Memorial Day Sale: It’s On!

Memorial Day Weekend is almost here, hooray! Celebrating our freedom, with much gratitude for those who gave their lives for it is so worthy of a holiday, and in their honor, don’t ever forget it! However, at the same time, let no moment of this celebratory 3-day weekend go to  waste! How do you plan on spending it? Family BBQ’s or cookouts? Pool parties? Hanging on the beach? Getting out town for an adrenaline-fueled getaway? Whatever you’re up to, make sure your e-cigs and vaporizers are handy, because no good time is complete without being able to vape as you please, without being sent out to pasture like smoker!

And, like all big holidays, you are probably well aware that Memorial Day also means mega sales, and you can always expect awesomely great deals on just about everything to go along with the festivities. Did you think South Beach Smoke wasn’t going to give you a reason to get shopping, did you?

Retail therapy is always a good idea, and when it involves top quality, high performance vape pens and e-liquids, there’s nothing better! So, how does 25% off everything sound to you? Yes that’s right! Our entire website is currently on sale, so you can get your sale-hungry shopaholic selves on it ASAP and start shopping! Sale is going on now through Monday, so whatever you’ve got your eye on; a new personal vaporizer? New e-cig batteries? New e-juice flavors? New vape accessories? Early Father’s Day e-cigarette gift for your pops who’s still rocking the tobacco? Grab it now!

Memorial Day is as perfect as any day, or holiday for that matter, to be enjoying life, freedom and your privilege to vape! And in that honor, we are giving you the very best reason to celebrate your freedom: with a badass South Beach Smoke Memorial Day Sale that is running from now through Monday. So, enjoy the weekend, and get shopping! Freedom feels so good!

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Coughing While Vaping

Coughing when smoking is one thing, but coughing when vaping is another. I mean, isn’t the cough supposed to be gone when you eliminate the smoke tar and switch it for electronic smoking? Now, before you go jumping to conclusions and get convinced that vaping is going to offer no different of an experience than smoking, here are some good tips to help understand why the coughing may have come up, and how to control it.

PG & Allergies

Some vapers find that they are allergic to e-liquids that contain propylene glycol. While this is not tremendously common, it does happen. Propylene glycol, aka PG, is often used in nicotine liquids as the part of the liquid that contributes to a powerful throat hit. PG can also cause a cough for new users if it is too strong, so if you find yourself in that predicament you may want to switch to an exclusively VG based liquid.

Too Much Nicotine?

Getting your nicotine strength correct can sometimes be tricky, and going too heavy with it can result in coughing. Luckily, adjusting your nicotine level to a lower amount can solve this. Too much nicotine can also leave you feeling nauseous which is never a good thing!

Too Much Flavor?

Our 30,000 different e-liquid flavors can certainly whet your whistle, however for some people, intense and out of the ordinary flavors can really mess with their systems and cause them to cough. In this case, stick with tobacco and menthol and gradually allow your system to develop some tolerance to other flavors.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate!

When vaping, you need to drink a lot of water. Some people assume that the water vapor you get when smoking electronically is providing hydration, however it does not. In fact, it can have the opposite effect resulting in dehydration, and causing you to cough your brains out. If you have found yourself in this precarious situation, up your water intake big-time!

Are your Drags too Long?

Dragging on an e-cigarette is pretty different from using a traditional cigarette. While smoking traditional cigarettes, the typical method is long and slow, but with a digital cig, the puffs should be short and quick, lasting no more than 2 to 3 seconds. There will probably be a bit of a learning curve involved here while you figure it out, however this can result in a more pleasant experience without the vape cough.

So, if you’ve found yourself coughing as a result of vaping, worry not my fair vapers! Vape cough can be conquered, and you can vape comfortably for good with some adjustments!

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What’s the Deal with Millennials?

There is so much talk these days about millennials. What they’re doing, what they’re eating, who they’re hanging out with, who they’re hooking up with, where they’re working, where they’re headed, what they’re into, and most of all, what they’re buying. Yes, this current generation in the spotlight is one big example of the times we live in. They are the first generation of the digital age, and the first to truly show what a digital childhood is equating to in adulthood.

What this amounts to for us in the e-cigarette market, is quite a lot actually because this age group makes up a great percentage of our customers. When it comes to vapers, the precocious, digitally-minded generation of millennials is heavily into electronic smoking. Considering they’ve grown up in the age of gruesome anti-tobacco ads and electronic/ digital everything, if they have an option between analog and digital, nine times out of ten, they’re going to go digital all the way.

