Happy Labor Day from South Beach Smoke!

Happy Labor Day from everyone at South Beach Smoke! Labor Day Weekend is always a fun time in the USA, and it’s a pretty wonderful holiday considering it’s like a big, fat THANK YOU to everyone who have worked incredibly hard to make this country’s economy into what it is today. To us, it’s about appreciating all of you who make South Beach Smoke the awesome company that it is, and annually we honor the weekend with a fantastic sale. Because, as we all know, Labor Day all means kick ass retail sales all throughout the land, and who doesn’t love scoring big?

So with that in mind, because it’s due time we hooked you all up with a great sale, and because we are all about celebrating your hard work, laboring for our country, we are closing in on our 2016 Labor Day Sale this evening.  All weekend long, we have been offering up the goods of 20% off all e-cigarette and vaporizer accessories, along with free shipping. Can we get a hell yeah for that?

Whether you’re up for new gear for your vaporizers and mods, in need of new cases, atomizers, cartomizers, batteries, tanks, or drip tips; an extra charger or two, maybe a lanyard, we’ve got everything you need when it comes to vape accessories. Savings like these don’t come all the time, so our suggestion is to grab ‘em while you can. There is no better way to bulk up your collection than by doing so with a great amount of variety available. Plus, stocking up at a discount could not be better on your wallet!

So, we hope your Labor Day has been fantastic, and we hope whatever you’ve been up to has been great; whether you’ve been chilling with friends and family, enjoying the last weekend of summer at the beach, or hitting the jackpot at all of the Labor Day sales around town. The South Beach Smoke Labor Day sale will only be running through tonight, so remember to grab what you can during the final hours! Happy Labor Day!

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New Zealand Eyes Legalized Distribution For All E-cigarettes

To some it seems like a double-edged sword. To most, it’s the inevitable. Make no mistake about it though, New Zealand is poised to finally end its prohibition towards the sale of nicotine-included electronic cigarettes.

Kinda pointless when you think about it; give the ok to import any and all e-cigarettes for personal use, so long as they do not contain nicotine. The reasoning presented to overturning the ban is the Government’s commitment to create a smoke-free New Zealand by 2025. It begs the question: is this a mission for the people, or selfish government self-promotion?

Is this goal even possibly attainable? Simply ban tobacco, or at the very least, offer an alternative to “smoking” it, in an effort to keep people from using it?

Because the continuous misconception that vaping and smoking are one-in-the-same should not derail such a great public health commitment, right? Above all, the very reason this proposal on the table even has a chance at passing is because of the high rates of tobacco use still ongoing within the population, especially among native peoples. Vaping, with nicotine as an option, gives people an added option on the road to going smoke free; there is no tobacco involved whatsoever.

“It’s worth doing, and it’s got to be an option,” Associate Health Minister Sam Lotu-liga said. “We’ve still have high smoking rates, particularly amongst Maori and Pacific (peoples), as well as pregnant women. We’ve got to look at all the options available to us.”

And New Zealand’s decision doesn’t come without it’s fair share of concern. Like many countries struggling to persuade their own from smoking cigarettes, there is a fine line of caution when it comes to how much e-cig promotion is necessary or too much.

Then there’s that lofty ‘smokefree by 2025’ achievement hanging in the balance. Asked if he thought vaping counted as smoking and would affect reaching that goal in 9 years time, Mr. Lotu-liga said he wasn’t sure.

But he did offer this:

“Get it right and e-cigarettes will be an effective cessation device for those looking to quit smoking.”

Well played, Mr. Lotu-liga. We couldn’t agree more. E-cigarettes present options, and if your nation is aiming at a goal to get your entire smoking population to quit in less than a decade, you’re going to need them. People in general don’t take well to ultimatums.

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It’s National Watermelon Day!

Folks, summer’s in full swing, and it’s hotter than swamp-ass. That’s why today is National Watermelon Day. Surprised? Neither are we. Yet for a fruit that’s no less a vegetable, ( no seriously), it’s flavor is coveted the world over this time of year. Watermelon not just varies in color, but is measured by it’s size and consistency – much like the plumes of vapor we yearn for.

Because what is more refreshing, satisfying, enjoying, and able to cool you off better than a sweet slice of watermelon? Pretty much nothing except watermelon-flavored e-liquid… which very well may be more refreshing than actual ice-cold watermelon. However, that part is subjective. We’re partial to vaping. Anyway, if you haven’t yet, we totally suggest getting on the bandwagon today and vaping some of this refreshing flavor because it’s that darn delicious an entire national day is devoted to it.

If you aren’t yet aware, South Beach Smoke honors this day with a delectable watermelon-inspired vape juice: Watermelon Wave E-liquid (30ml). This liquid produces the most deliciously refreshing, fruity, sweet-tinged clouds of vapor that dance across your tastebuds with endless wavelength enjoyment. Its sweetness gets complimented by its refreshing ability to satisfy on the hottest of days, while never disappointing with a lack of complex flavor! This surely is a one-of-a-kind vape.

