those who don’t want to be around your smoke. You can casually vape without disturbing anyone’s peace, and vapor will allow you to commingle with many more people without the label of “smoker.” 

What Smoking Says About You

Like it or not, smoking comes with its own connotations, and others will make judgements about you as a result. Smokers are seen as dirty, smelly, and wasteful; they can be seen as people who make poor choices because smoking is so unhealthy. They may be pinned as unhealthy because they smoke. While it may be unfair to have to live under such scrutiny, others are going to have their opinions, and plenty of people out there will not date a smoker.

The Long Term Ramifications

To those searching for a long term relationship or partner, smoking can be a big no-no because smokers spend more money than nonsmokers on their habit (obviously, and it’s an expensive habit), smokers tend to live shorter lives, and they tend to have more health issues to contend with. No bueno for long-term love. For many nonsmokers, it’s a conflict of interest and a matter of lifestyle differences. So, why close off potential partners when you could just switch to vaping? Not smelling like stale, musty tobacco and allowing yourself to no longer be labeled as a smoker can instantly make you more attractive, so we urge you to try the cleaner option of e-cigarettes. Your love life may very well benefit from it!

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Vape ‘n VOTE!

Election 2016 is down to the wire, folks, and we wanted to give you just a subtle reminder to get out there and VOTE tomorrow, if you haven’t already done so! We’re not touting either candidate, but we are urging you to use your constitutional right to get your vote in. In what many consider to be the most heated election since forever, it is so important to make sure your opinion counts. Because like the old saying goes, unless you vote, you’ve got no room to complain.

Whether you swing to the right, left, or dance straight down the middle and are planning on voting rogue for Gary Johnson, we suggest making these last hours on the lead up to Decision 2016 as stress-free, and as vape-filled as possible. Seriously. There is no better way to deal with the anxiousness as you bide your time awaiting the results! So make sure your e-cig batteries are all charged up, your extra tanks are clean and ready, you’ve got e-liquids to spare on hand, and you have extra flavors in case you need a switch ASAP! As we all know, it’s a seriously close race, filled with nonstop drama, intrigue, scandal, and mayhem! And despite it all, at the end of it all, a candidate will be decided upon, entitled with running this ship for the next 4 years! Yeah, that’s a pretty heavy endeavor, and we’re certainly feeling the weight and anticipation of it! So, we’re vaping. Like you should be. Because awesome flavor, the incomparable relaxation of vaping, and the soothing effects of vapor make it the perfect antidote to the stress.

This election may or may not have an impact on the vaping industry, but as we all know, it will certainly have an impact on all of our lives in a variety of ways, so VOTE. Because you have the right to do so, VOTE. Because your voice counts. VOTE. Because your opinion on healthcare, education, homeland security, and taxes matter, and these are things you should be immensely concerned about; because they will affect you. So, vape as you wait, and be sure you vote tomorrow!

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Happy National Cat Day!

Vaping and having a cat; two things that may apply to you, and generally have nothing to do with one another. However, in honor of National Cat Day, which is today, we thought we’d talk about how awesome it is to be a vaper when you have a kitty. Purrfect, right? So, here are 10 reasons why life is better when you’re a vaper, instead of a smoker, if you have a pet.

  1. If you’re prone to staying home and just chilling with your cat, vaping is much friendlier when used indoors than smoke.

  2. Your cat may not mind the mild aroma of vapor, but probably detested the funk of smoke.

  3. Clean air is better for everyone who breathes in oxygen. Meow.

  4. Kitty deserves a cleaner, less filthy home without indoor air pollution, or tar covering everything.

  5. Cats and dogs’ lungs are remarkably similar to our own, and they bear the effects of secondhand smoke just like us, so tobacco smoke can actually be highly dangerous to them. Hiss.

  6. Vapor dissipates practically instantly, within seconds of exhaling so nothing will be lingering in the air afterwards.

  7. Tobacco tar sticks to everything it comes into contact with, including skin and hair; yours or your pets. They also lick themselves clean. Think about that. :(

  8. No chemicals to share with vapor, unlike with tobacco.

  9. The amount of nicotine left behind by e-cigarettes is dramatically less than tobacco cigarettes, and this is something to consider because being exposed to large amounts of nicotine can be dangerous to your furry friends.

  10. Netflix and chill with a vape and a cat on your lap is the definition of heaven.

So, happy National Cat Day! If you have a kitty, enjoy their companionship knowing you’ve made the right choice in vaping, instead of smoking. If you haven’t yet #madetheswitch, here’s another perfectly valid, perfectly appropriate reason to kick the smoke in favor of vapor; your fur-baby deserves it!

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