Another factor to consider about this generation is their attention to detail and desire for design. They’ve grown up coveting iPhones and other sleek digital products all their lives, so hot tech items, such as our gorgeous advanced vaporizers, have been a mainstay. However, they truly do understand good design, as if it’s part of the gene imprint, and they will not fall for just pretty objects; great performance and function have got to be there too!

Case in point: South Beach Smoke is the perfect brand for millennials looking to vape, with high style, awesome performance, and all the tech-savvy innovation they crave. And hey, considering these are our customers, we love millennials! We love that they love our quality, and we love that our products totally resonate with them. You demand innovation, and we’re more than pleased to put it out there. While they’re chasing the next big thing, we’re happy to be creating it! It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, and we fully embrace these hipsters who embrace the smoke-free era.

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How to Transition to Vaporizers from E-Cigs

So you’re ready to take the plunge and switch to vaporizers from plain old e-cigs. Here is the dealio- what you need to know to transition smoothly. E-cigarette vaporizers don’t have to be difficult to adjust to; lucky for you, you already endured the “difficult” part when you transitioned from cigarettes to vaping! You’re in for a world of awesomeness, get amped!

First Things First

One of the best starting points is our Custom Vaporizer Builder. This allows you to select the vaporizer you want, with available accessories, and have everything laid out before you in the easiest way imaginable. In fact, even if you aren’t ready to purchase your vaporizer yet, this is such a cool way to get your feet wet and explore the options while getting acquainted with what you may want.

So, About That Transition

Enjoy the process. Chances are, if you are ready to move up in the world of vapes, vaporizers are going to blow your mind in a good way. E-cigs will probably be a thing of the past, and you’ll be over the moon about being able to use our 30,000 different e-liquid flavors.

Get Smart

Learn as much as you can about the devices, how they work, and what effort will be needed of you to make yours work for you. You’ll be using tanks, so you’ll have to fill them; learn about the technique needed to fill them. You’ll most likely have to change atomizers, so you’ll have to learn about when that will be necessary. Learn about maintenance, storage, and what you shouldn’t be doing with your vaporizer; more info you have in your repertoire, the better. Basically, it’s not much, and you’ll be getting such an awesome experience out of it that it’ll all be worth it.

So, if you want to give an advanced vaporizer a try, we say go for it! The experience will enlighten you, and the feeling will thrill! May the transition go smoothly, and if you have any questions about what we can do to help you along, let us know about it!

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How to Choose a Flavor

Feeling stumped by too many flavors? Let us help you get around that. Here is a little guide to choosing the ideal e-liquid flavor, whether you’re looking for the perfect single flavor to have and to hold forevermore, or you want a nice range of options in your personal arsenal to fall back on regularly.

Sweet: There are lots of sweet flavors to play with. And by “lots,” we mean thousands when you factor in blends. Candy sweet? Cake sweet? Java sweet? Fruity sweet? That doesn’t even scratch the surface! What kind of sweet do you like?  Chances are, we’ve got something to satisfy! Try Cotton Candy is you’re into candy, Strawberry for fruit, and Fancy Latte if you like it very flavorful and quite complex.

Fruit: Who doesn’t like fruit flavored e-liquids? We offer an endless array of fruits to choose from, and whether it’s syrupy sweet like strawberries, tart like lime, mild-tempered like cantaloupe, indulgent like coconut, or refreshing like watermelon; we’ve got all that and more! And when we start extending into the blends, oh my! Here’s a tip: Caribbean Escape is among the best!

Dessert: Among the most popular tastes out there, dessert is on everyone’s menu when it comes to vaping. And in this light, we offer literally A TON of different choices for dessert. Custard, cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries… We’re not even scratching the surface here!

Beverage: Sometimes you wanna drink yo drinks, sometimes you wanna vape ‘em. We offer tons of beverage inspired flavors, from milkshakes, to cocktails, to rootbeer, cola, tea, and coffee. Some of the world’s most amazing beverage flavors are available in South Beach Smoke e-liquid flavor form, and we totally suggest downing a few!

Sense-ational: Like your flavor to add a little zing? Menthols, mints, red hot cinnamon; all of these flavors take care of those cravings for flavors that do a little something extra. Menthol Ice and Peppermint will take care of ya!

We offer a ton of flavors, make no mistake about it. If you can dream it, we can probably make it a reality. Sweet, savory, and just about everything in between; we offer endless variety, choices, and delicious flavors to keep your clouds ever so enjoyable. So, get busy experimenting! Hopefully, if you want the best e-liquids, this guide serves you well!

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