Double the Fun: Dual Usage

Options are pretty awesome, they make life work for you in many ways. When it comes to vaping, one of the best things available are the endless options. So, have you thought about the possibilities of being a Dual User?

So, what exactly is a “dual user,” you may ask? Well, it is a vaper who chooses the path of least resistance. It is a vaper who sees opportunity and runs with it. It’s a vaper who takes advantage of the offerings of the market in all the right ways. Basically, it’s a vaper who sees the benefit of using both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. In other words, one who opts for the best of both worlds. Brilliant, right!?

Recent studies have shown that 3 out of 4 e-cig users go this route, as it offers the most flexibility. Obviously, there are a wide range of individual reasons people use both products, however, and it really comes down to personal logistics.

Being able to use both varieties of smoking methods, smokers and vapers are given the choice to switch between them, without guilt for harking back to tobacco, if they so choose. This method also avails a ton of other conveniences such as:

Cost Savings: for smokers who handle the extreme expense of cigarettes, which average between $5 and $6 nationally, and can skyrocket in upwards of $10 per pack in some places, subbing a few cigs for e-cigs daily can offer a monumental savings differential, as the equivalent cost in vapor is about $2.

Social Vaping: It has become so unacceptable to smoke cigarettes publically! While a cig in hand was once de rigueur, it is anything but now. If you want to socialize without making a scene or an inconvenience of yourself, swap your tobacco for vapor when you’re out!

Behind Closed Doors: Cigarettes smoked indoors is an awful idea for so many reasons. Second hand smoke is atrocious, however, they pose an even greater risk of fire. Falling ash, forgotten lit cigarettes, and other smoking-related fire accidents are not worth the hazard. Switch to e-cigs indoors for peace of mind because they use no fire!

Smoking cigarettes is bad, but we understand that the transition doesn’t happen automatically for everyone. Even just a few cigarettes replaced by vapor cigs is a start; being a dual user ain’t so bad at all! If you’re interested this method, and want to check out your options, check out our awesome e-cigarette offerings!

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National Parks Ban E-Cigarette & Vapor Products

There’s nothing quite like being surrounded by the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. The sights, the sounds, the satisfying throat hit… But when nature calls and you’re interested in taking in a little more than just the fresh air, you may want to reconsider whipping out your beloved e-cig if you happen to be hanging out at a National Park.

In the latest effort to eliminate nicotine product usage, the National Parks Service has banned all electronic cigarette devices and vaporizers within all U.S. national parks. Not that e-cigarettes pose any more risk to starting forest fires than, say a flashlight, this was recently put into action.

Mirroring the law that decided the fate of traditional cigarettes (you know, because they’re lit by matches and lighters; both of which are proven to conveniently start fires), the ban prohibits all electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) on National Park property, including concessions and government-operated facilities and vehicles. Effective immediately, the policy change was handed down by National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis. In a statement released to the media, Jarvis explained how the new measure serves the greater good because “protecting the health and safety of our visitors and employees is one of the most critical duties of the National Park Service. We are therefore extending the restrictions currently in place protecting visitors and employees from exposure to tobacco smoke to include exposure to vapor from electronic smoking devices.”

As of the publishing of this article, when searched, the National Park Service’s website concerning their general Smoking Policy, the information was anything but specific. And given the difficulty to fully comprehend much of the new regulations imposed upon the e-cig industry, this will only further the debated discord of categorizing all nicotine products under the sole umbrella of such a widespread falsehood. Such an effort, in the eyes of many, is seen as one that is both misrepresented and without probable cause. Then again, such is the erroneous nature of these broad, ill-informed explanations when released on behalf of products that have never contained tobacco in them whatsoever.

At South Beach Smoke, we fully acknowledge and will always adhere to regulations that are not only the way of the walk when it comes to protecting citizens rightfully, but is acknowledged as standard practice. However, when allocated in ways that does not take into consideration the true intent of the products in question, and even going as far as to mislabel them correctly to create rules, we have no choice but to call out such malpractices in order to rectify them. Restricting the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces, such as the National Parks seems fishy, and outright wrong. Their basis for this new restriction is uncalled for, and somewhat alienating, considering what e-smoking consists of. Yes, we understand their stance of protection toward the landscapes and the wellbeing of their patrons and employees, however there are way more important ways to maintain a respectful level of accommodation, without propagating falsehoods.

So yeah… pardon our PSA, enjoy your hike and don’t forget to keep those e-cigs outta the parks!

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3 Legitimate Reasons Why Vaping is Outdoing Smoking

You’ve heard it all before… Why vaping is better than smoking.

And whether or not its truly fact or fantasy, many of these rationales have given you more than enough reason to kick some (cigarette) butt. And since seeking social asylum from the dreadful taste, smell and of course, health implications related to tobacco, many of you have also voiced your complete disgust at the sheer sight of it.

Obviously, you are not alone, and with that, allow us to introduce the countdown of 3 reasons why vaping outdoes smoking as it pertains to the modern day appeal:

Reason #3: Financially speaking, vaping’s cheaper than smoking and yet it looks much more sophisticated. It’s nothing short of a preposterous inhaling of radioactive tar on a stick that you overpaid for. You look rather foolish when flaunting tobacco these days because, why bother? Besides, unless you’re planning on hanging out in a vacant parking lot or a really stale bar, good ol’ cigs are a little too much on the stinky side to enjoy amongst the masses.

