Winter Getaway? Bring those e-cigs!

Winter getaways are the perfect way to end those winter blues! Whether you escape the cold for some fun in the sun someplace tropical or you head to a winter wonderland where you can revel in the fresh powder, make your trip even more relaxing and rejuvenating than with your vape pen or e-cig!

Traveling and vaping were made for each other. Getting out of town can be joyous, it can be stressful, blissful, exciting, exhilarating, frustrating… and any of these situations calls for nicotine. Whether you’re chilling in the hot tub gazing out at snow covered mountains, or are lounging back in the sand at the beach; make the scene even more delectable with your electronic cigaret device.

When traveling to your winter getaway, we suggest packing your e-cigarette gear in your carry-on luggage. This way, you will always know it’s safe, and if you need to have your items inspected, you’ll be right there to observe. If your items are checked, they may be subjected to searches and possible discarding. Don’t take the chance!

Other important things to keep in mind for packing are to remember to pack extras of everything: cartridges, liquids, batteries, an extra charger or 2. If you use a PCC, bringing it along would be smart because an outlet that goes anywhere is always useful. Also, because it is winter and snowstorms and arctic blasts can mess with anyone’s travel plans, so being prepared and having extras “just in case” you don’t get home exactly when you plan to, can guarantee some stress relief!

So, if the winter blues have set in and you’ll be getting on the road for some much needed escapism, be it hitting the slopes for some snowboarding, or straight up frollicking on a warm, sunny beach, let your vaping help you unwind. Electronic cigarettes really are the best travel companion!

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Atomizers: What You Need to Know

Atomizers are really cool. Actually they’re hot. They get really hot. They do the heating after all, that creates those luscious clouds of vapor goodness. Without them, you’d have just a sweet-looking e-cig or vape pen, liquid, and no in-between action. In comparison to traditional cigarettes, they replace the need for fire and a lighter. So here’s the lowdown on atomizers, or atty’s as they are so eloquently known in this community!

What is an Atomizer?

Simply, it’s the heating element of an e-cigarette. Whether you use an e-cig or a vaporizer, an atomizer is involved one way or another. It is concealed within the device, so when in use you never actually come into contact with its heat.

How Often Do You Replace Them?

When using e-cig cartridges, atomizers are built right into the cartridge so every time you go through a cartridge, you replace the atty. With vaporizers, the typical lifespan of an atomizer is 2-4 weeks, and they need replacing.

How Do I Know When to Replace the Atomizer?

2-4 weeks is a rather large window of time, we know. Your atomizer will give some telltale signs it’s retired, like suddenly your device just won’t be as pleasurable. Or the vapor will be drastically reduced, or there won’t be any at all. If things aren’t up to par, there’s a good chance the atty is dead and you’ve got to replace it.

Should I Clean Mine?

Not really. They aren’t made to last long, so by the time they need cleaning, they will be on their way out, whether you’re using a cartridge, cartomizer, or atomizer.

So, there you have it. What you need to know about atomizers for e-cigarette cartridges and vaporizers. They do the vaporizing and make the magic happen!

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How To: Carry That E-Cigarette

Vaping is perfect for people who are on the move and all over the place! Between college, work, and socializing, life can get hectic! While you don’t really have to deal with all the typical issues smokers have, such as a smoked out car, glaring looks from people in public, the odor that follows you, and friends not wanting to be exposed to the second hand smoke, you still need maximum mobility.

However, if you are on the go and using your e-cig, here are some tips to put into play on how to carry your device around with you. Consider it an investment; you’ve got to protect it. This will ensure its safety for the long haul and give you the maximum usage out of it! Yes, there are times when having it in your pocket will make the most sense, however we encourage you to keep those instances to a minimum. Pockets are known to harbor dirt, grime, and foreign particles that can all contribute to harming your device. They also do not offer much protection. You wouldn’t store your toothbrush in your pocket, would you? Here are our thoughts on storing your mod. Treat it right, and it will return the favor over and over again!

