Atomizers: All You Need to Know

Atomizers, you know those handy little, strangely-titled mechanisms involved with electronic cigarette function? They are essentials for vaping, and they really do amazing things. Want to learn more about them, what they do, and why they’re so darn important? Keep reading!

What are e-cigarette atomizers?

Atomizers are the element of the e-cigarette that do the work of vaporizing the nicotine e-liquid into those powerful hits of vapor. There are three parts to an atomizer: the heating coil, the wick that absorbs the liquid, and a mesh bridge. The atomizer needs to be immersed in liquid for it to perform properly and avoid overheating.

Do atomizers last a certain amount of time?

Yes, typically between 2-4 weeks, depending on how often they are used, unless you are using a cartridge, in which case you will get a new one each time you change an e-cig cartridge.

How can you tell when they need replacing?

Several indicators can signal the atomizer needs to go. Sudden leaks, a lag in performance, lesser vapor production, or even diminished vapor production can all be signs you’ve got to replace the atty!

What kind of maintenance do they require?

None really. Because atomizers do not last very long, they simply get disposed of and replaced.

Are atomizers safe?

Yes, entirely! They are encased within the cartridge and the exterior of the e-cig or vaporizer, so you need not worry over getting burned or starting fires with them! South Beach Smoke atomizers are designed with an added precaution, an automatic shut off that goes into effect if the device turns on accidentally or you take too powerful a drag.

So do you now understand what atomizers are and why they’re necessary? Gotta love ‘em; there’d be no vaping without them!

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Give Thanks for E-Cigs

Thanksgiving is approaching, and I’m sure you are brimming with things you’re thankful for. If you’ve got food in your belly, shelter over your head, and love surrounding you, yes, that is the essence of plentiful, however if you’re a vaper you’ve got even more! Gratitude, they say, is one of the quickest routes to getting happy, and here are a bunch of things to be grateful for as a vaper!

  1. -A smoke-free life, because it is so much better!
  2. -You get more peace of mind knowing you are no longer exposing your body to all the foul stuff in cigarettes, like tar, carcinogens, and an endless list of toxic stuff.
  3. -All that cash you’re saving now!
  4. -No more spending your money supporting the tobacco industry.
  5. -Tons of convenience; in every way vaping makes being a smoker easier.
  6. -30,000 + flavors to choose from, so you really get to go nuts enjoying the deliciousness!
  7. -There are so many awesome e-cigarette products! Vaping gives you the option of a wide array of different styles of products and accessories that offer so much enjoyment.
  8. -More time to enjoy life, less time spent messing with cigarettes.
  9. -A cleaner life; who doesn’t need that?
  10. -No more fire hazards for all you fire-phobic peeps!
  11. -More dates, and less cringing from nonsmoking love interests!
  12. -You get the pleasure of tasting more things with unburnt taste buds.
  13. -E-smoking is not just a way to have nicotine, its a lifestyle and hobby.
  14. -It’s fun freaking people out in public by vaping with sass.
  15. -Trying new models is fun.
  16. -No more running out of cigarettes!
  17. -No more late night gas station/ convenience store/ pharmacy runs just for a smoke!
  18. -No more standing out in the cold for 5-10 minutes to smoke!

We will agree with the folks out there who say that Thanksgiving should be about more than just a single day of thankfulness! When you start getting thankful for the little things, you see that they really do amount to the greater things! So give thanks for vaping, because when you switch to electronic cigarettes, life gets better!

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The Taste of Autumn

I don’t know about you, but for many people autumn is all about the flavors. Yes, the gorgeous golden leaves and increasingly brisk weather are obvious markers of the season, but there is no denying that as those temps start dipping down the thermostat, the cravings for warm, spiced flavors grows increasingly irresistible! And, when it comes to your e-cigarettes and e-liquids, we spare nothing to ensure you’re getting the most amazing fall flavors available! Keep reading to check out our autumn offerings

Thanksgiving Apple Pie

You know it when you smell it, wafting through the air on Thanksgiving day! It’s a flavor so delicious, you’re always thankful for it! Warm, ooey-gooey apple pie, sweet and spicy, and definitely a marker of the season. Even when you’re not feasting on it, this one is worth vaping! We know you’re going to go crazy on it, and unlike Thanksgiving dinner, this flavor is available anytime you need that comforting taste!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Who doesn’t go bonkers for pumpkin? Pumpkin beer, baked goods, candles, and just about everything your little mind can imagine gets a pumpkin makeover once the season begins, and knowing this, we won’t let you down! Our Pumpkin Spice Latte e-liquid blend will take care of you right, and warm you up from the inside! One of the many benefits to vaping with this rockin’ blend is that unlike all the other pumpkin-infused treats which are typically overloaded with unnecessary calories, (hello, holiday season!) this top blend comes with none, so you can go to town on this flavor without the muffin-top to show for it!

