VAPE is the Word of the Year!

Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year is Vape!

It's Official! VAPE is Word of the Year!

Oxford dictionary has announced that the word of the year for 2014 is vape. that’s right, V-A-P-E!

Would like to say were surprised about this, however we knew it was only a matter of time. Having been involved in the electronic cigarette business for years now and have witnessed the tremendous popularity, growth and expansion firsthand; we knew it was coming, one way or another.

But that is certainly isn’t to say we aren’t thrilled, because it sure is exciting to see the phenomenon of the electronic cigarette taking such a hold in popular culture that the act of using electronic cigarette, hence vaping, or the act of using an electronic cigarette to vape, has now been entered into the English language’s official dictionary. It is now officially evident how cemented into popular culture these incredible alternatives to traditional cigarettes have become.

Per Oxford Dictionaries, vape precisely means “to inhale or exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device,” with origins as an abbreviation of the terms vapor and vaporize.

Other words that were running in contention for the semantic title include “bae” and “bud tender” however the tremendous popularity and use of vaping devices has become so widespread and mainstream that it just makes perfect sense for 2014.

The usage of electronic cigarettes in major cities has spread to such a degree that they have become as commonplace as traditional cigarettes. The industry expects that within 10 years, e-cigarette usage will surpass tobacco, so it clear how much staying power these devices are set to have.

In choosing this year’s word, the dictionary team, combined with advice and direction from lexicographers, consultants, marketing, editorial and publicity staff narrowed it down to “vape” “to reflect the ethos, mood, or preoccupations of that particular year and to have lasting potential as a word of cultural significance,” the dictionary said.

“You are thirty times more likely to come across the word vape than you were two years ago, and usage has more than doubled in the past year,” Oxford Dictionary editors remarked when they announced the selection.

Vape fam, we’ve come a long way! Vape proudly everyone, knowing we’re getting official recognition!

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Control: Grab Your Smoking by the Horns

One of the best features about vaping in general, as opposed to smoking, is the many options for control. There are so many ways traditional smoking traps you in its grasp, holding you hostage, taking all of your abilities to control things, and that just is not cool when you can vape and have nearly every single aspect work in your favor. That is just one of the many reasons so many smokers have switched and prefer the digital age way more than the analog alternative. Want to know how vaping gives you the power in your experience? Keep reading!

-Choose Your Device:

E-cigs or advanced personal vaporizers? Super high-tech vape pens or basic models? Fancy or toned down? Somewhere in the middle? The choices are mind-blowing!

-Pick Your Nicotine, Flavor, and How You Want it:

Want pre-filled cartridges or do you want to use e-liquid and tanks? Want ultra powerful nicotine or minimal or none? Want to custom blend your flavors to try things like caramel-apple-tobacco, chocolate banana, or menthol-shisha? Now you can! This is where things get really fun!

How Much Control Do You Want?

Do you want a device you can control every aspect of or do you want something that takes all the guesswork out and basically runs the show for you? Do you want a lot of technology or just a little? Vaporizers and e-cigs are made to please every variety of vaper, so don’t settle for something that seems to be mediocre.

Vaporizers offer much control. Puff counters, digital screens, tanks you fill yourself, different accessories to work with; these sick devices let you decide what you want, and allow you to fine tune it till you get it right. So, if you think you’re too picky for a vape pen, think again. They were made for people like you! And, you’re probably just the type who’ll like all the extra control features!

With our original line of e-cigarettes, you can choose between automatic or manual batteries. Automatic batteries work by just puffing on them for an automatic turn-on. Manual batteries work by turning on with the press of a button, and shut off when it is released. They work a little differently, however manual batteries produce a larger vapor, with a shorter lasting time between charges. Automatic batteries produce a lesser vapor, but last a lot longer through charges.

Why let smoke tell you how it’s down any longer when you can have all that you want with vaping? Vapor cigarettes are more popular than ever because getting your way is more fun, more enjoyable, and you never have to feel enslaved to tobacco again! Take control back; vape!

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Top 10 tips for beginners

So you’ve just started using electronic cigarettes. You picked out a brand, picked out a device, and you’re on your way to being smoke-free and loving the vape life. However as exciting as it is, there are challenges. So to help you along and to help you make your vaping experience go as smoothly as possible, here are South Beach Smoke’s top 10 tips to help you along!

1. Get used to the fact that e-cigarettes will not taste exactly like your traditional cigarettes. As many different tobacco flavored cartridges there are, and as much as they’re designed to replicate the flavor of popular cigarette brands, none of them will be a completely exact flavor. So learn to expand your horizons and enjoy the different types of tobacco (and other flavors too!) that are made for vaping.

2. Smoking cigarettes and vaping are totally different so don’t expect it to be exactly the same. E-cigarettes are heavier and they have a slightly different feel in the hand. You have to learn how to inhale, exhale, and puff on an e-cigarette. You have to learn to appreciate the differences in vapor as opposed to smoke.

3. Research. There’s a lot of research to be done. You have to learn about your different accessory options as well as cartridges, flavors, and nicotine levels to figure out how to troubleshoot with your model and all the little intricacies that go along with working your device. This will allow you to know what you’re doing, and teach you how to handle your e-cigarette properly.

4. E-liquid is compatible with the number of cigarettes consumed, so how many cartridges you go through is equivalent to how much you’re vaping. Experience comes from using your cartridges and e-cigarette gear over time, and that’s basically how you’ll figure out how many cartridges you need for basic use.

