Gift Guide 2014: What to Get the Guys ‘n Gals!

Ok, so you’re finishing up your holiday shopping and you’re stumped on what the vapers you know and love should be gifted. Here are our suggestions on what to get the guys and gals on your list, with respect to the current date being 10 days out from Christmas! Time to tidy up the last bits on your shopping list! Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

For the Guys:

Guys tend to love tech-type gifts, and obviously electronic cigarettes are right up that alley. However, for the dudes you know who vape, go for the high-tech must haves such as:

  • The South Beach Smoke Storm
  • The South Beach Smoke Thunder
  • The South Beach Smoke Air

If you want to give gifts to the guy who is a current South Beach Smoke user:

  • A few bottles of e-liquid; who can ever have enough?
  • A few sets of cartridges. Like e-liquid, who ever has enough of these?
  • Versatile e-cig accessories, such as the Clear Tank, the VaporFlo Tank, Universal adapters, and extra batteries in their preferred models; extras are priceless!

For the Gals:

Ladies love luxury. When shopping for most women out there, a simple formula that generally works is aiming for top quality products that are versatile and fill a need. Lucky for you, anything from South Beach Smoke fits that bill! Here’s what to get the gals who vape, or are considering adding vapor cigarettes to their life:

  • The South Beach Smoke Curve
  • The South Beach Smoke Air
  • The South Beach Smoke Storm

Gifts for the gal who is currently a South Beach Smoker:

  • Cartridge packs in her fave flavor.
  • E-liquids in her fave flavors, or have some custom blended for her in flavors you know she’d dig.
  • Accessories like storage cases, the PCC, extra vape batteries, extra tanks, and perhaps a PowerCig, if she’s into heavy duty vaping while hanging out at home.

When it comes to smokers and vapers, there is no place like SBS to do your holiday shopping! We’ve got the goods, and basically everything to please every vaper, regardless of their style. Get them what they really want this year: vapor!

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Using Your E-Cigs Without Being Annoying: An Etiquette Guide

So you want to vape in public, but you don’t want to aggravate everyone around you. Oh no, you are done with that lifestyle (see ya, tobacco!)! Smoking cigarettes taught you good and well how pissed off people get when smoke wafts within a square foot of their public breathing space, so why go back to being a nuisance to society if you don’t have to? Vaping allows you the pleasure of the same feeling, the glorious nicotine sensation, and the ability to use your goods in public without anyone having to smell the odor, or worry about the second-hand smoke! However, in case you’re in need, here are a few tips to keep in mind about smoking your e-cigs in the presence of others. Ya know, to keep the peace and allow yourself the ability to represent vaping with the best image and intentions possible!


Vaping outdoors, in public, at restaurants, in parks, malls, and anywhere you damn well please is great! Freedom feels awesome. However, while you’re puffing away among the masses, just be mindful to not be obnoxious. If you are confronted by someone who is assuming you are smoking, and there are no restrictions on public vaping, simply explain that you are not using a tobacco device, and are not technically “smoking.” If a compromise cannot be met, head outdoors and breathe in the fresh air with your vape.


People are going to ask you questions, humans in general are a curious, gregarious species. So answer them informatively, positively, and try to leave them with a great impression on these magnificent alternatives. You don’t have to try to change people’s minds, as you will most likely encounter those who are completely opposed to accepting electronic cigs, however just do your best to be an intelligent, and informed vaper who can pass along the good and positives of an often misunderstood topic.

Unsure? Ask:

If you find yourself in a position to where you are not sure if it’s ok or acceptable to smoke your tobacco-free, vapor-positive nicotine-vibing goods, just ask. It can’t hurt. Many states have restrictions on public e-smoking now, however it can be vague. If you see an obvious “No Vaping” sign, you know the deal. If you are unsure in other situations, simply ask! Awkward and negative situations can certainly be avoided; common sense and consideration will take you far in the social scope! Happy (public) vaping, y’all!

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What to Expect When Making the Switch

So you’re taking that great leap of faith into the unknown world of vapor smoking! Congrats! And while you may not think it’s that big of a deal, it really is!

Yet, however excited you may be, there is probably a little trepidation on your part about what you can expect to experience and what it’s really going to be like when you drop the ash forever, in favor of smoke. Here is what you are going to be in for as you take the plunge into the smoke free life!

-E-cigs weigh more than traditional cigarettes, you’ll have to adjust to the weight difference in your hand and mouth. You may find that you like the heavier feel.

