Spring Break Vaping & Jet-Setting

We all know that when it comes to traveling, electronic cigarettes are the better choice, the more versatile option, and all around the best way to travel and get your nicotine fix. And, considering that we are in prime time for Spring Break, and millions of college students are hitting the air to escape the norm of the dorm, we’d like to take this moment to let you know everything necessary for traveling. Hey, we’re all about enjoying our e-cigs in vacay-mode, and we’d hate to see it not work out for you!

No E-Cigs in Checked Luggage

Recently, the FAA ruled that e-cigarettes will no longer be allowed in checked luggage, so keep that in mind from the start. According to a bulletin to the FAA from the International Civil Aviation Organization, there have been several instances recently where e-cigarettes in checked luggage overheated and caused fires, and this is quite obviously a serious concern. Keeping them in your carry on, however is fine, because should there be an issue, it can be handled promptly.

Transparency is a Good Thing

And we aren’t talking about see-through luggage. When going through airport security, be upfront with the agents about your e-cigs, and anything else you are carrying with you related to vaping. It’s not necessary, but it is worthwhile to avoid any unnecessary drama.

Pack Extra

Freak winter storms, delays, missed flights, iced-over airplane wings, an inability to part with paradise so you book an extra couple days in Cabo; we’ve all been there. So, why leave your need for nicotine and vapor to chance? Extra e-cig batteries, cartridges, and chargers are a necessity, like clean undies, swimwear, and your ID.

Pack Safely

Use a South Beach Smoke storage case to house your gear safely, securely, and totally organized. If you’re going to be on the go, pack a lanyard for super quick, easy vaping.

So, if you’re jetting off to someplace fun, be it for Spring Break or some other exciting cause, have a blast! Vape in the sun, enjoy yourself to the max, and pack your vape gear right for maximum enjoyment!

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Keep Cool: Why Extremes Temps are Bad For Your E-Cigs

Did you know that exposure to extreme temperatures can be fatal to your vape devices? Oh yes, they certainlly can! Your electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are made to work under specific temperature conditions, and the highest of the highs, and the lowest of the lows can significantly decrease their performance, alter their performance, and even destroy their capability to perform! You know how it goes though; the better you care for them, the longer they’ll last, the better they’ll perform, and the more money you’ll save.

The majority of e-cig/ vaporizer batteries are lithium ion, the same types used in computers and cellphones. Knowing that, you are probably aware that leaving your computer or phone in a steamy or freezing car can destroy them; same thing goes for e-cigs. The extreme heat can cause them to actually melt, and the extreme cold can cause them to freeze!

Considering the crazy winter full of extreme freezes that we have seen this year, here are some temperature tips to keep in mind so you can protect your devices properly.

-Don’t leave your vape batteries in the car, regardless of outside temperatures.

-Don’t leave your vape outside either, for the same reason.

-Exposure to rain is also a bad thing. A drop or two won’t cause much damage, but a downfall can and most likely will.

-Showering, steaming in the sauna, or swimming in the pool with your e-cigarette are all bad ideas too. Wait till you’re dry. Moisture and batteries is not a good combo.

-E-cigs need moderate temperatures, preferably between 14 degrees at the coldest, and 86 at the hottest, with the best being in the median of that range.

Always store your e-cigarettes and vaporizers securely when not in use to further protect them. For this reason specifically, we make cases designed to ensure their safety.

So, now you know, if the temperatures are getting too hot or cold, regard your e-cigs just like you would your other precious electronic devices. Extremes can be a killer, so provide your vape pleasant moderate temps!

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Keep Your Pets Safe From Smoke!

Smoking indoors is a bad idea. Smoking indoors if you have pets is downright irresponsible. While it may seem innocuous, tobacco smoke can be just as dangerous, if not even more to your fur-babies. So if you are still smoking traditional cigarettes near your pets (why don’t you switched to South Beach Smoke, already?), here’s some info as to why you should change your ways.

Just like people can be affected by cigarette smoke in terms of their breathing and respiratory health, so can your pets. This includes allergies, which cats and dogs are particularly sensitive to. Also, along the lines of allergies, dogs’ skin can be affected by a type of dermatitis, which is an allergic inflammation of the skin, related to smoke exposure.

