Happy Mardi Gras from South Beach Smoke!

Today is Mardi Gras, or Carnival/ Carnaval depending on the part of the world you’re in, and it means one thing: PARTYING! Costumes, King Cake, masquerades, parades, floats, and getting one’s sins out as vibrantly as possible are all in the game of this hedonistic holiday, and throughout the world, people are taking full advantage of the celebration as fully as they can. While we aren’t located in one of the holiday’s more fabulous locales like New Orleans or Rio de Janeiro to be living it up with the throngs of party-goers, we are still celebrating with our own type of revelry: a sitewide sale!

While we’re sure the parties are amazing, along with the dancing, music, drinking, and everything else going down, our sale is equally so! So until tonight at 11:59 EST, you’ve got the chance to score 15% off sitewide along with FREE SHIPPING! How does that sound? Worth celebrating, for sure!

Perhaps you want to score some great new vaporizers; we recently added an enormous selection to our site, and we’re sure you could benefit from these highly innovative devices! We also have one of the largest collections of e-liquids anywhere, so if you’re looking for new flavors to experience, look no further! And how about vape pens? Feeling the need to try something new, maybe upgrade your vaping to a more advanced level? Well, again, we’ve got everything you need to keep your vape life exciting.

So whether you’re enjoying the celebrations in New Orleans or elsewhere, we suggest you take a few minutes out of the fun to score some of the excitement South Beach Smoke has going down on our site. 15% off sitewide is certainly something to get wild over, and remember, when the clock strikes 12 (midnight), it’s over! Enjoy the free shipping while it lasts as well! Happy Mardi Gras from everyone at South Beach Smoke!

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Need a Little Change in Your Life? Fresh New Vape Mods Are Here!

More than month into 2017, and the goodies just keep on coming? That’s right y’all! In case you haven’t heard, South Beach Smoke has just unleashed a slew of new mod vaporizers, in addition to a whole range of other amazingness, for your cloud-creating enjoyment. So our suggestion is to get on with the shopping, because our new lineup will leave you very happy. If you’ve needed a new vape, this is the one-stop shop!

What stands out about these new pocket-plumers, are their enhancements with regards to power, performance and of course battery life. These latest devices have been well thought out, providing ergonomic design and better ease of use, giving anyone who enjoys a good juice an even more enjoyable vape experience.

So, why use a high-tech mod vaporizer? Aligned with improved battery life is both performance and power. Truth be told, one ceases to exist without the other, especially when killing their power source. Instead, the coexistence of power, performance and battery life is and forever will be the ultimate goal, and this new lineup of vaporizers are indeed next level in achieving that trifecta. We aim to please, so do experience them for yourself!

An then, perhaps, the single most important kicker in the equation – affordability.

No one in their right mind would ever pay an arm and a leg for mediocre vaping devices, and we definitely don’t expect you to with us. That’s why South Beach Smoke offers all the latest, most advanced vaporizers on the market at prices even your grandparents could appreciate. And they are all offered as starter kits, meaning they come action-packed with all the accessories necessary to have yourself a damn good time.

Whether new to the vaping game or a seasoned fogger, vaporizers are a great go-to option. They offer a style that’s compact when on the move and for when you want to keep your carry-ons to a minimum. Not only do we have quite the selection of devices in all shapes and sizes, but a number of big-time brands have joined in to make this class of 2017 the best yet!

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MAX VG E-Liquids Are Here! Get Ready for the Clouds!

As it has always been our aim to focus on a steady stream of innovation and staying in line with what our customers ultimately want, we have taken the plunge into carrying an even more diverse range of liquids with our newest release: MAX VG E-Liquids! Cloud chasers rejoice; these juices are unreal, and have been designed to bring you the best in ferocious flavor and maximum cloud production. For advanced users who want the very best performance, get ready for the action!

So, what is it like using our new line? Well, the flavors are amazing and still available in our massive array, however each individual flavor, you will see, are even more intense. VG, which stands for vegetable glycerin, imparts a very silky-smooth texture to vapor, and you will experience a denser hit. For using with RDA’s and working with complex coils, you can expect the performance to be incredible. If you’re into doing tricks, these juices were literally made for you!

As far as consistency goes, Max VG e-liquids contain less PG than the quantity of VG because these liquids are made for getting the best clouds. If you’re after the most powerful, hard-hitting throat hit, you may not be pleased with max VG; you probably need a juice that’s heavier on the PG, but if you’re after smoothness and mega cloud action, you will want to get these into your tanks ASAP. Everyone’s got their preferences, and we’re always all about encouraging everyone to try everything to get an idea about your options, however it’s important to know what each type does ahead of time to make the best choices. If you vape Max VG liquids expecting a stinging throat hit, you’re going to be disappointed. If you try a standard vape juice expecting massive clouds and huge amounts of vapor production, you may end up bummed. Hence why we’re educating you; you gotta know your options!