5. Battery size is equivalent to power; the smaller the battery, the shorter the span through each charge will be. So if you’re heavy smoker you’ll need more than a couple of batteries. However, if you’re a light smoker, two batteries will probably be fine for you. Most e-cig starter kits come with at least one battery.

6. Learn your products. You’re going to see basic e-cig models selling for quite a bit of money, however you’ll notice that South Beach smoke e-cigarette batteries are exceptionally affordable, starting at $17.95, versus other brands that charge between $25 and $50 for equivalent products.

7. Even though cartridges are designed to be disposable, you can refill them a few times before disposing.

8. It’s very well-known that using electronic cigarettes is much more affordable than smoking traditional cigarettes, however you have to watch your costs because there are certain ways to really drive up the expenses. Taking care of your batteries and cleaning all of your parts regularly can extend their lifespan greatly, enabling them to last longer and make your money go further.

9. It may be intimidating learning how to use an e-cigarette properly, it just takes some time, patience, and learning the ropes. While the  technique is different from traditional cigs, you get the same end result. The best way to go at it is to take small, slow, gentle puffs. The more you practice, the better you’ll get and before you know it you’ll have it down pat!

10. Take time to plan. E-cigarettes take some extra work because you need to keep extra cartridges on hand, as well as possibly batteries and maybe even a charger in order to stay up to speed with your vaping. If you’re accustomed to cigarettes, it might seem a little bit challenging at first, however once you get the hang of it, e-smoking is awesome and definitely the more convenient and comfortable option. Don’t let the challenges  dissuade you, the world of vapor awaits!

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Vape Your Dessert

Love dessert? Love all the chocolatey, fruity, creamy goodness? Love some delicious, sweet, luscious flavor, especially after downing a big, satisfying meal? But, let us guess, you don’t love all the sugar, carbs, and fat calories that come along with it?

Lucky for you, you can have your cake (cheesecake, birthday cake, s’mores, chocolate dipped strawberries, and more!) and eat it too if you happen to be vaping with our magnificent array of dessert-inspired flavors and e-liquid custom blends!

No matter what flavors you’re craving, we’ve got something for you. Dessert liquids are crazy popular for a very good reason: they’re insanely delicious! So here is but a sampling of our dessert menu, and if you’re in the mood for something decadent, there is no shortage!

Cakes: Cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake! This decadent dessert tops the list of many, and we’ve got it topped with just about everything. Mango Cheesecake, Key Lime Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake; they’re all SO good! And if you want to go simple, Cheesecake Divine gives you that classic NY flavor no one ever gets tired of!

Get Chocolified: Chocolate covered bananas (Choco-Nana, ) chocolate covered coconut (Choco-Nut), Chocolate covered strawberries (Decadent Dip), chocolate mint (Choco Mint) and Chocolate Coffee (Choco Java): if chocolate is what you’re aiming for, we’ve got it in every possible confection to make your mouth water. And if a blend isn’t your thing, and you’re aiming for a more simple affair, go with our Chocolate Delight; simple, yes, but simply earth-shattering in flavor!

Fresh ‘n Fruity: Fruit flavored e-liquids are our specialty, and we’ve scoured the planet for the best tasting flavors! Well, not exactly, but we do cover all the best fruit flavors the world can offer! Mango, kiwi, guava, pineapple, apple, pear, lime, strawberry… see where this is going? And those are just single flavors, lest we get into the blends! It’s pretty epic and never-ending from here, my friends! Caribbean Escape, Strawberry Kiwi, Peaches n Cream, Citrus Circus, Crazy Cuban… it goes on and on! Fruit for dessert? Yeah, we got you covered!

Who doesn’t love dessert? Some people love it so much, they don’t even wait till dinner is over to indulge in the pleasure! So, if you consider yourself among this crowd, get vaping with our dessert e-liquid flavors, because you get all the amazing flavor and none of the bad stuff! At South Beach Smoke, we are all about those guilt-free pleasures!

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Atomizers: All You Need to Know

Atomizers, you know those handy little, strangely-titled mechanisms involved with electronic cigarette function? They are essentials for vaping, and they really do amazing things. Want to learn more about them, what they do, and why they’re so darn important? Keep reading!

What are e-cigarette atomizers?

Atomizers are the element of the e-cigarette that do the work of vaporizing the nicotine e-liquid into those powerful hits of vapor. There are three parts to an atomizer: the heating coil, the wick that absorbs the liquid, and a mesh bridge. The atomizer needs to be immersed in liquid for it to perform properly and avoid overheating.

Do atomizers last a certain amount of time?

Yes, typically between 2-4 weeks, depending on how often they are used, unless you are using a cartridge, in which case you will get a new one each time you change an e-cig cartridge.

How can you tell when they need replacing?

Several indicators can signal the atomizer needs to go. Sudden leaks, a lag in performance, lesser vapor production, or even diminished vapor production can all be signs you’ve got to replace the atty!

What kind of maintenance do they require?

None really. Because atomizers do not last very long, they simply get disposed of and replaced.

Are atomizers safe?

Yes, entirely! They are encased within the cartridge and the exterior of the e-cig or vaporizer, so you need not worry over getting burned or starting fires with them! South Beach Smoke atomizers are designed with an added precaution, an automatic shut off that goes into effect if the device turns on accidentally or you take too powerful a drag.

So do you now understand what atomizers are and why they’re necessary? Gotta love ‘em; there’d be no vaping without them!

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