Cats are susceptible to what is known as third-hand smoke, because of their meticulous grooming nature. When smoke particles settle on their fur, they consume them, ingesting them.

Birds are very sensitive to smoke because of their delicate respiratory systems. Coughing, wheezing, lung cancer, and pneumonia are all very real dangers that come as a result of exposure to tobacco smoke. They also are known to have problems with their vision, hearts, skin, and fertility because of smoke!

And for those of you smokers who have ditched the tobacco for vaping, here is a little tidbit to keep in mind: An additional concern for pet owners is that of nicotine. If your precocious animals are known to get into your stuff, be sure to always, always, ALWAYS keep your cartridges and nicotine e-liquids out of their reach. Nicotine poison is very real, and it can be fatal.

Our animal friends are priceless. The love, companionship, and compassion we gain from them is unlike anything else; hence the reason more households in the US have pets than not. So, if you find yourself in this majority, please do right by them and avoid smoking cigarettes in their living space. They’ll thank you with their good health, and years of companionship. And, just as a reminder if you are still smoking cigarettes, do yourself a favor and switch to electronic cigarettes, which are smoke free and tobacco free, so using them indoors does not subject your pets to tobacco and its byproducts.

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Driving and Vaping: Here’s What You Need to Know

If you vape, you probably vape while driving. However, driving a car is typically the most dangerous activity most people engage in on a daily basis, so vaping and driving needs to be done with real caution. As you know, texting and driving is a lame idea, however anything you do that causes you to take your eyes off the road for a split second should be avoided.

As for driving and vaping, it’s certainly not the same scenario as texting, but should be done with awareness. While it seems like the perfect way to make getting behind the wheel more interesting, and can be the ideal way to complement a boring commute, there are some factors you should keep in mind. Distracted driving is not worth it, so here are some tips for safe vaping while driving!

-Do not attempt to refill e-liquids, drip into your tank, or swap out batteries or accessories on your vaporizer device while driving.

-Set your device up entirely before getting behind the wheel. This includes making sure you have enough liquid, your mouthpiece is attached properly, and your vape or e-cig is ready for action. This will help avoid having to mess with it when your full attention is needed on the road.

-Love big, thick clouds of vapor? Make sure your car windows are open for ventilation if this is your idea of a good time when driving because impeding your vision with a fogged up windshield can be a serious danger.

-Do not toss your used items out the window. Not only is littering a public disservice, your trash can be a problem to other vehicles by harming tires. Also, e-cigs and vaporizer components should be discarded properly, because they do not belong in the hands and mouths of children and animals who come into contact with such litter.

So keep these tidbits in mind whenever you decide to vape and drive. While it’s not illegal, or dangerous, you gotta be safe! Use common sense, be wise, and all should be fine!

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Valentine’s Day: What Could be More Romantic than Vapor?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we all know that vapor cigs are the more romantic alternative. Yes, we know, most people don’t regard vaping as “romantic,” but it definitely is. Your see, cigarettes smell bad, and they aren’t very sexy. They make your teeth look awful, they make your body unhealthy, they are absolutely much too expensive (you could be saving up for an excitingly hot vacation instead!) and simply, tobacco cigarettes are annoying.

So, if you smoke, switch to vapor for V-Day this year; your nonsmoking lover will thank you! Surprise them, and watch their eyes light up! Nothing says you care quite like taking better care of yourself and/or doing something on behalf of your partner to make their life a little more comfortable; because they’ve loved you enough to put up with your smoke this long! Switching to e-cigs will benefit you both, trust us on this!

Now, if your partner is the tobacco user among the two of you, what could make a hotter Valentine’s Day gift than a loaded South Beach Smoke starter kit? Yeah, nothing. However, if you want to butter it up with a little extra thought, go for it!

So, what if the two of you are smokers and switching will make life better for both of you? Enter the South Beach Smoke Couple’s Starter Kit. This will make all of your smoke-free fantasies come true, and you won’t have to deal with sharing equipment and stealing each other’s stuff. You know what they say… Couple’s who vape together, stay together!

And, not to leave single people out of the mix, just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you won’t be looking for some action come V-Day. So if you find yourself in this boat, get down with vaping because cigarette smoke is more of a deterrent, rather than an attractor to potential partners. And, don’t forget that e-cigs make great convo starters! Just looking out for you; no one should be without love on Valentine’s Day!

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