Pointers for Beginners: How to Make Vaping Work For You

If you’re just starting out with vaping, just experimenting with this whole electronic smoking thang, here are some pointers that can make it go nice and smooth. Everyone starts somewhere, and having tips that have worked well for others can make a great difference in how well you take to these handy little devices.

-Don’t look at vaping as a negative thing to get away from tobacco with. Consider it an upgrade you have to adjust to. Imagine if you’ve been smoking the same tobacco cigs for years and you feel you’re ready for change, and want to switch to a new brand; it’s obviously not going to be a simple switch when you’re working with a habit you’re accustomed to. Allow yourself the ability to transition.

-Having so many more choices is awesome, don’t get overwhelmed by them; take advantage of them. You can choose from hundreds, if not thousands of different e-cigarette flavors, a world of difference devices that do so many different things and can be customized to suit your fancy with other accessories. You can change up your nicotine level, try different e-cig styles, the list goes on and on; you can enjoy vaping so much more than traditional smoking because of the ability to experiment. The wide array of products caters to so many different people.

-Like any other movement, you can find likeminded peeps on social media and the internet; connect for a sense of community, chat with other vapers, share experiences, and learn from others’ experiences. There’s nothing like being able to gain knowledge from others who have been doing this a while, and usually you can get some really good firsthand info. A great starting place is South Beach Smoke’s Facebook page, as well as our other social media sites.

Starting anything can be intimidating, but when it comes to vaping, all you’ve got to lose is the tobacco. Jumping into the unknown might seem scary, but hey, you’ll never know until you give it a go!

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Nicotine Strength: Getting it Right

It can be totally overwhelming when you’re an e-cigarette newbie, to discover all the different levels of nicotine you have at your disposal. Keep in mind though, choices are a great thing, however, even when they seem like there’s just too many of them!

Here’s how to figure out what you want and need, and how to get the very most satisfaction from vaping when it comes to finding the perfect nicotine level for your tastes.

South Beach Smoke has an awesome selection of nicotine levels available. A big range can be a little confusing at first, but it means that you’re more likely to be able to find the right nicotine strength. As with any new products, you’ve got to experiment for the best results, so enjoy the ride!

  • What South Beach Smoke Offers:
  • Nicotine-Free 0 mg
  • Ultra-Light 6 mg
  • Light 12 mg
  • Full-Flavored 16 mg
  • Bold 24 mg

You may start off with Light (12mg) and find that it’s too light, and on the same note, you may try Bold 24mg e-cig cartridges right off the bat and be taken by surprise by how strong and powerful that amount of nicotine truly is.

If you are more of a lighter smoker who smokes less than a pack of cigarettes a day, 6mg or 12mg will most likely be adequate for your needs. Very heavy smokers who smoke 1-2 packs a day will enjoy 16mg and 24mg cartridges, with 24mg being satisfying for the heaviest smokers.

If you’re the kind of smoker who wants a powerful punch but doesn’t actually smoke a whole lot, a super potent nicotine level, such as 24mg will probably feel great for you. Along the same lines, if you are into constant puffing, and are more into the experience of vaping, feeling the vapor, tasting the flavors, and inhaling, you will probably be most comfortable with a low nicotine strength.

If you are using electronic cigarettes in hopes of decreasing your nicotine intake, we suggest starting off with the level that is most comfortable, and decrease your in level each month. Perhaps starting at 16mg feels good, and in a month or so, decrease to 12mg and see how it goes.

Electronic cigarettes and vaping can be so immensely enjoyable, however it is essential to find the variables that work for you. We can’t stress the importance of experimenting, which so happens to one of the most fun and exciting parts of vaping!

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6 Reasons to Give E-Cigs a Try!

Are you on the fence about switching to vapor cigs? Here are some seriously good reasons to give them a try, and to make the switch. Electronic cigarettes have become the smarter way to smoke, and more and more they are being seen everywhere in public. From college campuses to workplaces, shopping malls to bars and clubs. If you’re going to smoke, why not do so without the smoke? Here are a few great pointers on why they’re the better way to go!

1. Less Expensive.

Everyone wants to save money, even if you have more than enough of it. When you switch to electronic smoking, you can save yourself thousands of dollars every year, directly. Other ways you can save money, besides the obvious cost of cigarettes include healthcare costs, insurance premiums, and on additional necessary purchases such as fragrances, gums, and lighters that are needed to maintain the cigarette habit.

2. Less Dangerous.

No burning tobacco means no fire, which in turn, means no accidental burns or fires as a result of dropping your cigarette. Electronic is the way to go if you are not into fire, want to avoid an accident, or have a fear of it!

3. No Bad Odor.

Who really likes the smell of cigarette smoke? Have you ever heard anyone declare how they adore the scent of musty cigarette odor? No, you most likely have not, because even smokers aren’t keen on reeking like a dirty saloon!

4. So Much Freedom.

No one likes to be told what to do, or be limited in what they do and how they do it; smokers included. When you vape, you’ve got so many more options about where you can vape. Yes, realistically you will have to deal with some limitations, but you have more choices such as many public places, indoors, around others, in cars, etc.