Cloud chasers typically use very advanced devices, such as sub ohm tanks, mods, and RDA’s, and accordingly, go after Max VG liquids. Additionally, some people have sensitivities to PG and prefer liquids with a much greater concentration of VG, as it is known to have a gentler effect.

For beginner vapers, it is very common to start off vaping with e-liquids that consist of a blend of 50/50 PG to VG, as it is known to work best in simpler devices and tanks. In such devices, having a solid amount of PG is often necessary because the effort it takes to get the flavor to be full is hard enough, that with the help of the PG, the flavor comes through better. Also for recently-switched smokers, having that extra PG can be a big deal because it really does add a powerful component for a solid hit that makes a huge difference. When vaping with sub ohm devices, on the other hand, it’s a bit different because they are designed to produce the most intense flavor, and to work more effectively with high VG levels.

One of the most amazing things about the vape industry is the amount of innovation and evolution that is happening constantly. Great leaps are occurring seemingly daily, and with the advent of sub-ohm vaping, things will never be the same; it’s simply incredible! If you’re taking advantage of this phenomenal new method, you know that MAX VG e-liquids are the new “it” juice, and with the huge clouds and intense flavors, they are not going anywhere! To continue our mission of serving our fans and customers, we’ve been releasing a variety of different sub ohm devices, and we really hope you’re up for experiencing this whole new world within the vape industry!

Like all South Beach Smoke juices, our new line of Max VG E-Liquids are entirely, 100% USA-made. They all originate labs that are registered with the FDA, to ensure that you know where they come from, and so that you can be assured knowing you’re fully aware of what you’re getting. Always Diacetyl and AP-free (Acetyl Propionyl), and developed with exclusively top-rated Glycerin and Nicotine, plus Kosher-Grade ingredients, we are always committed to carrying the very best. Our bottles are child-resistant, for additional security and peace of mind. We invite you to experience this mind-blowing new experience with South Beach Smoke’s new Max VG e-liquids! Get them here!

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Everything You Need to Know About Sub Ohm Vaping

In the eyes of a new vaper, the term “sub ohm vaping” could draw a bit of confusion, could be seen as gibberish, or some futuristic term only used by the most elite vapers in the world.  Although sub ohm vaping used to be a term only in the advanced vapers vocabulary, it’s not used more loosely by the majority of vapers around the world.  The reason for this is because the market has transformed into something different from what it was in the earlier days, and the act of sub ohm vaping started becoming more common, which was all due to the fact that these manufacturers began designing their products based on -what most simply know it as- sub ohming.  But, what is sub ohm vaping, is it still this elite term used by only the advanced, or has it turned into the standard?  Find out in the what is sub ohm vaping blog entry where we explain what sub ohm vaping is, how it works, along with the advantages and disadvantages that follow along with it.

What Is Sub Ohm Vaping? 

Simply put, sub ohm vaping is when you use a coil with a resistance below 1.0 ohm.  When your atomizer coil produces a resistance below 1.0 ohm, you’re in what’s called sub ohm, meaning below an ohm.  Instead of moving forward or above in resistance, you’ve went backwards or below in resistance.  Any time your atomizer has a resistance below this 1.0 ohm, then you’re technically sub ohm vaping.

How Does Sub Ohm Vaping Work? 

When trying to understand what sub ohm vaping means, it’s simple as placing the two terms together.  The term “Sub” means below, while “Ohm” is an electrical measure in resistance used to define the ohm of a coil.  When Sub is placed in front of Ohm, this indicates the coil is below the standard or below a positive resistance.  A coil with a positive resistance begins at 1.0 ohm, and to be classified as a sub ohm coil, the coil would need to be below 1.0 ohm.  With that said, any coil that is below 1.0 ohm is considered sub ohm vaping.  What’s made sub ohm vaping so popular over the years has been due to its ability to allow users to increase the wattage output, meaning more power is applied to a coil with a substantial lower resistance.  The coils that offer these lower resistances are typically complex and have a lengthy ramp up time, so more power can be applied to them, along with giving the user the ability to take longer draws.  If you put two-and-two together, you can easily determine the outcome — a higher power output and longer draws will equal more vapor.

How Did Sub Ohm Vaping Start? 

When sub ohm vaping first started, vapers would be forced to use mechanical mods only, as these types of devices presented no limitations.  Being that the mechanical mod didn’t rely on a chip or no internal circuitry, there were no safety features equipped for the user, which posed a red flag.  At this time, sub ohm vaping wasn’t popular or trendy, and surely wasn’t the norm.  The reason for this is because manufacturers care for the safety of the people using its products, so sub ohm coils were very scarce, if even heard of by many.

As the market began to evolve and the hunt for larger clouds became something of interest to consumers, manufacturers then started creating regulated mods that were not only equipped with safety features, but also gave the ability to use lower resistance coils.  As you would expect, over time those minimum resistance offerings got lower and lower.

