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The Scary-Looking Side of Smoke

Do you smoke cigarettes? If so, you’re most likely in the know about all the ways smoking tobacco can affect the way that you look; from your hair, to your skin, to your eyes, to your teeth, the effects of … Continue reading

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Health Effects of Tobacco Cigs, and Why it Pays to Switch!

So you obviously know that traditional tobacco cigarettes are pretty bad for you, but are you aware of all the different ways they cause harm to the body? They can not only cause a myriad of different deadly diseases, which … Continue reading

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Get With South Beach Smoke Disposables!

Disposable electronic cigarettes are pretty darn wonderful; they serve numerous purposes, and allow you to have some additional freedoms if you are already using our reusable e-cigarettes. If you are a beginner, they’re also really great because they are the … Continue reading

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Looking for a Job? Quit Smoking!

Need another great reason to choose e-cigs over conventional tobacco cigs? Your job. As in, your potential, future job. As if your health, expenses, and general day to day life wouldn’t benefit enough from using alternative cigarettes, here’s why they … Continue reading

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South Beach Smoke is Changing Lives, One Customer at a Time!

It may seem crazy that a simple product can really do great things to change lives, but that’s exactly what e-cigarettes are doing. When we get e-cig testimonials from our customers, it’s the best! Knowing that our products are improving … Continue reading

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