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3 Legitimate Reasons Why Vaping is Outdoing Smoking

You’ve heard it all before… Why vaping is better than smoking. And whether or not its truly fact or fantasy, many of these rationales have given you more than enough reason to kick some (cigarette) butt. And since seeking social … Continue reading

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On Being Diacetyl-Free

We’re like to keep up with our reputation for quality, and avoiding certain chemicals is just part of our high-class allure. Case in point: Diacetyl. Di-a-what? Diacetyl is a rather common ingredient in certain food items, however it has no … Continue reading

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How to Answer Vape-Related Questions!

Here are some of the interesting things you’re probably going to get asked as a vaper… And how to answer them! Because humans are a curious species, and when you stand out like a maverick, using something as clever as … Continue reading

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Need a Doggone Good Reason to Switch to Vaping?

Dogs are amazing, doggone it! These four-legged bundles of unconditional love enhance the lives of most people who own them. If you don’t have a dog, or have never had one, you don’t know what you’re missing! For those of … Continue reading

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Vape On! It’s Back to College Season

Across the country, colleges and universities everywhere are reopening their doors for the back to school season. Dorms are being moved into. Textbooks are being purchased. Summer’s late mornings are making way for early rising. So, whether you are celebrating … Continue reading

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