In today’s era, sub ohm vaping is easily achieved, as there are a plethora of tanks and mods designed specifically for sub ohm vaping.  It’s as easy as ordering a sub ohm tank and combining it with a regulated vape mod that accepts atomizer resistances below 1.0 ohm.

The Advantages of Sub Ohm Vaping 

There are many advantages to sub ohm vaping, which are the very reasons why sub ohming became such a big hit in the world of vaporizers.  The question is though, what exact advantages are there to sub ohm vaping.  We’ve prepared a small list for you to look at and compare the advantages to the disadvantages.

  • Provides a More Enjoyable Experience
  • Achieve a Better Flavor Production
  • Produces a Larger Volume of Vapor
  • Have Access to More Product Options

The Disadvantages of Sub Ohm Vaping

While there are several advantages that make sub ohm vaping tempting, there are just as many disadvantages to sub ohm vaping.  It’s up to you if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.  Either way, we’ve taken the time to prepare a small list for you to look at and compare the disadvantages to the advantages.

  • Uses More E-Liquid
  • Drains Batteries at a Faster Pace
  • Sub Ohm Products are Slightly More Expensive
  • Sub Ohming Poses a Higher Risk

Our Conclusion

Depending on where you are in your journey, sub ohm vaping may not be for you. However, anyone can try it, and if you feel you’d like to try it, we’re here for you! We’ve recently revamped our product offering to provide sub ohm vaping and traditional vaping/electronic cigarettes. Check out our Vaporizers and Accessories page to see all of our new items!

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South Beach Smoke Now Offers the Top Brands in Vaping!

Serving the vaping industry since 2009, we here at South Beach Smoke have been delivering you the highest rated, and most respected and trusted brand for years.  We quickly gained a solid track record amongst vapers while the industry was still in our infancy, even being featured in publications such as the New York Post, OK Magazine, MTV, and InTouch Magazine. We boast an online retail store and 60 brick & mortar vendors worldwide, where they house several different premium vape products, such as South Beach Smoke Starter Kits, Express Kits, Disposable Kits, the popular Air Advanced Electronic Cigarette, along with a hefty selection of e-liquid offerings that allows you, our customers, to create your own perfect e-liquid with over 30,000 possible flavor combinations.


There’s no doubt we’ve dedicated ourselves to excellence in our manufacturing of electronic cigarettes, but now we’re undergoing an inventory overhaul that will allow us to offer a more diverse selection of products, which all will be catering to Mouth-to-Lung vapers for a larger variety and selection.  Within the last few years, the industry has taken a massive shift in trending products, and we certainly recognize those current trends.  Though we’re known to produce some of the best products in the industry badged with the South Beach Smoke branding, we want to offer customers the largest variety possible and from some of the most recognized manufacturers within the industry, such as brands like Smok, Tesla, Eleaf, Joyetech, Kanger, and more.


With this new inventory overhaul, you can expect some of the most popular products on the market, including Eleaf’s compact iJust S Kit, Kanger’s high performance SubVod Kit, Smok’s quality Stick One Basic Kit, the advanced Innokin iTaste SmartBox, and many more.  We’re also focusing greatly on our atomizer and tank selection as well, which includes products like the Innokin Axiom Tank, the Sense Herakles Weirdo Tank, the Uwell Crown 2 Tank, and 70 other high performance products to choose from!


Though products like the Tesla Stealth 40W Starter Kit, the Smok TFV4 Tank Kit, and Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80W Kit are geared towards those looking for an extreme performance to increase flavor and vapor production, we designed this inventory overhaul with precision, offering such a diverse selection of products that any vaper, no matter the experience level, can find a high quality and great performing product by some of the most recognized brands on the market.  And, it shows with products like the new MyVapors MyJet Express Kit, the Eleaf iCare Mini Kit, and several others that will reach a specific vaping audience.


Along with great attention to vape pens, vape mods, atomizers and vape tanks, we’re quite aware that with every device must come a battery to power them, so our accessory selection is in included in this massive overhaul.  Expect some of the most trusted and best performing batteries on the market, like the highly popular LG HG2 18650 3000mAh 20A Battery, the LG HE4 18650 2500mAh 35A Battery, the Sony VTC6 18650 3000mAh 20A Battery, and many more.  As you’re aware, with great batteries must come great chargers, so we have also added a selection of charging devices, including the Efest LUC V2 Charger, the Efest LUC V4 Charger, as well as Micro-USB Chargers and Wall Adapters.


With great attention to our customers and the products we can offer you, we here at South Beach Smoke remain to hold our customers on a rising pedestal, and this massive inventory overhaul is just another example of how we continue to be vapers’ number one choice when shopping for electronic cigarettes and vaping gear. Check out our new vaporizers and accessories today!

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