-Vapor works a little differently than smoke; it’s not quite hot, doesn’t burn, and may not be as hard-hitting in your throat like smoke. Keep it in mind.

-Your body may react differently than you expect. You might find yourself more thirsty than usual, as well as experiencing some mild withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of toxins in e-cigarettes that your body is most likely used to from traditional cigarettes.

-Tobacco flavored e-cigs may, or may not, be satisfying; you may find that no tobacco flavor e-cigarette cartridges mimic your preferred cigarette flavor identically. Be open to all the many other flavors available with electronic cigarettes. Vanilla, peppermint, piña colada? Options, people, are a beautiful thing!

-Don’t expect an exactly identical experience. Vaping comes really close to the original version, but still has its own unique attributes. Allow yourself the time and open mind to truly get familiar with it all. In our opinion, vaping takes the cake ten-fold.

-Get ready for the amazing lifestyle that comes with being smoke free! No more smoke allows you infinite ways to have more convenience and a dope quality of life! 

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Pros and Cons of Manual and Automatic Batteries

E-cigarette batteries can make vaping confusing! You’ve got so many choices in brands, styles, sizes, colors, and performance capabilities so how do you know what you need? And what of switches? How do you even go about deciding between those?

Well, here you go. Automatic and Manual e-cigarette battery switches simplified and explained, so you can have a solid idea about what you’re getting into, and how to choose between the two.

Manual Battery Pros

  • More control over the device, how it performs and works in general.
  • No automatic shut off; you call the shots.
  • The manual battery is truly a “sealed battery.”
  • Produces higher level of vapor production.

Manual Battery Cons

  • Shorter battery life; there’s a price attached to everything.
  • Having to push a button during usage is less like a traditional cigarette.
  • Battery can occasionally engage all on its own accord, causing the battery to drain faster.

Automatic Battery Pros

  • Longer battery life than Manual batteries.
  • Automatic shut off ensures your battery doesn’t overheat
  • More like a traditional cigarette when being used.
  • Simpler to use because of the automatic start up, meaning that the battery activates as soon as your mouth hits the mouthpiece and you take a hit.

Automatic Battery Cons

  • Less vapor production than Manual batteries.
  • Less control due to the 5-6 second shut off, resulting in a limited number of puffs before it shuts off.
  • Occasionally loud noises can cause an Automatic battery to switch on automatically, surprise, surprise!

So which one is better? Well, that’s a matter of opinion, really! Now that you know the difference between electronic cigarette battery switches, you get to decide. When purchasing, hopefully you now have a better understanding of the mechanics, and making a choice shouldn’t be too difficult. If you find you are still at a crossroads, however, and don’t know which you want to experience, our suggestion is to go with both. It can’t hurt to try both styles, and worst comes to worst, you’ll have a backup battery!

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Vape & Save Some Money

It’s presently the holiday season, have you found yourself broke? Well look at the bright side, be glad you’re vaping because imagine how broke you’d be if you were still smoking traditional cigarettes! All laughs aside, though, if you want/ need to save even more, here are some fabulous ways you can cut your costs some more! Vaping rocks, and being able to save money is one of the best reasons!

Join the HDP, aka, the Home Delivery Program. This money saving hookup saves you 20% on your e-cigarette cartridge purchases, and gets them sent to you on automatic intervals. Can I get a hell yeah!

Buy your cartridges in bulk. This can save you some money if you aren’t joining the Home Delivery Program and you get the added bonus of having a nice big stock supply.

Are you aware of our other programs that save money like SOBE Rewards and our Refer-a-Friend Program? They give you the ability to earn points and save money in different ways, by simply being a proud customer. Easy, right? Take advantage!

SOBE Rewards is all about giving you rewards for the money you spend with us. Every time you spend $1, you get a point, and once you hit 200 points, (for having spent $200) you get $20 in credits to spend with us on future purchases! It’s like getting 10% off of everything and it gives you additional incentive knowing that for all of your purchases, you’ll continue earning rewards that’ll save you money in the future. It really comes in handy. Doesn’t require any additional work on your part because membership is automatic, just kick back, vape, and every time you make a purchase, smile knowing you are racking up points!

So if money is on your mind and you and you’d like to make your dollars go even further, make sure you take advantage of all the little ways we hook you up! Using electronic cigarettes is way more affordable traditional tobacco cigarettes, so save as much as you can, where you can!

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