How to Choose a Flavor

Feeling stumped by too many flavors? Let us help you get around that. Here is a little guide to choosing the ideal e-liquid flavor, whether you’re looking for the perfect single flavor to have and to hold forevermore, or you want a nice range of options in your personal arsenal to fall back on regularly.

Sweet: There are lots of sweet flavors to play with. And by “lots,” we mean thousands when you factor in blends. Candy sweet? Cake sweet? Java sweet? Fruity sweet? That doesn’t even scratch the surface! What kind of sweet do you like?  Chances are, we’ve got something to satisfy! Try Cotton Candy is you’re into candy, Strawberry for fruit, and Fancy Latte if you like it very flavorful and quite complex.

Fruit: Who doesn’t like fruit flavored e-liquids? We offer an endless array of fruits to choose from, and whether it’s syrupy sweet like strawberries, tart like lime, mild-tempered like cantaloupe, indulgent like coconut, or refreshing like watermelon; we’ve got all that and more! And when we start extending into the blends, oh my! Here’s a tip: Caribbean Escape is among the best!

Dessert: Among the most popular tastes out there, dessert is on everyone’s menu when it comes to vaping. And in this light, we offer literally A TON of different choices for dessert. Custard, cheesecake, chocolate covered strawberries… We’re not even scratching the surface here!

Beverage: Sometimes you wanna drink yo drinks, sometimes you wanna vape ‘em. We offer tons of beverage inspired flavors, from milkshakes, to cocktails, to rootbeer, cola, tea, and coffee. Some of the world’s most amazing beverage flavors are available in South Beach Smoke e-liquid flavor form, and we totally suggest downing a few!

Sense-ational: Like your flavor to add a little zing? Menthols, mints, red hot cinnamon; all of these flavors take care of those cravings for flavors that do a little something extra. Menthol Ice and Peppermint will take care of ya!

We offer a ton of flavors, make no mistake about it. If you can dream it, we can probably make it a reality. Sweet, savory, and just about everything in between; we offer endless variety, choices, and delicious flavors to keep your clouds ever so enjoyable. So, get busy experimenting! Hopefully, if you want the best e-liquids, this guide serves you well!

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Atomizers: What are They?

Ah, atomizers, those clever little necessities of the vaping process, especially in regards to advanced vaporizers! Have you ever wondered what they do (for real) and why they are so important? What about why they never seem to last very long? Well, because you aren’t the only one, here is a look at what atomizers do, and why they are part of the grand scheme of things.

What Are Atomizers?

Atomizers are the part of the device that does the vaporizing action, and they are responsible for the quality of your vapor and its taste. They are powered by the battery, and they heat the liquid and essentially vaporize it into powerful clouds of delicious vapor. Many consider them to be the most important part of the process, and because of this, it is imperative to go with a good atomizer.

How do Atomizers Work?

Typically, depending on the device, atomizers receive a charge of power from the battery once the user takes a puff on the vaporizer. This enables them to instantly heat up to hot temps via the heating coil, which connects to the wicking material where the e-liquid is held, and in seconds, it vaporizes the liquid upon contact.

Atomizer Slang

Atomizers are on everyone’s must-have list, and there are a lot of different (somewhat albeit confusing) terms for everything atomizer-related. You’ll hear things like dual-coil, single coil, atty, carto, cartomizer, clearomizer, and tanks that all have a reference to atomizers, even though these are not all interchangeable. Here is a quick breakdown of what they are and what they mean:

  • Dual Coil: 2 coil atomizer.
  • Single Coil: Self explanatory; 1 coil.
  • Atty: Short and sweet for “Atomizer.”
  • Cartomizer: A component that combines the atomizer and cartridge.
  • Carto: Short for “Cartomizer.”
  • Clearomizer: A clear tank. It holds liquid and contains an atomizer, with a clear body.
  • Tank: Component that holds the liquid, and works with the atomizer and battery for vapor.

Why Do Atomizers Need Replacing Constantly?

They do a lot of work in a short amount of time, so this equates to a short lifespan. And even though death is not pleasant, it’s necessary when it comes to these parts. To make it easy on you, we sell atomizers in 5-packs so you can replace as often as needed!

So, atomizers are awesome. Without them, vaping simply would not exist. Think of them as the worker bees of the vaping process (you wouldn’t have much food without bees; you wouldn’t have vapor without atty’s!); they make the magic happen!

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Getting the Most out of Your Vapes

Most e-smokers who use these amazing products know they are very much low maintenance. Using them is  simple, taking care of them is simple, and just a little extra effort can allow them to last a very long time.

So do you want to get the most out of your e-cigs? Here’s a little useful info to make their performance tops and their lifespans go as long as possible!


Your e-cig battery can last quite a while, and even though disposable cartridges only go a couple days at the most with regular usage, batteries are built to last. A little extra care, such as cleaning them thoroughly along their connecting points can help provide great performance, and keep your vapor pouring out in clouds. Using just a soft dry cloth and a Q-tip to remove any excess liquid or dried up residue, can have an excellent result in allowing your battery to perform at full strength for a long time to come. Clean weekly, and things will be awesome.


