Flaunt those Curves!

Here’s a little spotlight on our oh-so loved Curve vaporizer. This fabulous vaporizer was designed with our female fanbase in mind, and it really appeals to those with a love for feminine styling. However, you don’t need to be a woman to use it, so if sleek curves are your thang, rock this vape proudly, guys!

Some of the Curve’s best features include it’s smooth design, and like its name states, its elegant curves have a very ergonomic touch. It feels awesome in the hand, and when in use. This vape pen comes in a wide array of different colors, so you can color coordinate and never have to worry about blending in with the crowd when you’re getting your nicotine vapor on. If you like getting creative, you can go so far as to mix and match with different tank colors as well! Sure, black and silver are the standard, but orange, green, and red are mighty fine as well!

In terms of performance and function, the Curve gets rave reviews. Designed to be uncomplicated yet powerful, it is highly regarded for its ability to produce strong clouds of vapor, hit very nicely and smoothly, and this 650 mAh battery rocks because it can last a nice long time between charges; hooray for reliable vape batteries! The Curve tank is also lovely because not only does it look super hot, but it has a spacious capacity, boasting 2.2 ml! So you can fill this baby up, vape away, and not worry about running low every 10 minutes.

So, if the Curve is on your wish list, we totally suggest grabbing the Curve starter kit or building a custom package with our Custom Vaporizer Builder. Ridiculously affordable, you can grab this awesome APV kit for $49.99, without having to splurge on anything additional. The kit comes with 1 Curve Battery, 1 Curve Tank (with an atomizer), 1 USB Charger, 1 Wall Charger, and instructions.

Curves are a good thing. We love them. We love vaping them. We love sharing them. We urge you to get your own!

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How to Switch to Vaping

Are you a smoker looking for a new, vapor-infused, tobacco-free, nicotine-loving lifestyle? Well you’re in the right place! We have the best products to help you make the switch, and we give you tons of ways to do it. Keep reading to have a look at our different products, different flavors, and different options that can make leaving tobacco for good super easy, and actually enjoyable!

Pick a Style

You can choose between our South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes (basic cig-a-likes) or any of our advanced personal vaporizers. We suggest either e-cigs or a simplified vaporizer, such as the Air or Storm. Our e-cigarettes were made to recreate the experience of smoking, so you get a device that looks, feels, and works very similarly. Vaporizers give you a more intense experience, and they allow you to have more control. E-cigs work with cartridges for refills, which come pre-filled, and you swap old ones when they run out; super easy, but a little pricier than using liquids. With vaporizers you fill your own liquids, which isn’t hard, you just have to master the pour. It can get messy the first few times, so be careful.

So you choose: if you want easy and comfortable go with e-cigs, if you’re more adventurous and extreme go with a vaporizer.

Pick a Flavor

Sure, there’s no reason you have to pick just one! When you have 30,000 at your whim, we urge you to go the “more-is-more route.” So, pick one, pick a few, pick a dozen; whatever! One of the best things about vaping is that you have a lot of options, and you are never limited to tobacco and menthol like traditional smoking.

Pick Some Accessories

Accessories are fun + functional. They take the experience up a few notches, and allow you to have your vaping fit seamlessly into your flow. Because vaping comes with the perk of being super clean, you have the ability to organize things into your life easily, and accessories really feed into this individualized aspect. So, check out our e-cigarette accessories and our vaporizer accessories to see which ones float ya boat!


We urge you to keep an open mind when switching; as similar as vaping is to smoking, it’s still different. Better, but different. Take your time, learn as much as you can, be patient if things don’t go as quickly as you’d like, and most importantly, have fun!

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What’s the Deal with a Vape Cough?

Coughing while vaping? Thought it was only a tobacco thing? Well, here’s what it’s caused by and why it’s happening. Luckily, vapers cough is typically a temporary thing, as opposed to a smoker’s cough, which tends to stick around for the long haul. Fortunately, a vape cough can be controlled!


When vaping, you should generally drink a lot of water. In fact, everyday life calls for at least 6-8 glasses, so drink up. You aren’t getting real water intake when vaping; as it is vaporized, and the act of vaping can make you thirsty. So, if a bout of coughing hits, first thing you should do is drink some water.

Nicotine Strength

Not having the right nicotine strength can contribute to not only a big fat bout of coughing, it can also provoke a sore throat, and the wonderful feeling of nausea. If you think this is a possibility, your nicotine strength may be too high so try decreasing it. Our range of nicotine levels ranges from 0-24 mg, so don’t think you’re limited on options!

