Celebrity Vapor

Because it’s been awhile since the last time we did a celeb feature, here ya go! Here’s the latest list on all the A-listers who have been seen out and about puffing along, repping the vapelife! It’s due time, because if there is one thing that makes the vape world happy, it’s seeing famed folk enjoying the smoke-free life, loud, proud, and in the spotlight.

Norman Reedus

Heartthrob extraordinaire, zombie-killing machine, and vaper. Oh, Norman, could you be any more awesome? The longtime smoker with a certain rebellious streak has been recently seen vaping, flaunting his vaporizer, and actually shopping for e-juice in person. Nothing wrong with replacing an old habit with a modern, new method, especially when it’s smoke and odor free!

Dave Grohl

Rock royalty and vaper; Dave Grohl has made it clear throughout his extensive career that he simply, rocks! Recently, he was spotted doing a little shopping in a Canadian vape shop grabbing some new vape gear.

Dave Navarro

Another rock ‘n roll icon, Dave Navarro, has also switched to vapor smoking! He has been pretty outspoken about his enjoyment of the vape, and openly discussed his decision to quit smoking, which he described as harder to give up than heroin. Well, we are certainly pleased that e-smoking helped him along the way, and are even more happy for him for gaining total control over his smoking (and life), and even managing to halt his nicotine intake!

Katy Perry

Pop princess Katy Perry enjoys singing about kissing girls, and offering reasons why Cali is the place to be, however, we are totally more interested in her vaporizer action. Cute and sassy, her message is even more fun when she’s got a vape in hand.

Other notable recent celeb action includes John Cusack, Jack Black, Aidan Turner, Laura Prepon, and of course, one of our very favorite environmentalists and proud vaping connoisseurs, Leonardo DiCaprio!

Ah, vaping. Smoking has gotten so much more interesting since things have gone in this direction. We’re always thrilled to know how vapor positively impacts the lives of anyone who has switched, and celebs only reaffirm how awesome the #vapelife is!

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Starter Kits are ON SALE!

e-cigarette saleStarter kits: they’re kinda like the point of entry into the world of the vape, especially if we’re talking about our basic (non-vaporizer) line of e-cigs. Surely, you know someone who is a smoker who’s thinking about making the plunge into the world of vapor, don’t ya? If you’ve made the switch, you probably get asked all the time about why you made this decision, and how it’s working out for you. And if you’re in the contemplation phase, where you’re considering switching to vapor, but have been prolonging the plunge, there’s no better time than right now to go forth with it!

Currently, all South Beach Smoke starter kits are on sale, and these price drops are steep; seriously up to 75% off! So, if you’re looking to switch, or have made the switch and want to stock up on the goods, or you’d like to change someone’s life for the better by introducing them to the freedom and pleasures of vapor, this is the perfect time to score a starter kit on sale!

These kits are awesome. Having been fan faves since the beginning of (e-cig) time, they offer the total smoke-free smoking experience, in a convenient, easy to use, super stylish package. And for these prices, ranging from $19.99 for the Deluxe Starter Kit, which is a seriously packed basic kit, to $53.75 for our all-out, fully-loaded, no-holds-barred accessory-packed Deluxe Ultimate starter kit, this is pretty much as good as it gets. I mean, come on! Even the exceptionally functional, mutually-pleasurable Deluxe Couple’s Kit Combo is going for $43.99, which is a great deal that takes care of two of you, so there’ll be no squabbling over having to share the fun!

With the popularity of clouds and vapor on the rise, and the smell of tobacco getting staler than 3-day old smoke, switching to vapor could not be any more popular! Grab a super rad South Beach Smoke starter kit, whether for yourself or someone equally deserving, and save some $ big time!

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FDA Announces E-Cigarette Regulations

Yesterday, May 5, 2016, the federal government announced their long-awaited regulations regarding electronic cigarettes, and all related products. Much to the dismay of the vapor industry, the FDA has decided they are set on classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products, which is a major cause for concern. Despite this being incredibly breaking news for the industry as a whole, we have been preparing for this day since 2013, as that was when these regulations first came into discussion.

Along these same lines, what we are requesting of the industry as a whole is unity, because this type of legislation has the potential to affect us all. These tobacco deeming regulations have the ability to negatively impact countless small businesses, which have taken root as a result of the innovations of these life-changing products. The industry as a whole is asking that all people who are a part of this community of vapers sign a petition, pleading to the White House and Congress for an overturn of the FDA’s wholly biased classification of e-cigarettes as tobacco. As members of the vapor products industry, it is imperative that we make our voices heard to the White House and Congress, because legislation such as this is more harmful than precautionary.

