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Top Ratings Make Us Happy!

We love getting feedback, whether it’s from our customers or industry experts, even if it is on the critical side because we know the importance of continuously improving our products. However, when we receive top ratings from top industry voices, … Continue reading

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The History of the Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are marvels of modern technology, but in actuality, they were a concept long before the 21st century. The original idea for electronic cigarette devices were first patented in 1963, by a gentleman named Herbert A. Gilbert. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading

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South Beach Smoke is Changing Lives, One Customer at a Time!

It may seem crazy that a simple product can really do great things to change lives, but that’s exactly what e-cigarettes are doing. When we get e-cig testimonials from our customers, it’s the best! Knowing that our products are improving … Continue reading

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Don’t Be a Turkey… Choose Your E-Cigarettes Wisely!

With so many brands of electronic cigarettes out there, so many sites, so many reviews, so much chatter on the forums, advice from friends, your parents, your neighbors… where is a curious smoker to begin? How do you find good, … Continue reading

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