Valentine’s Day: What Could be More Romantic than Vapor?

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we all know that vapor cigs are the more romantic alternative. Yes, we know, most people don’t regard vaping as “romantic,” but it definitely is. Your see, cigarettes smell bad, and they aren’t very sexy. They make your teeth look awful, they make your body unhealthy, they are absolutely much too expensive (you could be saving up for an excitingly hot vacation instead!) and simply, tobacco cigarettes are annoying.

So, if you smoke, switch to vapor for V-Day this year; your nonsmoking lover will thank you! Surprise them, and watch their eyes light up! Nothing says you care quite like taking better care of yourself and/or doing something on behalf of your partner to make their life a little more comfortable; because they’ve loved you enough to put up with your smoke this long! Switching to e-cigs will benefit you both, trust us on this!

Now, if your partner is the tobacco user among the two of you, what could make a hotter Valentine’s Day gift than a loaded South Beach Smoke starter kit? Yeah, nothing. However, if you want to butter it up with a little extra thought, go for it!

So, what if the two of you are smokers and switching will make life better for both of you? Enter the South Beach Smoke Couple’s Starter Kit. This will make all of your smoke-free fantasies come true, and you won’t have to deal with sharing equipment and stealing each other’s stuff. You know what they say… Couple’s who vape together, stay together!

And, not to leave single people out of the mix, just because you don’t have a significant other doesn’t mean you won’t be looking for some action come V-Day. So if you find yourself in this boat, get down with vaping because cigarette smoke is more of a deterrent, rather than an attractor to potential partners. And, don’t forget that e-cigs make great convo starters! Just looking out for you; no one should be without love on Valentine’s Day!

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Why You Need to be Connected to the #VapeFam

Vaping can get lonely if you don’t have others to share in the love of vapor with. For those of you vapers who have friends/ siblings/ significant others/ coworkers/ neighbors/ parents (or whatever) in your life who also vape, consider yourselves lucky! If you find yourself among the vaping population who is on their own, and without others to commune with on this oh-so delightful culture and hobby, we suggest you get down with the vape fam on social media. Best starting point? South Beach Smoke’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram hotspots.

Vaping has gotten so big, and so hot that users everywhere love chit-chatting about their current obsessions, fave devices, and exchanging info in this mind-blowing world wide community. Social media has really connected vapers everywhere, enabling you to get info, advice, and entertainment at a moment’s notice with others who are a part of the amazing movement that is vaping.

What we love about our own #VapeFam is that we love connecting with people over the concept of these amazing devices. The sense of community is really amazing, and it’s pretty darn wonderful knowing the reach we have. We love sharing the awesomeness that is vaping with the world, and being able to connect daily, even if for just a little humor, makes what we do that much more fantastic. Seeing our customers communicating with each other, sharing insight and info, chatting about the products, and exchanging perspectives, it really does add more purpose to what we do. In regular life it may sometimes be hard to come across others with the same passion for vapor cigs, but online it’s a whole other story. Being involved in this beautiful, international community kicks major ass.

Hey, flying solo is great. Not trying to say you need to stop, drop, and spend every free moment on social media, talking about vaping and spamming everyone with pics of your sick new vapes (no judgement!). However, if you want to learn some new #VapeTricks, dish on the best e-liquids (SBS, obvi), and learn the best ways to get the most power out of your battery, connect with like-minded peeps with our different social media channels!

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Formaldehyde & E-Cigs: What You Need to Know

Formaldehyde in your vape, say what?! If you’ve paid any attention to the media over the past few days, read any news articles online, or switched on the TV news channel to hear reports of current events, you’ve probably heard something about electronic cigarettes containing more formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes.

This past week, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine announced that e-cigarettes produce more formaldehyde than traditional cigarettes.

While the study did not cover all the facts, as leaders in this industry, we feel it is our duty and responsibility to report upon this matter both objectively, and with an unbiased take. Because, in all fairness and seriousness, this study is not being reported with accuracy nor full disclosure of the truth. Hey, you hear “formaldehyde in your vape,” you can’t say you aren’t just a little freaked out, thinking back to dissections in high school biology class. Not to mention, who hasn’t seen the most recent anti-tobacco TV ad likening smoking cigarettes to drinking straight-up formaldehyde? Formaldehyde is in heavy trending rotation at the moment, and someone needs to set things straight!