5. More Environmentally Friendly.

Cigarette pollution is a major problem, and choosing an alternative instead of continuing the worldwide problem of cigarette butts is the responsible thing to do. Mother Earth will thank you.

6. More Enjoyable Socializing.

Keep yourself happy while you keep those around you happy when you’re socializing by vaping instead of smoking. Most nonsmokers want nothing to do with cigarette smoke, and if you’re using vapor cigs, you won’t be offending anyone by blowing smoke into their personal space. Keep the energy light, relaxed, and if everyone is happy, a better time will be had by all!

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Tweak Your Technique for the Best Results!

Like using any technology, you’ve got to play around a little bit with it to find the best vaping technique for your personal usage. Having the right tools and the right info is essential, because with so many options and ways you can make it work for you, you’ve got to be able to know what you’re doing.

For newbie vapers, one thing that makes a huge difference in their success with these devices is being able to transition fully. Many times, a smoker will give up right away because they feel the digital version doesn’t match their expectations of how they felt it was supposed to be, especially in comparison to the experience of traditional cigarettes.

The following is a list of techniques you should consider to get the most out of your vaping, for the best throat hit and vapor production. Believe us, this will make a great difference!

  • Get your drags to last between 3-6 seconds each, the trick is long and slow vs. short and quick like tobacco cigarettes. The longer and slower you go, the better the experience. -Pro tip right there!                                                                                     
  • Experiment with flavor. If you were previously a heavy smoker and are having some time adjusting, yet have been allured by all of the yummy and fun flavors South Beach Smoke offers, we suggest switching to a tobacco-type flavor, as this may be more comfortable for you.                                                                                        
  • Hold the vapor in longer than you would with a traditional cigarette, the sensation feels incredible!                                                                                                      
  • Make sure your cartomizer has enough liquid; the performance will be nothing short of lame if it doesn’t. Same goes for your cartridge.                                                  
  • Adjust your nicotine strength. A very heavy smoker will probably be very satisfied with a high level such as 24mg, however a casual smoker will probably be comfortable with a mild strength such as 8mg. While you may want to start off at a lower level, you’ve got plenty of time to gradually decrease your nicotine intake. Consider your satisfaction first as you get used to vaping.

Were these tips helpful to you? We sure hope so! We truly want vaping to work for you so we encourage our users to try different techniques to get it right. If one method doesn’t work out, try another! Be patient, and check out all of our resources for new e-smokers in our knowledge center!

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Let’s Clear the Air, Shall We?

E-cigarettes are pretty popular, and with popularity comes rumors and myths. And although electronic cigarettes have been around for a little while now, especially with a lot of mainstream attention, there are still many myths floating around.

So we thought we’d address this and set the record straight. The following are 8 of the most common myths surrounding e-cigarettes that have been buzzing in the media. Read on to get the facts! 

1. Why are you smoking antifreeze?

Ignorance is bliss, right? E-cigarettes do not contain antifreeze, and this myth was created back in 2009, when the FDA released a statement saying e-cigarettes contain diethylene glycol, which is an ingredient in antifreeze. However, at that time, the statement was based on a study that tested only 18 cartridges from 2 different brands; not an accurate picture of the whole market. Many tests have been concluded since that time, and many more e-cigarettes have been found to not contain that substance!

2. E-Cigs are designed to lure in children.

Wrong. They are designed for the intention of use by adults and those who are of of legal age to smoke. The vast majority of e-smokers are former cigarette smokers; the products generally do not even attract nonsmokers! South Beach Smoke may have attractive design features and packaging, but in no way does that mean we are marketing to children.

3. Second hand vapor is the same as second smoke.

Wrong again. Second hand smoke is smoke, it’s not vapor, and vice versa. E-cigarettes burn nothing, they emit water vapor, therefore no smoke is produced.

4. E-Cigs are a gateway to tobacco for young people.

E-cigs typically do not attract people who are not smokers; they are most often used as alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Most smokers turn to vapor as an option away from cigarettes.

5. Aren’t they explosive?

Only when used incorrectly, and when users get a little too DIY-happy and start using batteries that are not meant to be used in e-cigarettes. Follow your manufacturer’s directions and all will be cool.

6. You don’t know what’s in them.

A reputable company discloses their ingredients; South Beach Smoke makes no illusions about their products! Research your products and all will be good!

7. Don’t they cause cancer?

There is currently no proof on this one, but studies have proven e-cigs to not have the carcinogens found in tobacco cigarettes, which are the direct cause of cancer.

8. Those things are going to be illegal!

Nope. Controversy and speculation do not outlaw products, and so far nothing is making a case for e-cigarettes to become illegal. Regulated, yes, however.

Rumors are one thing, however we urge you to get the truth before you believe everything you read on the internet or hear from the media. If you want straight up facts on e-cigarettes, be assured you will always be delivered the truth on our blog, as well as in our knowledge center!

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