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Delivering the Goods with Home Delivery

You like convenience, don’t you? You like when what you want and what you need gets delivered to your door without having to even think about it? You like having total freedom to vape and then go about your business … Continue reading

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The South Beach Smoke Gift Card: ‘Tis The Season And Reason why #VapeIsLife!

Did you know the holidays are fast approaching? Of course you do! And before you know it, they will be right on top of you without a moment to spare in finding that perfect gift for that special someone. That’s … Continue reading

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Love South Beach Smoke? Want to Get Rewarded? Keep Reading!

We know for South Beach Smoke customers, our products totally offer a great experience, a better option than tobacco, and tons of savings. However, are you aware of our awesome customer rewards program? That’s right; when it comes to our … Continue reading

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So, How Do You Pick an E-Liquid Flavor?

Ah, the world of e-liquids. They are plenty and many, and there are a ton of good ones, but how do you go about picking a flavor when you’re just starting out? Here’s a breakdown of what to look for … Continue reading

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E-Cigarettes: Truth or Tale

Often misleading and downright foolish, myths have the capability to go from simple word-of-mouth to published phenomena. The world of electronic cigarettes is chock-full of them, and however bogus or newsworthy, addressing such fictitious hearsay with common sense is always … Continue reading

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