Indulge in Thanksgiving Flavor!

Wondering what flavors to vape with on Thanksgiving? Here are our top picks for both vape pen enthusiasts as well as vapers who rock the e-cigarette cartridges. Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, and feasting over the bounty we so luckily share with loved ones, so enjoy these great e-liquid and cartridge flavors that will help enhance the meal and round off dessert just right!

Pre-Dinner Flavors: Before the meal, let these tastes get your appetite ready for the overload of deliciousness about to come your way!

E-Liquid: The Godfather, Cuba Libre, Heavenly Clove, Mighty Menthol

E-Cigarette Cartridge: Tobacco Blue, Pina Colada, Tobacco Mint, Menthol

During Dinner: For those who enjoy vapor at their meal (and have cool family members who don’t mind the smoke-free goodness), these are awesome choices to accompany your dinner!

E-Liquid: White Tea, Cool Citrus, Sahara Gold, Top Shelf Bourbon

E-Cigarette Cartridge: Orange Mint, Golden Tobacco, Frank’s Lemon Lime

After Dinner Aperitif: When you need something to help you unwind after the heavy meal, that will help you both keep the great tastes going, and the relaxation flowing, try one of these!

E-Liquid: Mint Julep, Double Espresso, Cuban Cigar, Fruity Hookah, Summer Tea

E-Cigarette Cartridge: Classic Tobacco, Grape Hookah, Golden Tobacco

Dessert: Whether in lieu of, or to enhance the decadence you’re going after, dessert-flavored vapor is like happiness in your vape pen or e-cig!

E-Liquid: Creamsicle, Gimme S’More, Cheesecake Divine, Amaretto Truffle, Decadent Dip

E-Cigarette Cartridge: Vanilla, Cherry, Peach, Chocolate

Is your mouth watering yet? We don’t know about you, but we are stoked for Turkey Day! From your friends at South Beach Smoke, we wish you and your loved ones a fabulous Thanksgiving! May your vaping keep you satisfied, and ready for tons of good times! And don’t forget, we’ve got some exciting things happening here on BLACK FRIDAY, so get ready some hot savings!

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Thanksgiving Means One Thing: SALES!

Get ready, it’s coming…

Thanksgiving is approaching and while thats fine and dandy, we know it also means one thing, and one thing only: BIG HOLIDAY SALES! Aka: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you are a vaper, retail blowouts are great and all, but we are fully aware that you are in the market for other ventures besides uber-low TV’s and clothing! You want e-cigs, vape pens, tanks, cartridges, vape accessories, and e-liquids at rad prices! You want prices so good you’re going to splurge on new devices, grab some stuff you need, some stuff you don’t, and will probably update a thing or two. We know what you want, and we promise, the sales will start the day after Thanksgiving, and you will be very pleased!

In fact, whether you are shopping for yourself, or looking to load up on the holiday goods for all those lucky e-smokers, and traditional smokers who need to switch to vapor, in your life, (you know, in the spirit of giving gifts with meaning!). This is going to be the perfect opportunity for you to get all of that shopping done! We’ve got all the best vaping gear: from Express Reusable Kits for those curious beginners, to the most exciting advanced vape pens around; endless e-liquids available in custom-blended flavors and e-cigarette starter kits for vapers at every level.

While we are currently under a code of secrecy that prevents us from divulging what the exact deets will be, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to be good! So, enjoy the next few days of getting ready for Turkey Day, go nuts on Turkey Day, fill your belly up with all that goodness, and be prepared to spend some money and save a whole lotta money on the South Beach Smoke Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! Ah, the holiday season is grand, enjoy it all to the max!

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Vaping for the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, especially considering Thanksgiving is coming right up this week! Can you believe how quickly this year just flew by?!

As you’re probably aware by now, vaping is so much the better choice when it comes to the holidays. If you’ve been a vaper for a while, it’s kind of funny to look back on the old days of smoking, when holiday gatherings meant disappearing to smoke outside for a while, having to bundle up for a 4-minute smoke, listening to your extended family members chide you about how horrible smoking is, and how you’re just too darn young to be screwing up your future… Ah, those were the days! Isn’t vaping grand?

Now, if you still happen to be a smoker who currently experiences the above-mentioned holiday joys of being a tobacco user, you should definitely consider investing in an electronic cigarette and/or vape pen setup. You can thank us after the fact.