Sweet Tobacco

When you want to sit back and chill with some Scotch on the rocks and a cigar, but want to avoid the actual tobacco, this flavor is totally called for. Same taste, aroma, and luxuriating sensation, none of the bad stuff. This is one you’ll want to unwind with, next to the fire, preferably in the arms of someone to cuddle with!

Wanna get into the real spirit of the fall with the flavors of the season? Get vaping; we’ve got all the right blends to keep you cozy!

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Organize Your E-Cig Supplies the Right Way!

If you vape, you’ve probably got more than a couple pieces of vape gear. You need an assortment of batteries, perhaps in different sizes. You need chargers, lanyards, e-liquids and/ or cartridges, among other accessories. You need stuff. And more stuff than you probably did when you were smoking cigarettes. So, with all of these things comes the need for some organizing, because when you want something, the last thing you want is to have to search all over creation for it! This is why e-cigarette organizing was invented. It was born of need, people!

So, with that in mind, this is what you will need to keep all of your gear in place and safe. Side Note- if you have kids or pets, do not, let me repeat, do not allow them access to your vaping products, particularly the e-liquids and cartridges. Results can be nasty.

South Beach Smoke Cases

The South Beach Smoke Carrying Case:

Padded, zippered, and designed with a slew of different slots to fit all of your necessaries, this one is a basic, do-it-all, no-nonsense way to stash your gear and ensure it’s all safe.

The South Beach Smoke Universal Carry Case

Sleek and stylish, this case is more than just all-purpose. It holds the necessities: a couple of batteries and cartridges and can fit in a pocket.

If you vape, you’ve probably got gear. In this case, keep it all safe, all organized, all together and ready for action with the right case!

We offer a variety of ways to keep all of your stuff organized and together. Of course, while these cases were designed with your e-cigs in mind, you also have the option of using all types of organization containers for your needs. You know, do what you gotta do! Tackle boxes, cosmetic cases, art supplies containers; whatever floats your boat, just make sure it is what makes life simpler for you.

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Flavors: What Feels Familiar

One of the biggest hurdles for e-cigarette beginners is finding a flavor that works for them, and that feels comfortable. If you are just coming to e-smoking from traditional tobacco cigarettes, it can be tricky to find a flavor that fully satisfies and tastes up to your standards. Keep reading for some tips to scoring that perfect e-cig flavor, based on what you’ve been smoking.

-Remember, cigarettes and e-cigarettes are totally different things. When smoking tobacco cigarettes for a period of time, your tastebuds lose a great deal of their abilities, and don’t function properly. Most smokers know that after switching to vapor, they begin to taste things fully after time and get reacquainted with how things truly taste.

Classic Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Marlboro, Winston, Pal-Mal, Lucky Strike, or Chesterfield, this true to form tobacco taste will do it for you. It’s smooth and strong, sweet and rich; basically the classic tobacco essence you’re accustomed to!

Blue Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Kent, Benson & Hedges, Parliament, L & M, Viceroy, or Merit, this flavor will work out perfectly! It’s a clean, crisp, and smooth with a delicate endnote; very much an “American Tobacco” on the lighter side.

Golden Tobacco Cartridges: If you smoked Camel, Kent, Marlboro, American Spirit, or Merit, and prefer a bold, earthy flavor, try this one! Similar to the stronger American blends, and crafted to embody the same richness as Middle Eastern and other exotic tobaccos, this is a powerful flavor!

Cool Menthol Cartridges: If you’re a menthol person who smoked Newports, or any other version of menthol cigarettes, this flavor should work nicely for you. It’s cool, clean, and refreshing, but not overtly minty.

Another thought to keep in mind when trying new e-cigarette flavors is to find the right nicotine strength for your tastes. This can affect the overall taste of the vapor, and can come across as too strong or weak for your preferences. You’ve got to find that perfect balance.

Achieving satisfaction from your electronic cigarettes does not have to be complicated, or impossible! One of the best things about E-smoking is that there are so many great options, and nearly everything is designed with smokers in mind, so find that balance!

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