DOW: Get Your Eleaf iCare 140 Starter Kit Now!

Looking for a great new starter kit to offer up a world of awesome options for vaping without needing a mod? Well, the Eleaf iCare 140 Starter Kit is an amazing package that gives you all the ability to have a stellar experience, without much complication. It’s straightforward, simple, and entirely enjoyable… And, as our Deal of the Week, this amazing piece of vape gear will be specially priced at 10% off starting now! This vaporizer offers excellent performance in the form of a sleek, slim vape pen, that capitalizes on its simplicity in every way. Easy and portable, it is the most handy device to have on hand at all times. Here’s more about this great Deal of the Week, and why you need it in your daily vape lineup!


Affordable and available in 5 distinctive colors (black, white, stainless steel, blue, and red), this is a vaporizer that will make vaping not only enjoyable, but incredibly fun as well. Perfect for beginners as well as experienced vapers who want a sleek, easy device, without compromising the performance capabilities, the iCare 140 is built around its powerful 650 mAh battery, allowing for extended vaping over long periods of time. It has just the right amount of power to produce incredible hits with consistently smooth vapor production throughout. Its 2ml, top-fill tank is perfectly sized for a convenient fit within the device, while allowing for a longer span of vaping before needing to fill up again. Performance-wise, this is a vape pen that will satisfy any vape newbie who wants a lot of freedom to vape with a powerful hit, with a battery that can go the distance, and a tank made to chuck the vapor generously. Think e-cig-like efficiency, manual operation, lightweight construction, and an all-in-one setup. With such great quality and vaping possible, you will not find a more versatile device; the iCare 140 does it all with style!


Among the finest features the Eleaf iCare 140 includes are the specs on the inside. Specifically, the Eleaf IC Coil heads that enable it to perform so exceptionally. These coils are quite well-known and loved throughout the industry, offering 1.1 ohms of resistance, which allow the device to produce unbelievable amounts of vapor for a device of this stature. As a result, the draws are full and strong, and the vapor is clean, thick, and wonderfully flavored. Additionally, the vaporizer includes an innovative spiral drip tip that maximizes the vapor production and flavor output, ensuring every hit is an enjoyable one. The side fire button keeps it simple while in use, allowing you plenty of comfort to casually vape away.


The Deal of the Week is officially here, and it’s a mighty fine one indeed! This marvelous work of art was made to offer a fantastic level of performance, in the most simplistic manner. With a normal price of $14.95, plus an additional 10% off for this week only, it’s a total steal! This device is an all-around, perfect-for-everyone vape, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, so we urge you to grab one while these prices are hot. Great performance, total convenience, absolute portability: this vape pen offers all the pleasures of vaping in the easiest format possible! So grab one and save; this week only!

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Celebrating Dad with the Deal of the Week!

This week’s Deal of the Week is all about Dad! In celebration and preparation for Father’s Day, we invite you to get shopping and choosing the best gifts for the dad’s in your life by hitting up our Father’s Day Gift Guide, where everything will be 10% off for this week only! Get Papa Bear what he really wants: awesome vape gear, vaporizers, and e-cigs! Because even if he’s a diehard smoker, he’s still going to benefit from having a seriously good alternative. So get shopping; you’ve got limited time to score the absolute best gifts at the best prices from South Beach Smoke!


Father’s Day allows you to take some extra time out of your busy life to celebrate your dad, or all of the dads in your life. It’s meant to offer a moment of gratitude, and giving your dad (or husband, grandfather, uncle, or brother) a gift that shows how much their dedication as a father figure means to you is an amazing gesture. And in our opinion, if this dad happens to be a smoker or vaper, there is no better way to celebrate them than by giving the gift of vape. The amount of benefits vaping can bring to one’s life is unlimited; so why not offer your papa a change for the better?


The gift of vapor has been a favorite since vaping hit the market because a cigarette habit can really affect so many people close to a smoker. Giving a gift that offers an alternative, without compromising pleasure and the enjoyment of smoking is one of the best things you can give a smoker. Even if they have had no interest in vaping; being able to try it out, risk-free, can take the pressure off. Also, it means a lot to give a gift that shows how much you care, and knowing how deadly smoking is, giving a well-thought-out incentive to vape allows you to get your message across, convey how much your dad’s health means to you, without getting all preachy.


If the lucky dad in your life is already a vaper, congrats to him! And it probably helps to know that this little fact will make shopping for him so much easier. If he currently vapes e-cigs, perhaps a new vape pen starter kit will rock his world? It’s an upgrade in performance and power, and allows him to experience the ride courtesy of you! If he already vapes with vaporizers and mods, perhaps a bundle of e-liquids will tantalize his taste buds? In the vape world, e-juice is always appreciated, and trying new flavors that have been given as gifts is extremely enjoyable!