E-Cig Lanyard

If you need your hands to be free, and won’t be using a bag, purse, or storage case, a lanyard is your best bet. Having your e-cig around your neck gives you total mobility, total freedom, and the ease of no baggage while ensuring you’ve got your vapor when you need it. Big bonus is all you have to do to vape is bring it to your mouth!

E-Cigarette Storage Cases

Storage cases are total essentials, and we have vaporizer storage cases as well as e-cig storage cases. Do not have an arsenal of vape gear without one, particularly when using advanced vapes.  They are the best thing for making sure your stuff is always protected, and if you are going to be vaping outside of your home, you have the security of knowing where your gear is, and that it is protected and organized at all times.

So, carrying your vape pen, e-cigarette, and accessories doesn’t have to get complicated, however it’s a total necessity to do it right! Get yourself the right items and you never have to worry! Vape on!

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E-Juice: Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How!

Here’s the rundown on e-liquid. This is the juice (literally) that makes electronic cigarettes do their thang! If you need to know anything about nicotine liquid, here it is!

Who: Anyone who vapes deals with e-liquid! No matter what flavor or what style of e-cig or mod being used, the nicotine, flavor, and hit come from the liquid!

What: What is e-liquid? It’s the substance that holds the flavor, nicotine, and formula that will eventually turn into vapor. There are 5 basic ingredients: water, flavor, nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerin (VG).

When: Knowing when to refill is important! Your device has a few different ways to let you know it’s time to fill it again. Vapor will not be produced, a burnt taste will come through, and you won’t hear that familiar bubbling when hitting it.

Where: Filling liquid is best done in an area where you can fill it without problems, as spilling is always possible. You need a sturdy surface, and some privacy because a little concentration will do you well; a restaurant or bar would be totally inappropriate!

You may also be wondering where to store your e-liquid, and in that case, here are our suggestions. Cool, dark places are the best, like cupboards and the refrigerator. Heat and light are the biggest detractors to e-liquid quality, so take that into consideration when storing it.

Why: Why is e-liquid so awesome? Well, it’s pretty darn affordable, it can please almost any e-cig user because we offer approximately 30,000 different flavors, it comes in a wide variety of nicotine levels, and produces incredible hits.

How: Want to know how to properly fill your cartridges and devices? Check out the awesome instructional videos from VaporFi; they got the goods!

So, when it comes to vaping, you’re not going to get anywhere without e-juice! Mega-important and oh-so delicious, it’s a major part of the puzzle!

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Happy New Year from South Beach Smoke!

Happy New Year, everyone! Nothing like starting out a fresh, new year, right? We know we are beyond excited for all that 2015 is going to bring! 2014 was great, we saw so many positive things come to fruition, both for South Beach Smoke, and the world of vaping, but we are thrilled for what lies ahead. So, in that vein of positivity, here are some things we suggest to kick 2015 off right! Let this be a new year of trying new things, focusing in on the positives, and enjoying the vape life to the max!

-Try new flavors. We’ve got some 30,000 different options plus our range of cartridges. Try something different, your mind may be blown!

-Try new products. Vape pens, vape accessories, a PowerCig? Experimenting keeps things exciting and fresh! Go for it!

-Learn some vape tricks. Because, why not? Vaping is fun, tricks are fun; combined they make life more interesting.

-Experiment with different nicotine levels. Especially if you’ve been wanting to decrease your nicotine intake, now is a great time to embark on something that benefits you. Vaping allots you plenty of control over your usage, take advantage of it!

-Check out a new vape shop. Extra points if you are heading to a VaporFi location, as it’s our sister brand!

-Take a vacation. Or a staycation. Either way, make sure your getaway is a vape-cation!

-Make sure you’re capitalizing on of all the little ways we offer to save money and get the most for what you spend with us! SoBe Rewards, Refer-a-Friend, Home Delivery Program; get it all and watch how your experience gets even better!

So, ready for the year ahead? Ready to make this year the best yet? We agree! Try something new, enjoy the things you love even more, and spend some time getting creative! Vape on, my friends! Cheers to a prosperous 2015!

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