Up Your Sex Appeal with E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are hot, and using them can make you even hotter. Now, you may be thinking such a statement is ludicrous, however, most smokers switch to vaping because they want an alternative to smoking tobacco. They inherently want to get healthier, and they are looking for a more positive overall lifestyle.

What this has to do with sex appeal is that, well, the healthier you are, chances are the more attractive you will be. If you work out, the more likely you are to be physically fit. The general population finds healthy, fit individuals to be more attractive. See the correlation? While we can’t promise that flaunting an e-cig will get you more dates, we can say that leading a healthier lifestyle will add many benefits to your life, and exercising has the benefit of not only making your body hotter, but also one’s attitude! That’s right, exercise releases endorphins, which can boost your mood and make you a happier, more confident person! And it’s widely accepted that confidence is very sexy.

Many smokers are not fond of exercising because their lungs can’t handle the increased effort it takes to keep up. This can often lead smokers to not exercise, which in turn can cause unwanted weight gain. A horrible, vicious cycle it is! On the contrary, however, many smokers report a feeling of increased lung capacity when they switch to e-cigarettes. This enables them to handle more intense workouts, and in general handle more physical activity.

In a recent study, 1000 electronic cigarette smokers were asked about their experiences with vaping and their results from using the alternative cigarette products. Many reported a feeling of improved lung function, and three fourths of the participants reported they were much more capable of handling exertion and strenuous exercise since switching to e-cigarettes. 98% of the study’s participants reported that they had been able to decrease their usage of traditional cigarettes after they started using e-cigarettes, with 77% of the participants stating they had switched entirely to e-cigs. 66% of participants reported that they noticed a significant improvement in their ability to perform daily tasks.

While in reality, simply switching to e-cigarettes won’t guarantee that you’ll become hotter, sexier, or more attractive, switching holds many benefits which can in turn, lead you to take better care of yourself. Healthy totally equates to sexy, so switch to e-cigs, hit the gym, and focus on the positives!

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Choosing a Starter Kit: What to Know Before You Purchase

Electronic cigarette starter kits are the standard way of starting up with vaping. You get all the stuff you need in a handy little package, and you don’t have to think twice about getting extra products to make the magic happen. The trick, however, is finding the right setup in the beginning, because as you are probably well aware, there are a great many different starter kits! How do you know which you want? How do you know what you’ll need? How do you figure out which kit will work best for your needs? These are probably some of the questions circulation in your brain.

So, to keep things simple and to help you navigate the terrain, here are some questions to guide you along. Vaping should be pleasurable and stress relieving – not stress-inducing!

How many batteries do you think you’ll need? If you aren’t sure, a good start is 2, so that you have one as a backup for when the other is charging or dead. More batteries is not a bad thing, however some people are looking to stick to a budget in the beginning.

What kinds of flavors do you like? Consider the many flavor options you have before you. If you are wanting to stick to strictly tobacco flavors, especially if you are a smoker who is trying e-cigarettes for the first time, we’ve got three to choose from, in addition to menthol and a very varied selection that includes fruit and other sweet flavors. If you can’t choose just one, we’ve got the perfect thing for you: two different variety packs such as our 10 Flavor sampler, which includes our original 10 flavors and our New Flavor Bundle that has all 6 of our new flavors.

Accessories: More or Less? You have lots of options here. We carry a large assortment of different chargers, and some people find having all of them are useful, and others find they use only one or two of them and that’s it. Think about your lifestyle; are you likely going to need an adapter for the car because you spend ample amounts of time in it? Do you use a digital device such as your computer or tablet regularly enough to want to do your charging from it? What about the wall adapter? Is it necessary?

Is a more expensive kit going to promise me a more enjoyable vaping experience? Not necessarily. Especially if you target your particular type of usage and figure out which products will work for the way you will be vaping.

Part of buying the right e-cigarette starter kit is finding out which products you want and need, versus those that will be completely irrelevant to you. It takes a little time and a little research, but making informed decisions will take you a whole lot farther and make you a whole lot more satisfied with the end result! And, if you can’t decide at all on a starter kit, you know what we suggest? Get a Reusable Express Kit; just the bare basics, but enough to experience the power of South Beach Smoke vaping!

