Why Vaping is Better for Your Love Life (Than Smoking)

Has the fall air got you feeling frisky?

Whether you’re a current vaper or are considering making the switch, we thought we’d offer a little public service announcement on just another great reason vaping is the best course of action if you’re into inhaling nicotine. Your love life deserves the best, and by that we mean vapor smoking is the best course of action if you’re looking for love. Here’s why:

The Smell

Cigarette smoke smells awful, and it is certainly not the most mood-inducing aromatic aroma out there, if you know what I mean. Translation: for many, it is a major turnoff, and a great amount of nonsmokers have no interest in getting busy with smokers who smell like smoke. Switching to vapor takes care of this stinky issue; no smell about it!

The Options

With vaping, you have the option of vaping indoors without creating a problem for those who don’t want to be around your smoke. You can casually vape without disturbing anyone’s peace, and vapor will allow you to commingle with many more people without the label of “smoker.” 

What Smoking Says About You

Like it or not, smoking comes with its own connotations, and others will make judgements about you as a result. Smokers are seen as dirty, smelly, and wasteful; they can be seen as people who make poor choices because smoking is so unhealthy. They may be pinned as unhealthy because they smoke. While it may be unfair to have to live under such scrutiny, others are going to have their opinions, and plenty of people out there will not date a smoker.

The Long Term Ramifications

To those searching for a long term relationship or partner, smoking can be a big no-no because smokers spend more money than nonsmokers on their habit (obviously, and it’s an expensive habit), smokers tend to live shorter lives, and they tend to have more health issues to contend with. No bueno for long-term love. For many nonsmokers, it’s a conflict of interest and a matter of lifestyle differences. So, why close off potential partners when you could just switch to vaping? Not smelling like stale, musty tobacco and allowing yourself to no longer be labeled as a smoker can instantly make you more attractive, so we urge you to try the cleaner option of e-cigarettes. Your love life may very well benefit from it!

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Vape ‘n VOTE!

Election 2016 is down to the wire, folks, and we wanted to give you just a subtle reminder to get out there and VOTE tomorrow, if you haven’t already done so! We’re not touting either candidate, but we are urging you to use your constitutional right to get your vote in. In what many consider to be the most heated election since forever, it is so important to make sure your opinion counts. Because like the old saying goes, unless you vote, you’ve got no room to complain.

Whether you swing to the right, left, or dance straight down the middle and are planning on voting rogue for Gary Johnson, we suggest making these last hours on the lead up to Decision 2016 as stress-free, and as vape-filled as possible. Seriously. There is no better way to deal with the anxiousness as you bide your time awaiting the results! So make sure your e-cig batteries are all charged up, your extra tanks are clean and ready, you’ve got e-liquids to spare on hand, and you have extra flavors in case you need a switch ASAP! As we all know, it’s a seriously close race, filled with nonstop drama, intrigue, scandal, and mayhem! And despite it all, at the end of it all, a candidate will be decided upon, entitled with running this ship for the next 4 years! Yeah, that’s a pretty heavy endeavor, and we’re certainly feeling the weight and anticipation of it! So, we’re vaping. Like you should be. Because awesome flavor, the incomparable relaxation of vaping, and the soothing effects of vapor make it the perfect antidote to the stress.

This election may or may not have an impact on the vaping industry, but as we all know, it will certainly have an impact on all of our lives in a variety of ways, so VOTE. Because you have the right to do so, VOTE. Because your voice counts. VOTE. Because your opinion on healthcare, education, homeland security, and taxes matter, and these are things you should be immensely concerned about; because they will affect you. So, vape as you wait, and be sure you vote tomorrow!

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Happy National Cat Day!

Vaping and having a cat; two things that may apply to you, and generally have nothing to do with one another. However, in honor of National Cat Day, which is today, we thought we’d talk about how awesome it is to be a vaper when you have a kitty. Purrfect, right? So, here are 10 reasons why life is better when you’re a vaper, instead of a smoker, if you have a pet.

  1. If you’re prone to staying home and just chilling with your cat, vaping is much friendlier when used indoors than smoke.

  2. Your cat may not mind the mild aroma of vapor, but probably detested the funk of smoke.

  3. Clean air is better for everyone who breathes in oxygen. Meow.

  4. Kitty deserves a cleaner, less filthy home without indoor air pollution, or tar covering everything.

  5. Cats and dogs’ lungs are remarkably similar to our own, and they bear the effects of secondhand smoke just like us, so tobacco smoke can actually be highly dangerous to them. Hiss.