Reason #2: Speaking of social acceptance, the electronic form of the cigarette or its more advanced cousin the vaporizer has the “see and be seen” exclusivity when it comes to some of the hottest nightclubs, house parties and coffee talks around. Cigarettes, on the other hand are pretty much unwelcome everywhere.

Reason #1: It’s the 21st Century and you’ve got digital options for just about everything. You can fine tune your vaporizer or e-cig to fit into your life/ lifestyle, and not the other way around. You are able to choose every little aspect, from vape accessories to flavors; from nicotine level to devices; there is no one-way street with vaping. Make your e-smoking work for you; not the other way around.

Modernization isn’t all bad… in fact, when it comes to enjoying nicotine, digital smoking surpasses the traditional analog ten-fold. Save money, look better, use them where you please, and have all the personalized options you could dream of. The future is rather sweet, if we do say so ourselves!

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On Being Diacetyl-Free

We’re like to keep up with our reputation for quality, and avoiding certain chemicals is just part of our high-class allure. Case in point: Diacetyl. Di-a-what? Diacetyl is a rather common ingredient in certain food items, however it has no place in electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. Vapor and e-juice are not, after all, food! So here is a look at what it is, and why we keep away from this stuff in an effort to keep you away from this stuff! Trust us, after you learn a little more, you’ll probably thank us too!

What is Diacetyl?

It is a by product of the dairy industry, resulting from the fermentation of cream. It creates a rather unique flavor, imparts a sweet flavor onto other things, and it has shown to have no negative effects when ingested. When inhaled, however, it can prove disastrous.

Diacetyl is linked to the rare lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans, which also goes by the slang name, “popcorn lung.” This disease is marked by inflammation of the bronchioles, restricting them to the point where airflow is obstructed to and from the lungs, resulting in labored wheezing and a nasty dry cough. The dangers of diacetyl exposure come after it has been heated and inhaled over long periods of time.

In 2014, Dr. KE Farsalinos, longtime ally of the e-cigarette industry, presented a study at the Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw, Poland, detailing the effects and findings of diacetyl found in e-liquids. He sampled 160 different liquid varieties, the majority of which were European brands, and found that 74% of them put users at risk for exposure to diacetyl, even at small levels.

After the report was presented, brands with the highest levels of diacetyl were contacted in an effort to alert them to the danger. Hopefully they have since made the appropriate amends to remove the diacetyl.

South Beach Smoke’s Take on Diacetyl:

From our own end, we understand the importance of avoiding this unnecessary chemical, and are proud to say that all South Beach Smoke liquids are in fact, diacetyl-free. Considering our track record for having awesome-tasting liquids, with up to 30,000 different flavor possibilities, we are doing just fine without it!

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How to Answer Vape-Related Questions!

Here are some of the interesting things you’re probably going to get asked as a vaper… And how to answer them! Because humans are a curious species, and when you stand out like a maverick, using something as clever as e-cigarettes, others are going to take notice. Be prepared; you’ll look extra smart!

1. Where can I smoke e-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are sometimes regarded in the same manner as traditional cigarettes, and sometimes not. Many times, you can use them just about everywhere with no problems in public. Other times, you will be treated exactly like a typical smoker, and have to keep your e-smoking to designated areas. The easiest answer, however: if you’re not sure, ask.

2. Do you save money when vaping?

Yes, for the most part. Typically, vapers save thousands of dollars over the cost of traditional cigarette usage, however some vapers find themselves spending more money on cool products just for the hobby aspect of it. Can’t deny it, vaping is cool and purposeful!

3. Do you really know what’s in the vapor?

Yes, as long as you use a brand who keeps things transparent, and makes it known what goes into their liquid. If you’re unsure about brands, go after a reputable one and scope out their website to see what kinds of info they’re disclosing.

4. Are they healthier than regular smoking?

We aren’t in a position to say, and there is no scientific information to say yes or no on this matter. But what we do advocate is knowledge and using your own critical thinking on it; no tobacco is a very good thing.

5. Why did you switch?

This one’s personal! So, why did you switch? Was it to save money? Look cooler? Get away from tobacco? Got sick of the smoke? Get candid!

6. Are they safer?

It depends on the context. There is no fire, so yes on that note. No tobacco, so you can use your own judgment on that. No tar, and that’s a plus!

7. What device should I get?

Um, well… for the sake of this article, we’ll totally say anything by South Beach Smoke, but in actuality, it comes down to what you want from an alternative cigarette device. You have so many options! Super simple: go with a basic e-cig. More advanced: go for a personal vaporizer. Very advanced: you may want to research MODS. Bonus points if your preferred device is from South Beach Smoke, though, because our quality can’t be beat!

8. Where is the best place to get an e-cigarette?

Again, as far as we’re concerned, South Beach Smoke is the ultimate place/ website to get e-cigarettes, however your options are far from limited.

9. Any advice for a novice/ newbie/ smoker who wants to get into vaping?

Experiment, explore, and do a ton of research. Vaping is best done, and most successful when users understand and know as much as possible.

Hey, vaping is awesome, and if you’re doing it amongst the masses, you’re probably going to get asked questions. Aren’t you glad we prepped you for the Q&A?

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