But in the meantime, you know how the holidays tend to bring out the social butterflies in all of us. You know how busy we all get, and how annoying it can be to deal with the glaring looks of those around you when smoking around large groups. So why not avoid the missteps and play it safe? In addition to being way more accommodating and enjoyable for yourself amidst the madness, you’ll also gain a lot more comfort (goodbye to dealing with sub-zero temps just for a few minutes to smoke!).

If there is one thing everyone needs during the holiday season it is added convenience, because when the hustle and bustle get tough, what could be better than kicking back with a mouthwatering e-liquid flavor, your e-cigarette or vaporizer, and the ability to luxuriate in the sensation that rivals few others? Vaping is a simple pleasure; so make your holidays more merry by switching to e-cigs. There’s no better time than now!

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VAPE is the Word of the Year!

Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year is Vape!

It's Official! VAPE is Word of the Year!

Oxford Dictionary has announced that the word of the year for 2014 is vape. that’s right, V-A-P-E!

Would like to say were surprised about this, however we knew it was only a matter of time. Having been involved in the electronic cigarette business for years now and have witnessed the tremendous popularity, growth and expansion firsthand; we knew it was coming, one way or another.

But that is certainly isn’t to say we aren’t thrilled, because it sure is exciting to see the phenomenon of the electronic cigarette taking such a hold in popular culture that the act of using electronic cigarette, hence vaping, or the act of using an electronic cigarette to vape, has now been entered into the English language’s official dictionary. It is now officially evident how cemented into popular culture these incredible alternatives to traditional cigarettes have become.

Per Oxford Dictionaries, vape precisely means “to inhale or exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device,” with origins as an abbreviation of the terms vapor and vaporize.

Other words that were running in contention for the semantic title include “bae” and “bud tender” however the tremendous popularity and use of vaping devices has become so widespread and mainstream that it just makes perfect sense for 2014.

The usage of electronic cigarettes in major cities has spread to such a degree that they have become as commonplace as traditional cigarettes. The industry expects that within 10 years, e-cigarette usage will surpass tobacco, so it clear how much staying power these devices are set to have.

In choosing this year’s word, the dictionary team, combined with advice and direction from lexicographers, consultants, marketing, editorial and publicity staff narrowed it down to “vape” “to reflect the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year and to have lasting potential as a word of cultural significance,” the dictionary said.

“You are thirty times more likely to come across the word vape than you were two years ago, and usage has more than doubled in the past year,” Oxford Dictionary editors remarked when they announced the selection.

Vape fam, we’ve come a long way! Vape proudly everyone, knowing we’re getting official recognition!

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Control: Grab Your Smoking by the Horns

One of the best features about vaping in general, as opposed to smoking, is the many options for control. There are so many ways traditional smoking traps you in its grasp, holding you hostage, taking all of your abilities to control things, and that just is not cool when you can vape and have nearly every single aspect work in your favor. That is just one of the many reasons so many smokers have switched and prefer the digital age way more than the analog alternative. Want to know how vaping gives you the power in your experience? Keep reading!

-Choose Your Device:

E-cigs or advanced personal vaporizers? Super high-tech vape pens or basic models? Fancy or toned down? Somewhere in the middle? The choices are mind-blowing!

-Pick Your Nicotine, Flavor, and How You Want it:

Want pre-filled cartridges or do you want to use e-liquid and tanks? Want ultra powerful nicotine or minimal or none? Want to custom blend your flavors to try things like caramel-apple-tobacco, chocolate banana, or menthol-shisha? Now you can! This is where things get really fun!

How Much Control Do You Want?

Do you want a device you can control every aspect of or do you want something that takes all the guesswork out and basically runs the show for you? Do you want a lot of technology or just a little? Vaporizers and e-cigs are made to please every variety of vaper, so don’t settle for something that seems to be mediocre.

Vaporizers offer much control. Puff counters, digital screens, tanks you fill yourself, different accessories to work with; these sick devices let you decide what you want, and allow you to fine tune it till you get it right. So, if you think you’re too picky for a vape pen, think again. They were made for people like you! And, you’re probably just the type who’ll like all the extra control features!

With our original line of e-cigarettes, you can choose between automatic or manual batteries. Automatic batteries work by just puffing on them for an automatic turn-on. Manual batteries work by turning on with the press of a button, and shut off when it is released. They work a little differently, however manual batteries produce a larger vapor, with a shorter lasting time between charges. Automatic batteries produce a lesser vapor, but last a lot longer through charges.

Why let smoke tell you how it’s down any longer when you can have all that you want with vaping? Vapor cigarettes are more popular than ever because getting your way is more fun, more enjoyable, and you never have to feel enslaved to tobacco again! Take control back; vape!

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