Summer TO-DO List

Summer To Do List with South Beach SmokeSummer is almost here; the countdown is on, and we are 6 days out from the year’s most enthralling season! So, whatever shall we make of these impending long days, short nights, and summer vibes that lend themselves to carefree jaunts and endless fun? Here is our Summer To-Do list, because we are big believers in packing as much excitement into every moment as possible!


Near or far, summer calls for va-cays! Whether to locations tropical or chilly, white sand beaches, or mountains covered in forests, bring along those vape pens, and load up on delicious liquids

Vape Fests: Summer music festivals are rad occasions so wear that e-cig or vaporizer around your neck, and party your tail off. And, since one of the biggest draws to the festival scene is rocking some killer fashion, we can’t think of a better, more practical accessory than our e-cigarette lanyards.

Embrace the Little Things: Like vape-relaxation. Singing along to some great tunes at the top of your lungs, watching the sunset, partying with your favorite people, grilling outdoor dinners, and doing it all with a smile on your face, as you realize how good you actually have it. A calm moment plus your e-cigarette in hand can be the equivalent of perfect. Relaxing is a state of mind, and what could beat winding down while vaping?

Summer Flavor-a-thon: And, if you are unable to actually get away, we suggest trying some new flavors, perhaps some intense blends, for an escape momentarily via the awesome deliciousness! Perhaps make it a mission to try a new flavor every week, in an effort to escape the doldrums of boring flavor-dom?

Put Down the Phone: And live life a little more with less screen in your face! I know we’re all guilty of this one, so here’s a reminder to everyone, (self included) that you can’t be fully in the moment if you’re staring at a box. Let’s all do our best to seize the day, everyday this summer, even if it includes not much more than pints of gelato and vaping on the couch!

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Best Father’s Day Gifts

Father's Day Tech GiftsNot sure what to get Dad this year for Father’s Day? Here are a look at some of the top gifts guys and dads typically love, and perhaps they’ll lend a little inspiration to score the perfect gift this year. T- minus one week to get it together! Make your dad, or husband, or grandpa, or brother, or any of the awesome father figures in your life super stoked this year!

Food: The perfect filet mignon, a platter of the best sushi you can afford, center-cut bacon shipped in from the Deep South, a sexy bag of Haas avacados… you know your pops better than anyone, so whatever his favorite indulgence may be, we urge you to rock his world! No-Fail? Take him out to eat at his fave spot on a night other than Father’s Day, to avoid the crowds for a more laid-back vibe.

Drink: Beer, wine, liquor, or all of the above? Whatever his favorite beverage for imbibing may be, take things to the next level. Locally bottled craft brews, reserve whiskey, a homemade gin kit, perhaps?

Tech: Apple Watches, FitBits, a badass Thunder vape pen… guys love tech gifts. Dads love tech gifts. Appeal to his inner child who has developed a wonderful sense of big boy toys over the years with a tech-minded gift that will delight!

Relaxation: A sweet hammock, excellent reading material, and a variety of South Beach Smoke e-liquids in delightfully delicious flavors would make awesome gifts to help him unwind!

Our overall thoughts on the #1 Father’s Day Gift: Give the gift of South Beach Smoke! When you think about it, our e-cigarettes, vaporizers, and accompanying products measure up to all of the above categories, and they throw in a heavy dose of “cool” while they’re at it. Talk about something to satisfy every side!

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Vaporizers: Why Ours Rock!

SoBe Advanced VaporizersWhen it comes to vaping, you’ve got so many options. Like, SO many. You can go after models that replicate traditional cigarettes (minus the tobacco, of course), or go for the big dogs, like our advanced vaporizers that take things to new extremes. So, whether you’ve tried them, thought about trying them, or are intimidated about venturing into vape gear that techy, here’s a look at why they’re amazing, and why you should you try if you haven’t! I know, we’re pretty biased, but once you try them, you’ll probably be too!

The Storm

The South Beach Smoke Storm is an amazing advanced personal vaporizer. It boasts a nice amount of power, regardless of which model you go after, with mAh’s ranging from 650mAh 1100 mAh, and is compatible with all South Beach Smoke tanks. It feels really nice in use, creates really big clouds, and hits like a champ. Lots of cool colors to choose from, too!

In a Nutshell: Great, versatile, powerful, fun everyday vape pen!

The Curve

The SBS Curve is a gorgeous APV, with sleek, curved lines, and a nice 650mAh level of power. It also works with all other SBS tanks, and charges up to full capacity in no time! It works like a dream, is very versatile, and portable to boot. Like the Storm, you can get your Curve in a slew of different shades!