  6. Vapor dissipates practically instantly, within seconds of exhaling so nothing will be lingering in the air afterwards.

  7. Tobacco tar sticks to everything it comes into contact with, including skin and hair; yours or your pets. They also lick themselves clean. Think about that. :(

  8. No chemicals to share with vapor, unlike with tobacco.

  9. The amount of nicotine left behind by e-cigarettes is dramatically less than tobacco cigarettes, and this is something to consider because being exposed to large amounts of nicotine can be dangerous to your furry friends.

  10. Netflix and chill with a vape and a cat on your lap is the definition of heaven.

So, happy National Cat Day! If you have a kitty, enjoy their companionship knowing you’ve made the right choice in vaping, instead of smoking. If you haven’t yet #madetheswitch, here’s another perfectly valid, perfectly appropriate reason to kick the smoke in favor of vapor; your fur-baby deserves it!

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Vaping in Public: How to Do it

Vaping in public can be awesome. It can be so much easier to do and enjoy, especially if you are a former smoker who was so used to being treated like a leper. Vapor brings with it the clean, smokeless, almost entirely aroma-free essence that makes life wonderful for those who’ve switched, however, that isn’t to say it’s always an easy road. Unfortunately, vaping is not accepted everywhere in public, and there will be times when you will not able to flaunt your slick vaporizer where you roam.

Vape etiquette is a thing, and it is best you take heed. Or you’ll have to head elsewhere sometimes to have a little vapor, and the last thing you want to be bothered with.

So, want some tips on getting it done without a lot of fuss? Here are our tips for vaping in public, and doing it on the DL. Stealth vaping. It’s an art.

The Right Vape Pen

First things first, before we concentrate on style, you need the right device for vaping out and about. We suggest a sleek, easy to conceal vape pen that fits in your palm easily. It should be able to be slipped into your pocket without any trouble, and it should not be too large. The aim is to enjoy, but not have to spend too much time fumbling with it.

Vape Style

Next up, you’re going to have to learn a few methods of vaping that allow you to fly under the radar. Here are our picks:

Inhale Deeply: This works by holding your inhale in your lungs just a bit longer than usual when vaping. On the exhale, the vapor will be cut down.

Swallow Dilution: This trick tricks your vapor. Inhale the vapor, swallow it, and follow it up by exhaling out your nose. It’ll be diluted and much less noticeable.

Shirt the Issue: Exhale your vape into the inside of your shirt, just be sure you’re not using the highest VG liquid, or you’ll look like a dragon or something with vapor seeping out of them.


Aim for a higher PG concentrate e-juice if you plan on vaping often in public in areas where it won’t be very accepted. This way, your clouds will be less pronounced, and you will be able to keep them concealed a little better than the smokestacks typically known to be produced by high/ max VG juices.

So, there you have it. Clear, straight-up instructions on how to vape in public without being a douche or obvious. Enjoy your vapor without a scene; it can be done with the right tools, the right juice, and the right mindset!

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Love South Beach Smoke? Want to Get Rewarded? Keep Reading!

We know for South Beach Smoke customers, our products totally offer a great experience, a better option than tobacco, and tons of savings. However, are you aware of our awesome customer rewards program? That’s right; when it comes to our customers, we want to make your purchases go even further, and what better way to do that than by making sure your money goes further?

The South Beach Smoke Loyalty Program was designed to reward our loyal customers for all the money you spend with us; so for every dollar you spend, you will earn one point. When you have reached the point of having earned 200 points, you will receive $20 towards your future South Beach Smoke spending.

Enrollment in the SOBE Rewards program is automatic, so you really have to do nothing to be joined. Just by being a customer, you will be enrolled, so all of your purchases will contribute to your overall rewards. Points are earned not just for making purchases, but also for other things such as sharing your purchases on Facebook (which earns you 5 points) or liking us on Facebook (that’ll earn you another 5 points). Additionally, on your birthday, we reward you with a celebratory 20 points. If you follow us on Twitter you’ll earn 5 points, and for every review you leave on our products you’ll earn 1 point for each. If you decide to sign up for our Home Delivery Program, which gets you automatic deliveries of your e-liquids or cartridges, you will earn 25 points just for enrolling. Boom! An easy way to see the savings accumulate!

As a customer, we want to reward you for your loyalty and continued commitment to being a part of the South Beach Smoke family. Those reward points really add up, so we make earning them worth your while in a multitude of ways, and we make it really easy to do so.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to start seeing the rewards? Get shopping!

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