Vaping in Public: How to Do it

Vaping in public can be awesome. It can be so much easier to do and enjoy, especially if you are a former smoker who was so used to being treated like a leper. Vapor brings with it the clean, smokeless, almost entirely aroma-free essence that makes life wonderful for those who’ve switched, however, that isn’t to say it’s always an easy road. Unfortunately, vaping is not accepted everywhere in public, and there will be times when you will not able to flaunt your slick vaporizer where you roam.

Vape etiquette is a thing, and it is best you take heed. Or you’ll have to head elsewhere sometimes to have a little vapor, and the last thing you want to be bothered with.

So, want some tips on getting it done without a lot of fuss? Here are our tips for vaping in public, and doing it on the DL. Stealth vaping. It’s an art.

The Right Vape Pen

First things first, before we concentrate on style, you need the right device for vaping out and about. We suggest a sleek, easy to conceal vape pen that fits in your palm easily. It should be able to be slipped into your pocket without any trouble, and it should not be too large. The aim is to enjoy, but not have to spend too much time fumbling with it.

Vape Style

Next up, you’re going to have to learn a few methods of vaping that allow you to fly under the radar. Here are our picks:

Inhale Deeply: This works by holding your inhale in your lungs just a bit longer than usual when vaping. On the exhale, the vapor will be cut down.

Swallow Dilution: This trick tricks your vapor. Inhale the vapor, swallow it, and follow it up by exhaling out your nose. It’ll be diluted and much less noticeable.

Shirt the Issue: Exhale your vape into the inside of your shirt, just be sure you’re not using the highest VG liquid, or you’ll look like a dragon or something with vapor seeping out of them.


Aim for a higher PG concentrate e-juice if you plan on vaping often in public in areas where it won’t be very accepted. This way, your clouds will be less pronounced, and you will be able to keep them concealed a little better than the smokestacks typically known to be produced by high/ max VG juices.

So, there you have it. Clear, straight-up instructions on how to vape in public without being a douche or obvious. Enjoy your vapor without a scene; it can be done with the right tools, the right juice, and the right mindset!

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Love South Beach Smoke? Want to Get Rewarded? Keep Reading!

We know for South Beach Smoke customers, our products totally offer a great experience, a better option than tobacco, and tons of savings. However, are you aware of our awesome customer rewards program? That’s right; when it comes to our customers, we want to make your purchases go even further, and what better way to do that than by making sure your money goes further?

The South Beach Smoke Loyalty Program was designed to reward our loyal customers for all the money you spend with us; so for every dollar you spend, you will earn one point. When you have reached the point of having earned 200 points, you will receive $20 towards your future South Beach Smoke spending.

Enrollment in the SOBE Rewards program is automatic, so you really have to do nothing to be joined. Just by being a customer, you will be enrolled, so all of your purchases will contribute to your overall rewards. Points are earned not just for making purchases, but also for other things such as sharing your purchases on Facebook (which earns you 5 points) or liking us on Facebook (that’ll earn you another 5 points). Additionally, on your birthday, we reward you with a celebratory 20 points. If you follow us on Twitter you’ll earn 5 points, and for every review you leave on our products you’ll earn 1 point for each. If you decide to sign up for our Home Delivery Program, which gets you automatic deliveries of your e-liquids or cartridges, you will earn 25 points just for enrolling. Boom! An easy way to see the savings accumulate!

As a customer, we want to reward you for your loyalty and continued commitment to being a part of the South Beach Smoke family. Those reward points really add up, so we make earning them worth your while in a multitude of ways, and we make it really easy to do so.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to start seeing the rewards? Get shopping!

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Wishing all in the Path of Hurricane Matthew Safety!

This is a shout out to all of those who are still in the path of Hurricane Matthew. We hope you are all doing your best to prepare, safeguard, and stay secure during the storm which is currently thrashing its way up the Eastern Seaboard. We hope you’ve done your best to gather all your necessities, and to protect your homes and property the best to your abilities. And, of course, if you vape, we hope you’ve done all you can to prepare your stash of vape gear, e-liquids, and access to power for the days ahead.

While the storm was initially expected to lay down one serious beating on us here in South Florida, we managed to luckily dodge a bullet. However, the same fate cannot be expected everywhere else, and we really hope everyone who is in the projected path of this monstrous storm does their best to either get out of its way, or do their best to stay safe. Though the category 3 storm is bearing down on Jacksonville, it’s expected to continue cruising up the coast and putting a hit on Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina before doing a projected swoop in the Atlantic and possibly heading for land (Florida) again. So right now is as prime of a time as any to think about storm preparation, and securing everything you need to make sure that through it all, you will have all things necessary to vape to your heart’s content.