Most e-cigarette cartridges are disposable, and they really don’t require any extra maintenance. Screwing them onto the battery at just the right level of tightness is one of the few things you have to master about using them. If they’re too tight, the battery will have a hard time vaporizing, and if they are too loose, you run the risk of leaking, as well as the battery not vaporizing liquid. Otherwise, cartridges are pretty self-explanatory. Attach, vape, toss, and replace.

Think Security

One of the best ways to ensure maximum performance for the longest amount of time with your batteries is having a constant regimen of keeping your gear safe. Batteries can be susceptible to damage from falls, being knocked around, and just general use. When not in use, a specially designed storage case is the best place to keep your gear and batteries. Lucky for you, we carry a lot of different electronic cigarette accessories such as our Personal Charging Case, the PowerCig, the Universal Carrying Case, and our e-cigarette lanyards, all of which allow you to have the convenience you need while ensuring your gear is protected.

Electronic cigarettes should be considered an investment, because most of the gear are one-time purchases. While there’s a lot of cost savings compared to traditional smoking, maintaining your products so that they last as long as possible and perform highly for as long as possible allows your investment to stretch. Basically, clean, store properly, and take care of your stuff and it’ll take care of you!

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Mother’s Day: There’s Still Time!

Mom’s vape, smoke, and enjoy nicotine just like the rest of us! If you’re looking for the best gifts to get your mom, or any of the moms in your life, even though we’re at a totally last minute position at the moment, it’s totally possible and hooray for you(!), there’s still time to make it happen!

Check out this Mother’s Day gift Guide, or have a good browse through our website to get mom the perfect gift this year! Of course candy, flowers, and jewelry are always nice, but nonstop smoke-free pleasure is even better! Especially when it lasts a whole lot longer!

For the Smoker:

Any of South Beach Smoke’s awesome starter kit packages are perfect for smokers. Even if mom is the type of person who isn’t exactly done with tobacco smoking, South Beach Smoke quality is hella good, and awesome enough to convince even the staunchest tobacco user that vapor is ahhhh-mazing!

Top Picks:

The Reusable Express Kit: The perfect vape for reluctant smokers.

The Enthusiastic Novice Vaper:

The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit

The smoker who’s charging full steam ahead for vapor. The righteous vape convert:

The Deluxe Starter Kit

Mom Who Mods:

A custom-built vaporizer, tricked out to mom’s favorite colors and power levels! I bet this one will become her favorite piece!

Hardcore Mom who loves APV’s:

A Thunder Starter Kit! This package has lots of power and performs amazingly! Anyone who likes advanced vapes will love this!


Easy, simple, and sure to arrive on time because they’re sent by email, sometimes gift cards are the perfect gift, especially when it comes to discerning vapers who are hard to shop for! You choose the value, we’lll send it along, and the mama of your choice will get to pick the gift of her choice! Everyone wins!

Mamas make the world go round, so show the mothers in your life how much you appreciate them this year. No better gift to give than that of the smoke-free life, so give with good intentions, and you’ll see the appreciation! 

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Comfort: Vapor vs. Tobacco

The majority of people are not interested in doing things that are uncomfortable, unpleasant or compromise their lifestyle. When it comes to making decisions between different products, most people aim for those that make their lives more comfortable and more enjoyable. And because humans are creatures of habit and creatures of comfort, if it causes us to not have those needs met, most likely we’re running in the opposite direction, and not going to do it. Here are some of the benefits to using e-cigarettes that can impact your life from a comfort and enjoyment standpoint, and why you’d probably be happier with the switch.

1. Cost. Because we all work for money, we all want the best deal, we don’t like wasting money, and no one wants to pay more in taxes than necessary. Simply, electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. A huge amount of the cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes is paid in taxes, and it can eat you alive! Some smokers feel uncomfortable spending around $100 for a starter kit, although with e-cigarettes, the initial cost is typically the most expensive and the cost of cartridge refills and or liquids is much less costly in the long run. Most smokers find that they save thousands of dollars a year by comparison. And, if you’re searching for economical e-cigarettes, look no further than South Beach Smoke!

2. Health. No, there’s no proof that electronic cigarettes are “healthier,” however when you eliminate the tobacco, you eliminate a lot of the risk. And that’s enough for many people to opt for vapor smoking instead. Smoke in and of itself is problematic; vapor is not.

3. Odor. Who really wants to smell like they never showered after they got home from the bar late night last night? Eau de saloon is not a perfume, and no one really likes the smell of musty tobacco smoke all over themselves, their partners, their cars, their home, their hair, their clothes and basically every aspect of their lives. Vapor allows you to smell like a breath of fresh air, odorless, clean, and definitely not musty.

This is exactly why smokers are turning to e-cigarettes. Never before has a product come along that truly encapsulated the smoking experience, without the actual tobacco, until e-cigs came along. And now that the industry has solidified itself as a veritable niche market, with millions of smokers having traded the smoke in for vapor, it shows that literally millions are seeing the benefit, comfortably!

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