Formaldehyde, in general terms, is produced everywhere as it is comprised of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. It is considered a carcinogen, however it is a commonly produced substance. In fact, it is produced in everyone as a byproduct of common cell function. Tobacco cigarettes produce formaldehyde, and as found in this study, under certain circumstances, advanced variable voltage vaping devices can produce formaldehyde hemiacetals. However, it must be known, “formaldehyde hemiacetals” are not the same as true formaldehyde. They are composed of formaldehyde and alcohols, and there is no proof that they are carcinogenic like actual formaldehyde. Keep that tidbit in mind.

In this particular study, the researchers examined whether or not formaldehyde was released in the vapor of e-cigarettes. The vaporizers, whose name shall remain unknown, was set to 2 different settings. The first of which, 3.3 volts, 6-7 watts, and 4 seconds per puff, a typically normal setting, released no formaldehyde. The second setting, 5 volts, 14-16 watts, with a 4 second puff time, an extremely high setting any normal vaper would never willingly use, produced formaldehyde hemiacetals.

The second scenario creates really gross vapor flavor, and even has its own moniker: the dry puff phenomenon. It comes as a result of the atomizer overheating, and is not recommended. Dr. Farsalinos, one of the leading scientists involved in positive e-cigarette research, concluded it would be akin to consuming overcooked meat (of which carcinogens would inherently be present); not enjoyable on any level.

So, be wary of the Kool-Aide they’re trying to feed you. Understand what you’re getting into, and understand the basics of things before taking biased reports as truth. Unfortunately, sensationalism gets pretty crazy these days, as news reports attempt to outdo each other for the most hysterical reports. As is the case with this “study.”

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Vaping & College

In college? Live on Campus? Dealing with the smoking ban? Now is the perfect time to be vaping!

Well, here’s some news: vaping rocks!

Yes, vaping is trendy, lots of people are doing it, but there is good reason they are. You see, when using electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, you have so many more options for use. Instead of the one-size-fits-all mentality of traditional cigarettes, vaping lets you choose just about everything to find the right custom fit. And with a lot of interesting attributes while at it!

You’ve hundreds of brands, devices, accessories, flavors, and choices at your disposal, and all without tobacco! You won’t have to worry about smelling like a saloon, staining up your teeth, or getting caught smoking on campus! And, best part about it- you won’t have to give up any of the pleasure, satisfaction, or soothing effects when you switch.

And, as a college kid, you probably know all about needing more cash; did you know vaping can save you thousands of dollars each year? (Check out our savings calculator to see the numbers!)

Millions of smokers have switched, and are doing so constantly. What started as a fad has turned into a $5 billion industry, and it’s because these products give you more of what you want, and less of what you don’t want.

If you’re into basics, check out our different e-cig starter kits, which make it super simple to start vaping. If hi-tech is more your thing, our Custom Vaporizer Builder will be the hookup you need to get everything you need to start vaping with the absolute best of the best gear out there.

Still feeling rebellious? Still like the way smoke can ruffle the feathers of your elders? It’s just too convenient to grab a pack of smokes every time you hit the gas station? Just haven’t gotten around to switching yet? If you smoke cigarettes and are in college, you’re probably aware of e-cigarettes and vape pens… So, why haven’t you switched yet?

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Essential Accessories

When vaping, you need accessories. There are those that are total requirements; like a charger so that you can charge your batteries, and there are those that are strictly for novelty purposes. When it comes to essentials, this is what you need to know. It will make vaping easier, and when you’re purchasing for the first time, it will serve as a good guide to follow. Vaping can be loads of fun, and we urge you to take full advantage of it. In the meantime, these are the necessary pieces you cannot live without!

  1. Batteries. Vaporizer or e-cig. Super-powered or entry level. High Capacity or Standard. Black or White. Automatic Switches or Manual Switches. You won’t be able to vape without one of these; they are the actual body of the device, and the power source. You need at least one of these. More is better, one is necessary.

  2. A Charger. Yes, that’s right, of all our awesome (and we do mean awesome!) choices, you really only need one. USB would be the obvious choice, as it comes with all of our starter kits, and allows you to charge from a variety of devices, however we also offer a wall charger, a car adapter, and the PCC (Personal Charging Case) that gives you the ability to charge your batteries anywhere without an outlet.

  3. Cartridges/ E-Liquids/ and/or Tanks. How else will vaping a vaporized solution be possible? Your choice of flavor, nicotine level, and method, however this is the vessel that holds the liquid!

So, those are your basic essentials. You can get as creative as you want beyond this, add as many pieces to your collection as you see fit, but this is where you start. For more info on our starter kits, have a look at all of our options, for both advanced vaporizers and e-cigarettes. For a look at our vast range of e-cig accessories and vaporizer accessories, check them out at!

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