Lets Talk About E-Liquid

There’s a lot of talk about e-liquids these days, as using them in electronic cigarettes has gotten to be quite popular. Here are some do’s and don’ts regarding using them, in hopes of making sure you understand the truth about them! Rumors are one thing, however thousands of people wouldn’t be using them if they weren’t seeing satisfying results. So, here is a look at e-liquids, and what you need to know about using them when vaping!


-DO: Know where your e-liquids are coming from, research the company behind them, and refrain from randomly choose from some website without looking further in.

- DO: Find out where (as in what country) your e-liquids are made in. I’m not just being patriotic when I say USA-made are the best; it’s about quality standards and maintaining the purity of them!

-DO: Follow the explicit instructions from your e-cigarette company regarding usage; this is so, so, so important!

-DO: Understand regulations. There are no regulations on e-cigarettes and e-liquids at this time, however not all companies are flying under the radar. Our e-liquids are (powered by VaporZone) manufactured in a lab registered with the FDA, all formulas are on file with the FDA, and we are upfront about all standards and quality assurances that concern the e-liquids we sell.


- DON’T: Touch e-liquids with your bare hands or any exposed skin; they are designed for inhalation, and not to come into contact with your skin.

- DON’T: Allow anyone under the age of 18 near your e-liquids, they are intended for use by responsible adults, only. Children should be made aware that they are for adult usage, and that messing with them can result in negative situations.

- DON’T: Believe everything you hear. The more you know, the more confidence you will have concerning e-liquids, where they come from, and about the company selling them.

When it comes to e-liquids, it really pays to use common sense, and do your research. South Beach Smoke e-liquids are top of the line, and we are confident in the quality of them. Should you have further questions regarding e-liquid, please do not hesitate to contact us with questions!

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Get Ready to be Rewarded!

South Beach Smoke wants you! One the leading innovators at the forefront of the electronic cigarette movement, we continue to set the standard for quality and excellence. And since you’ve supported us thus far, helped us grow into the huge company we are, and continue to fuel our fire in expanding in new, innovative directions, what could be better than to share the love? So without further ado, we introduce to you South Beach Smoke SOBE Rewards!

This awesome “rewards program” rewards you, the loyal customer, for every dollar you spend with us, allowing you to earn as much as you spend. Here’s the catch: for every penny you drop on any of South Beach Smoke’s amazing products, you will earn points. For joining our Home Delivery you get points. Like us on Facebook, you earn points. Follow us on Twitter, you get points. On your Birthday you get points; get the picture? Once you spend $200 with us, you get $20 towards future South Beach Smoke purchases; which comes out to 10% back! There’s no limit to how much you can earn, and your earnings never expire, giving you all the more reasons to perk a smile while you vape! We know getting cash back is a pretty hot commodity and of course, we like to keep things interesting. But most of all, we know you deserve to be rewarded for your loyalty!

Enrollment is automatic; just by being a customer you will begin earning points. It’s free, simple, and requires no extra effort from you.

So we are out to make things worth your while! You, the diehard, the faithful and the most loyal… You deserve to be rewarded for shopping with us, Liking Us, Following Us, and simply being a part of the family. The South Beach Smoke SOBE Rewards Program is just one more way we want you to enjoy the benefits of choosing South Beach Smoke! Happy shopping, happy vaping, and happy points-earning everyone!

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Using the Air: How to Choose a Flavor

With the launch of the South Beach Smoke Air, we launched a massively large collection of e-liquids and flavors. So if the Air has become your new model of choice, you may be wondering how to choose when you’ve got so many delicious options. Here is a guide to make it a little easier, and just keep in mind, there is no reason to settle for just one! A single 30ml bottle of e-liquid will last about a week, with normal use, so having a personal selection of a few different options will benefit you in the long run!

What do you like?

Ask yourself this important question. Tobacco? Menthol? Watermelon-Peach-Mango? Your options are no longer limited to the categories of tobacco and menthol, however even if they are, you’ve got unlimited choices there too! If you are new to e-smoking, you will be amazed at the new world that awaits you in the ways of flavors; there are so many of them! So, the first thing is to figure out what you like.