And then for the dad who is into dry herb, the ultimate gift is a dry herb vaporizer that will enable him the most freedom and versatility imaginable! Having this kind of technology applied to herb is mind-blowing, and knowing how much most guys love gadgets, this is surely to be a gift he enjoys to the fullest! After experiencing the world of freedom to vape anywhere, without producing odor, without needing fire, being able to vape covertly whenever needed… if you really want to impress, a dry herb vaporizer is the way to go!


This week only y’all, the Deal of the Week is on, and it’s better than ever! We are celebrating all the dads out there with a fantastic sale that hooks them up for Father’s Day, and saves you some money in the meantime! So get shopping, start saving, and get your Pops something he’s really going to love and thank you for: vapor!

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Make it a Mighty Menthol Week with Our Deal of the Week!

The Deal of the Week is officially here, and we are inviting you to get really cool and tingly this week! All Menthol Cartridges are on sale at 10% off, so now is your chance to stock up and save! Cartridges are always a must have, and if menthol is your flavor, we suggest you get busy shopping! A sale like this won’t come around often, and we know how much you love to save some dough.


Menthol is a staple among those who smoke. It’s not quite peppermint, but still offers a tingly edge that provides a very pleasant sensation, while delivering an invigorating cooling effect as it goes down. It is loved for its refreshing taste – which is both a flavor and a feeling; multisensory if you will. Our menthol was designed to deliver the most crisp, clean flavor and if you are a fan of Marlboro Menthol, Kool, Newport, Salem, or other commercially-available cigarettes in menthol flavor, you will probably be highly satisfied with these cartridges.


South Beach Smoke offers menthol cartridges in a variety of different sizes, and they are, of course, available in a wide array of nicotine strengths to suit your needs. Stock up with our menthol cartridges in sets of 15, 30, or 45, and you’ll be good to go a long while.


Cartridges are already an excellent alternative to traditional cigarettes because they offer such a great amount of savings, however this week, that savings gets even better. Normally, the cost of cartridges equates to anywhere between $1.48 – $1.77 per pack of traditional cigarettes, and if you top off an added 10% to that, the savings are even more killer. Save and save again, and keep your cartridge stock ready for everything!


E-cigs may not be for every vaper, but they offer a great deal of convenience and freedom. Unlike vaporizers and mods, there is very little prep work involved to be able to enjoy the experience whenever and wherever you want. For vapers, cartridges offer the easiest way to vape without having to mess with pouring liquids and dealing with running low. Just swap them out as you use them, and you’re good to go. They are convenient, and very versatile. They are made for being on the go, and you can take them just about anywhere, and are a very effective way to ensure you can vape when you’re pressed for time. For traveling, it could not be any more efficient!


So this week, take advantage of the Deal of the Week if you’re down with menthol! South Beach Smoke menthol e-cigarette cartridges are among the very best available, and they provide all the flavor, sensation, and nicotine you could want, in the most enjoyable manner. As our Deal of the Week, we encourage you to score these goods and enjoy the feeling. This flavor and these cartridges will have you set up for a long time to come, and you’ll be vaping happily and tingly, stress-free. So get mentholated and save!

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Trouble Shooting Tips for Your Vape Pen

Is your vape functioning less than perfectly? Clogs and common errors can make vaping more of a chore than a pleasure, check out these easy to follow steps to make sure your vape pen is at peak performance.

Why is My Vape Pen Clogged?

Ugh. Clogged vape pen. The last thing you want to deal with when you have so many other things to deal with. Inconvenience, annoyance, and time-consuming, having an issue like this can be such a hassle. However, when it comes to vaping, it should be made clear that at some point, regardless of the device you use, there will be some build up that gets in the way of things as a result of e-liquid. However, lucky for you, despite it being an annoying issue, it’s not a major issue. We’re going to go into detail about the how’s and why’s of dealing with a clogged vape pen, and how to solve it. Armed with a little info and the understanding of how to take care of it, your vape pen will be vaporizing well in no time!

So, Why is Your Vape Pen Clogged?

Chances are, if your pen is clogged, it’s because of liquid buildup, and it has to be removed regularly or the device will not work properly. Your vape pen can get clogged due to all sorts of different reasons, from spitting liquid, over-filling, having the device sit too long unused, having the device stored in conditions that cause liquid to change in consistency, to just plain old regular use. Regular usage without continuous maintenance will result in clogs happening, and at the very least, hampered performance. So keep it clean and the clogs will be kept to a minimum. However, don’t be surprised or alarmed if and when they do happen; even with regular, meticulous cleaning, clogs can come about.