In the UK, evidence and research have amounted to e-cigarettes becoming regulated as legitimate cessation devices, with physicians now being legally permitted to recommend them to patients as a method they can use to stop smoking with. Why the FDA fails to recognize the difference between these products, and continues to claim that e-cigarettes are reversing the progress made by the anti-tobacco movement is completely confounding.

As we all know, electronic cigarettes are NOT tobacco products; they do not contain tobacco, and they contain only a minimal amount of ingredients, making them a far cry from what is contained within tobacco cigarettes.

As a leader and a pioneer brand in this industry, we want to make it clear that South Beach Smoke is here for our loyal customers, who have helped build this amazing, life-changing, empowering industry into what it is today. We have every intention of continuing to serve you, as our customers, for the long-term future ahead. Let’s get these misaligned classifications overturned!

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Study: Vapor Does Not Compromise Indoor Air Quality

The continuous battle on whether vaping indoors is safe or not has been challenged by a study lead by Fontem Ventures, a company that owns two e-cigarette brands, and executed by three research institutes: EMPA Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology,  Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania, and ETH Zurich the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This study on e-liquid vapor was presented at a conference dedicated to the research of indoor air quality in Barcelona, Spain. What is especially poignant about this particular study, is that it was the first of its kind, in examining how e-cigarette vapor reacts once exhaled into the environment. It opens new channels of discussion, and has the potential to play a huge role in how vapor is regarded.

The purpose of the study was to test the air quality when affected by vaping, to determine the level of risk bystanders and non-vapers face when exposed to exhaled vapor. What the study found was that the particles of e-liquid vapor, upon exhalation, dissipate in mere seconds, rendering an extremely low risk to those in proximity to vapor once it has been exhaled.

Furthermore, additional findings from this research show that air quality is not impacted in any negative manner once vapor has been exhaled. This was determined after the air quality of different rooms with and without ventilation systems were tested. One of the most important findings from this study is the amount of attention focused on testing the “second-hand vapor” theory. What was most significant about these results were that though exhaled vapor contains a highly concentrated amount of particulates immediately after exhalation, in just seconds the aerosoles dissipate to the same amount as background levels.

As discussed by Dr. Michael Siegel, a professor from the Boston University School of Public Health: “This means that the particulate matter does not accumulate, unlike tobacco smoke, which we know lingers in the air causing the concentration to build up over time. The importance of this is that a non-vaper’s exposure to the aerosol particles appears to be fleeting, lasting only a few seconds per puff of the vaper. This study adds to the evidence that vaping poses minimal risks to exposed bystanders.”

What this data inherently proves is that electronic cigarettes and tobacco products cannot be compared, as they are entirely different products, with exasperatingly different results and effects. This study shows how greatly different e-cig vapor and tobacco smoke are once exhaled, and makes a case for the many inherent differences between vapor and tobacco.

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Committee Passes Amendment to Safeguard Vapor Industry!

This Tuesday, the House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment aimed at safeguarding the vast majority of electronic cigarette and vapor-related products from being negatively impacted by the Tobacco Deeming Regulations, which are set to expire this year, and were predicted to have a devastating effect on the vapor industry.

The amendment was proposed by GOP Rep. Tom Cole and Democrat Rep. Sanford Bishop, and it passed by a great majority of 31 – 19, to the disappointment of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Democratic National Committee Chair, who opposed it. This amendment is not about pleasing one political party over the other, however; quite the contrary. This industry is comprised of ex-smokers from all walks of life, different ages, different lifestyles, etc. What everyone in the e-cigarette industry has been asking for is regulation that makes sense, protects underage people from access to these products, and standards of quality that will guarantee safety. This amendment will help protect the industry from regulations that have no place governing it because these products did not even exist on this level when the Tobacco Deeming Regulations originally went into effect.

The electronic cigarette industry as a whole has been considerably relieved that such action has taken place, and that our political leaders from both parties are understanding how important proper and fair regulation is. While the amendment has not been officially passed as law, we are one step closer.

The Tobacco Deeming Regulations are set to be announced in the coming months, and the industry as a whole has waited with intense anticipation for what it will mean for the future of vaping. The date of these regulations dates back to 2007, and regulations regarding all electronic cigarette products that hit the market afterwards were expected to undergo an extensive, and extremely expensive application process. Called the Premarket Tobacco Application, and from what we know of it, it was expected to cost millions of dollars per product in applying. Basically what this meant in terms of vapor products was that most businesses would not be able to afford the expense, and would have no choice but to go out of business.

Thankfully, if passed by the House, this amendment of the agriculture bill will alter the predicate date for vapor products under the FDA deeming regulations. This will protect the industry as a whole, and businesses will not be threatened over the cost of paperwork. So, as you can imagine, the vaping industry is breathing a major sigh of relief!

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