If you want even further diversity, don’t forget that custom blending is always an option, and if you want a more adventurous version than straight-up watermelon, try some of our watermelon blends. Some of the best are: Watermelon Zest Candy Crush, Watermelon Chill, and Juicy Fruit.   Just as refreshing with that rejuvenating wave of watermelon flavor, don’t underestimate the power of watermelon to perfectly enhance other flavors. From bright, fruity strawberry, to cool icy menthol; watermelon is the flavor of the day, even when blended.

So kick back and enjoy anytime, or anywhere; nothing makes the dog days of summer more delicious than watermelon, any way you slice or vape it! Happy National Watermelon Day!

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E-Cigarettes: Truth or Tale

Often misleading and downright foolish, myths have the capability to go from simple word-of-mouth to published phenomena. The world of electronic cigarettes is chock-full of them, and however bogus or newsworthy, addressing such fictitious hearsay with common sense is always best when proving fact from fiction. That said, here are a few tall tales of mod-ified vapor mythology and the truths which counter them.

Tale – E-cigarettes may be more addictive than tobacco cigarettes.

Truth – Since the FDA states nicotine levels contained within e-liquid differs from the amounts advertised, it was assumed users were inhaling more nicotine than what is contained in tobacco, thus becoming more addicted. However, independent studies concluded that nicotine dispensed when vaping is not as concentrated compared smoking regular cigarettes. Conclusion: Less nicotine equals less dependence, simple as that.

Tale – If e-cigarettes were banned, tobacco smokers who switched to vaping would seek the help of smoking aids such as gum/patches, or quit altogether.

Truth – For those who go “cold turkey,” you are the success story many hope to be. As for the rest of us, smoking aids such as nicotine replacement therapy was THE option, before e-cigarettes. Yes, NRTs have been successful, but the success rate has been historically minimal at best and the rate in which people use them to curb their nicotine dependency is even worse. In a recent poll of roughly 1,000 participants who were asked if they would consider NRTs or quit cold turkey, less than 20% said yes. No bueno.

Tale – Antifreeze is among the chemical components found in E-cigarettes.

Truth – Nice try! Yes the FDA claims e-liquid contains diethylene glycol, however results from independent lab tests found no trace of the toxic chemical used in antifreeze. Propylene glycol, on the other hand, is an ingredient deemed safe for humans to consume by the FDA, and is found in both e-cig juice and antifreeze, as well as some common food items such as salad dressing. Antifreeze contains propylene glycol in the event it is swallowed to make it less harmful.

Tale – Like cigarette smoke, secondhand vapor poses risks to bystanders.

Truth – Nonsense. E-cigarettes contain a minute fraction of the toxins widely known to be found in cigarettes. Also, the carcinogens inhaled when smoking cigarettes are virtually nonexistent in e-cigs, not to mention the “side-stream” of smoke from a lit cigarette which anyone can breath in. And as stated previously, the amount of nicotine absorbed when vaping is far less potent than that of smoking, rendering this tale false. E-cig vapor has been proven to dissipate in seconds upon exhalation as well, leaving virtually no trace.

Tale – Adolescents and teenagers are susceptible to electronic cigarettes.

Truth – Realistically, anyone’s “susceptible.” Yet where underage sales are concerned, and trust that’s a BIG concern, most electronic cigarette vendors, both physical and online, have implemented very stringent policies. Nothing’s foolproof, and teenagers are a notoriously curious lot, however the industry is extremely careful in marketing efforts, and aiming to keep minors away from the products.

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Pokemon GO: More Than A Vape and A Stroll…

We get it…

Pokemon Go has overtaken any reasonably sane existence once thought possible. Even for us level-headed, hard working, highly responsible, ultra mature adults. This rad game is not just for kids, and it’s the most fun, addictive game in the history of ever.

The game, which instantly garnered worldwide smash-hit-status, has everyone burning major holes through data plans and vape mods alike. Because what could be better than strolling along, chasing some imaginary pocket monsters, and enjoying a vape while you’re at it?

In such a relatively short amount of time, not only has a game that seems more like “Where’s Waldo” crossed with Japanime and played on a technologically-altered GPS system become all the rage, so has playing it while vaporizing your favorite e-juice. And why not? What better way to enlighten a typical power-walk or mundane evening stroll than searching for imaginary creatures AND enjoying a good vape?

Seriously. For those of you still so yesterday as to the magnitude of this overnight phenomena, Pokemon Go is so huge right now it actually gives Twitter a run for its virtual money as far as daily active Android users go.

Based on the ‘90’s trading card game and TV show characters you once obsessed over but live in denial about now, the franchise’s newest endeavor into the mobile realm has devised an even more ingenious way to commandeer your attention span as well as your smartphone. In a nutshell, Pokemon Go uses your phone’s time and location capabilities to identify when and where you are in the game and thus making Pokemon “appear” (hint – on your phone) around you, so you can catch them. As you continue moving around, more types of Pokemon will appear depending on where you are and what time it is. The idea is to encourage the otherwise unmotivated to get off their asses and venture into the (real) world, while catching Pokemon in the game. Brilliant, is it not?

And thanks to the trailblazers of the vape community, Pokemon Go and vaping have enabled taking a nice long walk to align in unconventional harmony. It’s like your very own wandering moment of zen, personalized and vaporized!

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