Cleaning Your Vape

Cleaning your vape pen, tank, and all other parts is a necessary part of vaping. If you don’t put in this minimal extra love and attention, you can expect your device, battery, atomizer, and coils to burn out way quicker as a result. Preservation is a great thing; don’t you want your vape pen to last as long as possible, while performing at top levels? Then keep it clean!

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

There are many ways to clean a vaporizer, and the end goal is to remove the funky buildup to reinstate proper running order. The basic method is to separate all the parts, and give each one a thorough cleansing. At the connection points is where buildup can accumulate and special attention needs to be paid to these areas. By separating all components, you can typically access them best. If it’s the mouthpiece of your vaporizer that is clogged, you can remove it and run water through it to dislodge anything that may be stuck, and to clear it out entirely.

Handy Tools

Some of the tools you’ll need handy are a small, soft brush like an old toothbrush, along with some cotton swabs and paper towels. As for a solvent, rubbing alcohol is generally the preferred substance for getting a vaporizer squeaky clean. You could also just use water, if you’d like. Some vapers find that it cleans just fine. It works very well to remove chunks of dried up residue, and works very well on the materials of most vaporizers for a scratch-free, non-abrasive cleaning. To use it, simply saturate a cotton swab with it, and get cleaning along all areas of connection and the mouthpiece, where clogs tend to originate. In doing this, however, be careful not to allow any of the rubbing alcohol to get into the heating section of your device. A small amount will probably cause no issues, but a larger level of alcohol can cause your battery to malfunction. So clean it up; use a little elbow grease where needed to polish it thoroughly. When you’re done, and fully satisfied with the status of your vape pen, allow all sections to dry properly, advisably overnight. Then, charge it, fill it, and vape away. And that just about sums it up!

Clogged vape pens are the result of many different causes, and the big fix is typically to give them a thorough cleansing to free up any blocks. Doing so is simple, and will ensure your vaporizer is running well once again. We suggest continuous, regular cleanings to keep things running smoothly and to prevent any excess buildup from occurring. So, keep it clean, clean it up, and vape on!

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DOW: Intelligent Vaping Ahead with the Innokin iTaste Smartbox!

Ah, the Innokin iTaste Smartbox… a wonder of an all-in-one mod. A divine Smartbox of a box mod, ready to enhance your vape life with intuitive genius and total freedom. Offering simplicity at its finest, top quality craftsmanship, and a mod that performs impeccably well with little effort, if you don’t have one yet in your arsenal, this is the week to get one! As our latest Deal of the Week, the iTaste Smartbox allows you to have a tremendous experience, at a very attractive price. So do act fast; you’ve got just one week to grab this goodie!

Whether you’re aiming for a new mod, looking for an extra mod, shopping for your first mod, or just want to experience the wonder of the iTaste Smartbox, this mod is so worth acquiring. It offers lots of features in a very simple, yet very innovative setup. The overall dimensions of the mod are perfect for stealth vaping, and the device fits snugly in the hand at 2 ¾” X 1 ⅝” X ⅞” minus the tank.

The Smartbox includes intelligent wattage control, enabling you to get the very most out of its 45W capacity. Boasting a minimum resistance of 0.4ohm, you will be able to achieve fantastic clouds and vapor production from this mod. The battery includes a three-color indicator light. Set with the mind-blowing Innokin AETHON chipset, the performance level from this small-yet-mighty mod is fantastic!

The Innokin iTaste Smartbox includes a 2.0 mL built-in iSub-V Tank, and includes excellent coil sensing technology. It is a top-filling tank, which enables you to fill it easier and faster for added convenience. It was designed to enable proper heat distribution, to avoid excess heat getting to the coil, to offer up the very best vaporization, vapor production, and incredibly smooth hits every time. Additionally, all it takes to fire this bad boy up is a single push of the activation button; no counting clicks to 5 to power it up! Powered by a single high drain 18650 battery, the Smartbox is a lightweight, powerful mod that can go through hours of use before needing to be recharged.

Furthermore, this kit is seriously decked out with the goods. It includes plenty of extras to make life more interesting, and to offer a great level of performance. In addition to the Smartbox Vaporizer and the iSub-V Tank, the kit comes with one pre-installed iSub Kanthal 0.5 ohm atomizer head along with an extra, one iSub Kanthal 1.2 ohm atomizer head, an extra set of O-rings, one Innokin tank band, and an extra-flat drip tip. Simply, it’s everything you could want!

The Deal of the Week offers uncompromising savings on amazing vape gear, and each week it’s something new and exciting. We like to mix it up to offer great savings on all sorts of things, so we encourage you to pay attention and shop smartly! Scoring deals and saving cash on some of the hottest items out there should be a goal of every vaper, and we’re here to make that an exciting reality. So get shopping, and score yourself one killer Innokin iTaste Smartbox Starter Kit, this week only!

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