In a Nutshell: Simple, fun, and powerful!

The Thunder

The South Beach Smoke Thunder is an amazingly powerful, highly advanced vaporizer. This model offers the awesome control feature of variable voltage, which if you’ve tried, enables you to customize your personal voltage settings, for a most individualized vaping experience. So, lots of power, customization, and a sleek, modern styling give this vaporizer the ability to please even the most demanding vapers.

In a nutshell: Tons of power, variable voltage, high-performance!

So, are you ready to get your hands on an advanced vaporizer? We sure hope so! Once you experience the difference, especially compared to the performance of more basic models, we’re sure you’ll be blown away by the thrill! If you can’t decide on a single model, we urge you to check out our Custom Vaporizer Builder, which gives you the hookup for customizing the vape pen of your dreams, while guiding you through the process in minutes flat! Get ready, the world of vaping is only getting more exciting!

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E-Cigs: Keep ‘em Clean

Cleaning E-CigsCleanliness is not just about keeping yourself clean; if you want your vape gear to stay in tip-top shape, you’ve got to clean your stuff frequently. Once a week at a minimum, several times a week in an ideal world. Think you don’t have time? Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your vape gear, and how simple it actually is to do so. So, no more excuses. Make the time, and keep yo’ stuff clean!

Why Clean? It’s Just Vapor… (Insert whiny voice).

Because e-liquid is liquid and NOT vapor, and it can seriously get stuck EVERYWHERE. And your device comes in several parts. And you hold it with your (probably gnarly fingers) and you vape on it with your mouth full of germs. It’s a personal use item; your vaporizers and e-cigs are going to get dirty! Did that scare you?

As mentioned above, at least once a week, but hey, daily wouldn’t be bad either, to get down and dirty with all the intimate details. The best cleaning supplies to keep handy are:

  • A cotton swab
  • A clean, soft, damp cloth made of cotton or microfibre
  • Something sharp (like a safety pin) to dislodge any stuck, dried up pieces of liquid
  • An old toothbrush for scrubbing

How to Clean E-Cigs:

Take your device apart; disconnect everything. Wipe all parts thoroughly with your soft cloth, and as you do so, examine for dried up chunks of liquid. Along the area where the cartridge screws onto the battery is particularly susceptible, there may be liquid dried into the crevices. If so, use the toothbrush to give it a good scrub. If it still needs some help, carefully use the sharp tip of the pin to pick at it.

When everything has been cleaned completely, your device will be ready vaping! Difficult, right? So, get busy and get cleaning! Better performance, and a nice clean e-cig awaits you!

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What to Know: Choosing a Nicotine Strength

Nicotine E-JuiceChoosing an appropriate nicotine strength is super important to your experience when vaping. Some novices may jump right out of the smoking boat, thinking bigger, better, higher nicotine content! But I tell ya, the best way is not necessarily ‘more is more.’ Rather, you want to keep your nicotine somewhat on par with what you were previously smoking. Here is a look at the different ins and outs of finding the best nicotine level for your particular enjoyment of vaping. It’s all about the little things, and when vaping, these little things equate to everything!

Smooth Sailing

The best nicotine strength will allow you to have a good throat hit, will not cause a sore throat, will feel good, should not make you cough excessively, and will resonate with what your body craves. If any of those things are happening, you may want to check your nicotine level.

South Beach Smoke E-Liquids and E-Cig Cartridges

Our e-liquids and e-cigarette cartridges are available in a wide array of different levels of nicotine. From 0 – 3.6% in our extensive line of e-liquids, and 0 – 2.4% in our cartridge selection, you’ve got the world at your fingertips!

Here is a breakdown, to make choosing a nicotine strength simple:

  • 0% – No nicotine. This is self explanatory!
  • 0.6% – Equivalent to Ultra Lights. Very mild.
  • 1.2% – Equivalent to Lights. Fairly mild, perfect nicotine for the average smoker.
  • 1.8% – Equivalent to Reds. Strong enough for a heavy/ 1 pack per day smoker.
  • 2.4% – Equivalent to Unfiltered, and other varieties of extremely strong tobacco.
  • 3.6% – Only the heaviest of smokers will be able to handle this level; we’re talking 2-packs/ day.

So, that’s the simplest way to figure it out, and why you need to figure it out. Choosing a nicotine level shouldn’t be hard, and one of the best things about electronic smoking is that there is plenty of room to experiment till you get it right!

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