Think about proportions:

Our liquids are sold singly, in double shots, with as many as three flavors in a custom blend. For instance, one of our most popular blends is the Godfather blend, a combination of a single shot of Top Shelf Bourbon and a single shot of Amaretto. If you wanted this flavor, but with a deeper note of the bourbon, you could have it blended with a single shot of Amaretto and a double shot of Bourbon. And this basic rule goes for all of our flavors and e-liquid custom blends. If you can think it, we can do it!

Get out of the box:

That’s kind of our basis on a general level, but we really believe in going for the extraordinary. Don’t limit yourself to certain flavors, and allow yourself an open mind to try new experiences with flavor. We wouldn’t brag about offering 30,000 different combinations if it weren’t an exciting concept put into action!

Take your vaping to new heights, and experience the pleasure! We hope this has been helpful in giving you some guidance, your satisfaction is our aim!

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How to Choose an E-Cig

Options, options, options! When it comes to electronic cigarettes, there are endless options, and you may be wondering how to choose which kind you want. South Beach Smoke offers a well rounded selection, and if you are wondering which type will fit you best, read on! Hopefully you’ll get the details you need to make up your mind, or figure out which kinds will work for you at different moments; all three types may fit your style!

Batteries: Manual or Auto?

Our original SuperMax batteries are made to resemble traditional cigarettes. They look very similar, and have a very similar feel to them. They are portable, and require very little effort. Available in two sizes and two switch styles, Manual and Automatic, you get to decide whether you want to push a button while vaping (Manual) or have a battery that activates when you puff on it (Automatic). Manual batteries typically give a greater sense of control, however Automatics tend to last longer and are simpler to use.


Vaporizers, such as the South Beach Smoke Air have become very popular as of late, because e-cigarette users enjoy the greater performance capabilities and how many more options they have with these advanced devices. They look nothing like traditional cigarettes, tend to be larger, work with e-liquids for limitless flavor choices, and they have the ability to last a full day on a single charge.


Our line of e-cigarette disposables are made to be very similar to our original batteries, mimicking the look of traditional cigarettes. They are the simplest, easiest electronic cigarettes on the market and require entirely no effort from the user. In fact, they are even easier than traditional cigs! To use them, simply open the package and start vaping; no set up, no charging, no changing cartridges, filling liquids, or adjusting any parts involved. Each one lasts about the length of two packages of tobacco cigarettes, and when it is through, you toss it. The downside to these is that they are more costly than using reusable e-cigs, and they come in a very limited selection of flavors.

When it comes to vaping, you’ve got a great variety of choices, and with a little investigation, you can find the perfect model for your style of smoking! Whether you’re looking for the right one, or will try all three, we’re sure we’ve got something to fit you!

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Happy Daylight Savings Time!

This week kicked off the return of Daylight Savings Time, and we say bring on the longer days! With more time in a day to enjoy vaping, here are some awesome ways to celebrate the extended amounts of daylight and we highly encourage you to do so with your e-cigs!

Concerts & Festivals: Festival season has officially been kicked off with SXSW happening at this very moment. Electronic cigarettes are hot accessories at festivals, and SXSW even features a vaping tent! We are all for responsible e-cigarette use, and it’s great to know when you are enjoying the festivities with thousands of other people, you won’t be offending anyone with cigarette smoke. Concerts and festivals are tons of fun, and definitely more so when you’ve got your vapor!

Outdoorsy Pursuits: Longer days and springtime weather mean it’s time to end the cabin fever and get outdoors. Wherever you may live, there are things to do outside, whether it’s taking long bike rides, hitting your local parks, the beach, or enjoying your local environment, take your e-cigs with you!

Travel: Nicer weather and longer days can make for great travel conditions. If you’re going to be traveling, the present time is perfect! Tobacco cigarettes make lame travel partners; enjoy the journey as much as the destination by using electronic.

Hanging Out with Friends: Parties happen, and longer days can make for great scenes. Social settings and getting together in groups of people can be uncomfortable if you’re puffing away on your cigarettes; for others if they have an aversion to the smoke, and yourself if you’re self conscious about annoying people. Why not keep everyone pleased with scentless, smokeless vapor cigs? You get the nicotine you crave, and no one gets offended!

Daylight Savings Time is one of the best parts of winter coming to an end. Longer days give us more time to pursue fun, and it’s always better when vaping! So grab your e-cigarettes Here’s to the next 8 months of daylight!


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