Fix Your Flavor

We offer some 30,000 different e-juice flavors, and it can be a wee bit overwhelming on those sensitive little taste buds if you’re just converting to the vapor side. It happens quite frequently, y’all! If that’s the situation you’re faced with, stick to something familiar, like tobacco or menthol flavors and wait for your sense of taste to acquaint.

Hitting the Vape Like a Cig

Vaping and smoking are two different beasts, and hitting them requires two different methods. Long, slow drags can cause coughing, so be warned. Sure, you are dragging and inhaling, but with vaping you should be taking short, quick, 2-3 second hits, unlike with the long, slow drags of smoking.


Allergies sometimes happen as a result of the PG used in most e-liquid formulas, and this can cause coughing. PG is the part of the liquid that creates a strong throat hit, though for some people it doesn’t agree with their systems. You may need to try a different liquid altogether.

So, when it comes to a vape cough, know there are direct reasons behind it, and fixes for it. It’s most likely not a permanent thing, and can remedied with some adjustments. Vape on and vape happily, my friends!

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Wanna Save Some Money? Here’s How We Help!

We get it, you don’t want to spend your entire hard earned paycheck on your love of vaping. Sure, you could easily blow a full 40-hours pay on sick new devices, new juice, new accessories, and other cool gear to keep the clouds blowing strong, but when you got rent due and meals to eat, it’s just not always possible.

To make things go a little nicer, and to help keep more green in your wallet folds, here’s how we make vaping affordable… so if you want to indulge a bit, we give you no reason to feel the guilt as a result!

-We keep our prices in check. Lots of other brands out there (not naming names) inflate things a little too much., and while they look desirable, affording the goods is not practical. Luckily, you never have to deal with such nonsense with South Beach Smoke; we give you a great product, at a great price, all the time!

-Home Delivery Program. Repeat customer? Need refills? Join this now! Takes just a minute, and you get 20% off all of your cartridges in the future because they’ll be on auto-deliveries. You never have to remember to reorder them, either! This program also gives you a lifetime warranty on your e-cigs, so it’s really worth it in every way!

-SOBE Rewards. Just by being a customer you get this hookup, and you get a point for every  you spend. When you hit 200 points, you get $20 back to spend with us. That’s like 10% everything, all the time!

-Social Media Exclusives. Like Us and Follow Us because flash sales are a beautiful thing, and you never know what’s going to be going on socially.

So you want to save money? Just do these simple, easy, self-benefitting little things and you’ll have the benefit of getting the vape gear you want at great prices, plus a little something extra in the long run! Why spend more, when you can have the best for less?

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Happy St. Patty’s Day from South Beach Smoke!

Happy St. Patty’s Day, from all of your friends here at South Beach Smoke! One of the most fun holidays of the year, there is nothing wrong with getting your party on, Irish-style! St. Patrick may have earned his claim to fame, and annual raucous party day for bringing Christianity to Ireland, but the holiday is more known for light-hearted mayhem! So, in honor of the greenest day of the year, here are the top 10 ways to celebrate! Slainte!

  1. Wear green. Duh. Green bow tie, green hair, green shirt, green thong, or green body paint; you wouldn’t want to get pinched, would you?

  2. Get your fine self a green vaporizer to tote around; accessories count as wearable.

  3. Vape with our March Blend of the Month, Irish Coffee. It’s delicious decadence, and very much in the spirit of the day.

  4. Hit up a parade. Marching, dancing, and being all cheery are

  5. Eat some Irish grub. Designated Irish fare includes the customary corned beef and cabbage (if you’re the Irish-American sort), plus the almighty, iconic potato (remember the Famine?), lamb stew, and the classic Shepherd’s pie. Hungry yet?

  6. Blare some Celtic music. It’s the quickest way to get in the spirit.

  7. Traditional celebrations are the bomb, whether you’re in Chicago, Boston, Miami, or are celebrating in your local city. Honoring the nation’s Irish roots is pretty common just about everywhere, so get involved!

  8. Pub crawl. Whether it’s a formally organized shindig or you and your buddies get together for some green-tinted debauchery, hitting the pubs and bars is rather tradition. Most bars and pubs go all out for this holiday, as most people aim to have a pint or two in celebration.

  9. Throw a party. Yes, pubs and bars and block parties are a mainstay, but sometimes it’s cool to keep it kinda low key. Rounds of Irish whiskey from your living room, with good friends, good food, and an intimate scene is never a bad thing!

  1. Get ready for massive recovering tomorrow, especially if you’ve got to make it to work in the AM! Necessity #1: Your vape. With a soothing blend, such as our Irish Coffee to make it all better!

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