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Summertime and South Beach Smoke

E-cigarettes and summertime were made for each other. In reality, e-cigarettes were pretty much made for every season, every occasion, and to be used in any daily situation, but they are especially awesome in the summer. Summer calls for celebration, especially if you live in an area of the country that has just come out of one of the most brutal winters ever. Feeling the warmth on your skin, being able to wear less clothing, and having all the freedom that warm weather brings makes it a season to be savored, and that makes it even better when you’re vaping.

So to celebrate the amazingness that is the season of summer, we’re having a sweet little summer sale. Right now, all cartridges are all priced at 20% off! It’s perfect for saving a little cash, stocking up for all of your summer adventures, and getting what need at a great price. Looking to try a new flavor? Need to grab a few packs for your personal inventory? Need a good reason to just get some more e-cigarette cartridges? Take advantage now!

Summer often means more get togethers with friends, lots of nights out, parties, and lots of time spent outdoors. And what could be better than having your e-cigs with you in all of your favorite flavors? When you’re a vaper, there is no such thing as too many cartridges; you always need them, and you always could use extras in different flavors to enjoy, and we sure have a hefty assortment to choose from!

Summer is a really dynamic season, and it really makes people want to get out and enjoy the weather and the offerings it brings. Grab some South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes, load up on cartridges while they’re priced so sweetly, and go enjoy the season! Hot times call for hot savings!

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E-Cigs in the Office

Vaping is totally different than smoking, and because electronic cigarettes offer their users so many more options than traditional cigarettes, and they happen to be a lot more socially accommodating, it should come as no surprise that workplaces and offices across the country are beginning to allow vaping in the office, during work hours, without requiring employees to head outside for tobacco cigarette breaks.

Back in the day, it was pretty common for smokers to be free to smoke in any public places: indoors, offices, college classrooms, libraries; most enclosed public spaces were really never off limits. If you didn’t like smoke, you just had to deal! As attitudes on smoking changed over the decades, and smoking became less and less socially acceptable, it eventually got to where we are now; with tobacco smoke making smokers the equivalent of social lepers if they whip out a tobacco stick anywhere in public and especially if they think they can use them in a crowd!

With the advent of vaping, and the availability of being able to smoke with no smell, lingering odor, or any combustion, e-cigarettes have become the ultimate middle ground, giving smokers and nonsmokers comfortable common ground. Employers have taken to this modern smoking method, and have begun allowing their employees to use the products in their workplaces, upping the overall productivity and contributing to less time wasted on smoke breaks.

It’s not a secret that employers prefer nonsmoking employees because they need less breaks because they do not smoke, historically miss less time at work due to illnesses, are less fidgety because they are not always craving another cigarette, and they tend to smell better. Electronic cigarettes have become the ideal way for smokers to be more productive at work, without creating conflict with their employers, all the while getting the satisfaction they crave.

Being able to have your nicotine when you want it is a huge plus for smokers, and being able to do so in the confines of the office, without offending anyone is a rather large blessing. While not all offices and workplaces have embraced the e-cigarette trend, we give major props to those that have!

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Father’s Day is Upon Us!

Contrary to popular belief, your dad doesn’t want new golf clubs, some argyle socks, or a new tie for Father’s Day. Besides, haven’t you exhausted those options time and time again? Your dad wants new vaping gear, and if he’s a smoker who still smokes traditional cigarettes, we cordially invite you to blow his mind by updating him to the 21st century.

By that we mean introducing him to the world of electronic smoking, even if he thinks the products are a little bit newfangled and made for them younger folks, we’re sure he will enjoy the concept!

If your dad currently is an electronic cigarette smoker, we applaud him for moving away from the tobacco and embracing the world of vapor alternatives. E-cigarettes are made for smokers of all ages, not just those who are young and hip. They are designed to recreate the smoking experience and allow users to have the same experience in a safe, tobacco-free, odorless manner that can be used in a wide variety of places without issues.

Why give gifts that lack meaning? When you give a South Beach Smoke starter kit, you are saying a lot, such as you care enough about your dad’s health to want to contribute to improving it, that you encourage him to experiment with additional options besides tobacco which is outrageously unhealthy, and ultimately that you want him to be around for as long as possible.

In honor of dads everywhere, this Father’s Day we are running a very sweet steal of a deal: 35% off all of our e-cigarette starter kits (with the exception of the South Beach Smoke Air). For your dad, or any of the other father-figures in your life who are currently still smoking cigarettes, or are using sub-par e-cigarettes, we hope you take advantage of this awesome sale and give a gift that goes a lot further than being something to wear or something he won’t actually use!

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