Flavors: What Feels Familiar

One of the biggest hurdles for e-cigarette beginners is finding a flavor that works for them, and that feels comfortable. If you are just coming to e-smoking from traditional tobacco cigarettes, it can be tricky to find a flavor that fully satisfies and tastes up to your standards. Keep reading for some tips to scoring that perfect e-cig flavor, based on what you’ve been smoking.

-Remember, cigarettes and e-cigarettes are totally different things. When smoking tobacco cigarettes for a period of time, your tastebuds lose a great deal of their abilities, and don’t function properly. Most smokers know that after switching to vapor, they begin to taste things fully after time and get reacquainted with how things truly taste.

Classic Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Marlboro, Winston, Pal-Mal, Lucky Strike, or Chesterfield, this true to form tobacco taste will do it for you. It’s smooth and strong, sweet and rich; basically the classic tobacco essence you’re accustomed to!

Blue Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Kent, Benson & Hedges, Parliament, L & M, Viceroy, or Merit, this flavor will work out perfectly! It’s a clean, crisp, and smooth with a delicate endnote; very much an “American Tobacco” on the lighter side.

Golden Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Camel, Kent, Marlboro, American Spirit, or Merit, and prefer a bold, earthy flavor, try this one! Similar to the stronger American blends, and crafted to embody the same richness as Middle Eastern and other exotic tobaccos, this is a powerful flavor!

Cool Menthol Cartridges: If you’re a menthol person who smoked Newports, or any other version of menthol cigarettes, this flavor should work nicely for you. It’s cool, clean, and refreshing, but not overtly minty.

Another thought to keep in mind when trying new e-cigarette flavors is to find the right nicotine strength for your tastes. This can affect the overall taste of the vapor, and can come across as too strong or weak for your preferences. You’ve got to find that perfect balance.

Achieving satisfaction from your electronic cigarettes does not have to be complicated, or impossible! One of the best things about E-smoking is that there are so many great options, and nearly everything is designed with smokers in mind, so find that balance!

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Why Vaping is making Smoking a Thing of the Past

Vaping is completely replacing smoking. Did you know that 1 in every 4 smokers has (at a minimum) tried an electronic cigarette device of some sort? E-smoking has become very well received by the smoking community, and for so many reasons. The tobacco industry has been bracing themselves for this vape-driven decline for some time now, and it really shows. Most smokers have no interest in heading back to smoke when they can have vapor, and vapor cig sales only continue to rise. Yes, vaping is a great thing, my friends!

Here are some of the many lovely reasons to choose vaping over smoke. We are pretty sure, once you try the digital version, the analogues will seem oh-so outdated!

  • -No lighters.
  • -No mess.
  • -So much more control.
  • -So many more options.
  • -So many types of devices to choose from.
  • -Vaping is much more convenient.
  • -No social stigma.
  • -No fire hazard.
  • -Use them in so many more places.
  • -No smell.
  • -Modern products fit in better with modern lifestyles.
  • -Vapor looks so incredible!
  • -Vaping is actually a fun hobby.
  • -Customizing a mod is rad!
  • -Vaping with a mod you’ve customized yourself is the bomb!
  • -Your parents/ elders/ distant family members stop harassing you to ditch the cigarettes.
  • -You can often use your vape on campus.
  • -Nightlife is way more fun when you can drink and vape at the same time, without dealing with smoke.
  • -Your friends don’t mind chilling in your car anymore, now that it doesn’t smell like stale smoke.
  • -There’s no tobacco!
  • -You no longer have to think about the effects of tobacco on your body, both short and long term.
  • -You never have to give another thought to all those chemicals cigarettes are laced with.
  • -Saving thousands of dollars every year, especially where you can see it on a weekly basis ain’t so bad.
  • -You don’t need to organize your daily life around smoking anymore. Freedom never felt so good.

So that’s quite a list, isn’t it? And that just scratches the surface, because every individual vaper will probably roll off another dozen or so benefits to vaping that are part of their personal experience and why it’s the best way to smoke for themselves, personally. If you’ve never tried vaping, let this be your motivation! You’ve got nothing to lose but the smoke, and everything to gain; including a much more enjoyable way to have what you crave!

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Maintenance Tips for E-Cigs

All products come with a shelf life, and electronic cigarettes are no different. However, one of the most important factors to making them last as long as possible is some simple, basic upkeep. These will not only contribute to getting the most out of your investment, it will also mean the best possible performance, which is always a good thing.

Long term lasting comes from proper maintenance, so if you want to keep your e-cigs and vaporizers in tip-top shape, keep them working nicely with the following tips!

-Clean up after yourself! Every so often, about once a week, take all of your e-cig components apart, and wipe everything down with a soft, clean, damp cloth. If you want to get really fancy and technical, bust out the q-tips and wipe down the grooves and crevices with intent and focus. Pay extra special attention to the areas such as the connection point of the battery and cartridge, as this is where liquid can drip out, leak out, or simply make its way out and accumulate. Cleaning it up ensures better connection, and better performance.

-Don’t over tighten things. When connecting the cartridge to the battery, really tight may seem like the right way to go, guaranteeing the most snug fit, but it’s an illusion. You want to tighten it just so, not too tight, as this can really affect the vapor production.