By all means, ensuring you’ve got enough food, water, and booze for a period of at least 10 days, along with all other necessities should be your top priority, however if you vape, you probably want to make sure you plan accordingly for vapor as well. Make sure you’ve got a few extra vape batteries, all charged up and ready to go. You should have at least 10 days worth of e-liquid to last you, however having extra won’t be a bad idea. Have a few extra chargers on hand, and some essential accessories would also be useful. A car charger adapter can really come in handy if you lose power, because you will be able to charge up at least through your car. A vape lanyard would also be great because if the situation gets sticky, wearing your vape pen around your neck can be practical it’ll be hard to lose and ready for you whenever you need a refreshing puff of vapor.

So, be safe, people! We hope the best for all, and we are sending positive thoughts to all in the path of this crazy, scary storm! May the damage be minor, and no lives lost; hunker down, folks!

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Vaping FAQ for Beginners

Got questions about vaping? We’ve got answers! Keep reading for some beginner-vaper basics! Vaping is awesome; it just may take a little time getting used to the cleaner, fresher, non-smoky side of things! Once you get the hang, you’ll see why so many millions of people have made the switch!

What is Vaping?

Vapor smoking. The act of vaping. Using an electronic cigarette/ vaporizer/ mod for personal enjoyment. Basically anything that involves getting down with the vape.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

An alternative method of smoking, without tobacco, smoke, or tar involved. Electronic cigarettes are devices that enable smokers to smoke via an electronic method, using a brilliant combination of technology and science to simulate the smoking experience. The result is total satisfaction, in a clean, smoke-free, streamlined fashion that is incredibly fun to do.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Regulated?

Not at the moment. Eventually, (for better or for worse) they will be at some point in the future by the FDA.

What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid, AKA E-juice, vape juice, vape liquid, is the solution that gets vaporized in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. It is tobacco-free, and creates a vapor when used. It can include nicotine if the user wants it, and it has the incredibly awesome benefit of coming in thousands upon thousands of different flavors.

What is the Best Vape Device: E-Cigs or Vape Pens?

It’s a personal matter; vapers have preferences individually. Many start off with e-cigs, because of their similarity to traditional cigarettes in size and shape, and then transition to larger, more powerful devices like vape pens. Other vapers start off with vape pens knowing they want more power and don’t mind the larger size. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

Are E-Cigarettes Hard to Use?

Generally, no. However if you’ve never dabbled or experienced vaping, you will have to learn the way of the walk. Watch a few tutorials, read the instructions from the manufacturer of your device, and get hands-on with your device; you’ll be vaping proper in no time!

Can E-Cigarettes Be Used in Public?

Oftentimes, yes. It is very common to see people using them in public in many places, however, if you ever notice any “No Vaping” signs, be courteous and don’t vape. If you are unsure in a certain place, do the wise thing and avoid vaping until you get it confirmed by someone with some authority.

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So, How Do You Pick an E-Liquid Flavor?

Ah, the world of e-liquids. They are plenty and many, and there are a ton of good ones, but how do you go about picking a flavor when you’re just starting out? Here’s a breakdown of what to look for when you’re aiming to try that very first flavor. It’s daunting, but soon enough, you’ll be enjoying the many offerings out there, perfectly suited to your individual palate!

What Do You Like?

Think about flavors you like. I know, it can be crazy imagining going after one in a sea of thousands, but what do you enjoy the flavor of? Cotton candy? Apples? Tobacco? Custard? Menthol? Amaretto? You’ve got lots of options out there, so really put some thought into this. Chances are, if you like it, there will be a flavor for it.

Don’t Pick Just One

We know, it’s your first go, you may not want to drop the cash on more than one bottle of juice because what if you don’t like it? But, there are a lot of flavors out there, and there’s no telling that you’ll like your first choice. So you give yourself the option of a second choice and that will enable you a little more variety before ruling out that you just don’t like vaping in the event one flavor doesn’t do it for you. And if you’re up for it, choose a few flavors; you can’t go wrong with lots of variety.


Try things that are a little out there; we offer many, many liquids, and with the inclusion of custom blends, you have the ability to play around and really get a chance to experience different flavors. How do you know you won’t like a tobacco and vanilla blend? Or a Cuban mojito? There is a world of flavor awaiting you, and it’s one of the nicest things about being able to choose between vapor and smoking.

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