-If your cartridge has suddenly stopped producing vapor, and/ or the taste is rather burnt, chances are you need to replace it.

-Don’t overcharge your batteries. Get to 100% and disconnect it! Regularly doing this can help your battery last a very long time, and help it to maintain long life between charges.  Also, don’t wait until your battery is dead at 0% before charging, this causes it to use more energy recovering.

-Don’t drop your vape. Seems like common sense, but take this as a reminder. Bad things can happen.

Want an even sweeter tip to making your South Beach Smoke e-cigs give you the best they got? Join our Home Delivery Program (the HDP, yo!). Becoming a member is free, and it gives you the juicy benefits of monthly deliveries of your cartridges at a 20% discount, and e-liquids at 10% off. Auto-shipping a beautiful thing and saves you the trouble of forgetting to reorder cartridges at the worst moment, which totally sucks when it happens! Being an HDP member also gets you a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of your parts, (not including the Air) which is essentially priceless.

So, hopefully these tips come in handy. You’re welcome! 

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Feel Good, Look Good, Vape Good

Still smoking old fashioned cancer sticks? Worried that switching to electronic cigs will cause a bigger blow-up than the freshman 15? Well, worry not my lovelies, here are some tips to keep your figure fit and trim, when switching to alternative cigarettes. For every inconvenience, there is a solution, and we want you to know that leaving tobacco doesn’t have to make you look less than awesome!

One thing to keep in mind is that a number on a scale is not a direct indicator of your health, so focus on positive habits instead of what digit your scale is stuck at. You aren’t the only one to be concerned about post-tobacco weight gain, but remember, diligence goes a long way, and your body will thank you graciously for being tobacco and smoke free. Here is a little info on how switching to vapor cigs can benefit your body when it comes to looking and feeling great!

Many people start smoking in an effort to keep unwanted pounds off, and then stay smoking because of the possibility of weight gain when quitting. College students are notoriously known for picking up the habit because the calming effects of nicotine can be the perfect antidote to the stress induced from major cramming, however it is a serious double-edged sword, because they feel if they stop they’ll have to deal with unwanted junk in their trunks.

When you stop using cigarettes, many areas of the body begin to heal. Lung function and heart function improve, making it easier to breathe deeply and vigorously; therefore making cardio exercise way more manageable and enjoyable. This is an added boost, and can really give you the push you need to get sweaty, which is a proven way to keep those pounds in check. Lose the smoke, get healthier, feel better, keep the pounds off: excellent chain of events, right?

Often, we play into our desires and make rash decisions in favor of the moment’s mood. When making decisions that involve what you eat, go for healthy and don’t go after dessert daily. E-cigs can be amazing as an alternative because you have so many choices of e-liquid flavors to choose from, and these delectable flavors can work perfectly instead of dessert. Strawberry Cheesecake, Banana Split, S’mores…, and no calories or fat to boot! Can we say nom nom nom!

As for switching, electronic cigarettes can offer a nearly identical sensation, with the level of nicotine of your choice so the sensation remains the same, sans the smoke. While the concern of weight gain is understandable, keep in mind that you can also implement other wise choices to avoid it, without having to rely on a crutch like cigarettes. Stay healthy and sexy, my friends!

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Fashion and the E-Cig

E-cigs and vape pens are incredibly fashionable. While they may not be the most typical or conventional fashion accessory, that alone adds to the appeal. Because in reality, fashion is way more than just doing what everyone else is doing. It’s about doing what everyone isn’t, and blazing a trail. While electronic cigarettes and alternative smoking devices have become immensely mainstream, using your device as a fashion statement is one of the hottest ways to assert your style.

Vape pens are made to look incredible. Their main function, of course is performing well, however they are praised for their sleek, innovative styling. Any fashion gets enhanced by a high-tech vaporizer in hand, and it goes beyond just how hot they look. They add some glamour and most definitely a modern/ futuristic edge.

Smoking and fashion go way back. Cigarettes were originally marketed as fashionable items, encouraging women to use them to maintain their trim figures as well as to assert their independence, and urging men to up their manliness by using specific brands. Of course, at the time no one was in the know about all of the health problems tobacco cigarettes would lead to, and it was all about creating an image.

Nowadays though, with cigarettes being entirely unfashionable, and everyone being educated on the ills of tobacco, electronic cigarettes have a much different appeal. You never have to feel self-conscious about being an irresponsible smoker when using them! They give you an up-to-the-minute flair, and are a symbol of modern-day cool. E-cigarettes and vaporizers look hot, and they’re very stylish. They can be customized in tons of ways, and many come in different colors, so you can get really creative in that department. They also make a statement, showing that you not only care about your health, but also you’re up with the times and willing to use alternatives. Advanced Vaporizers have entirely replaced the appeal cigarettes once had, while enhancing your outward appearance.

The amount of celebrities who vape is ever-growing, and those who have picked up advanced vaping is on the rise too. In recent photos, we’ve seen Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Katherine Heigl, Snoop Dogg (or is it Snoop Lion?), Johnny Depp, and Simon Cowell with very tech-heavy advanced vape pens in hand and being vaped. Fad? We think not. Pleasurable fashion accessory? Totally. Responsible image-making? All the way. 

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