Happy Easter From South Beach Smoke!

E-Liquids for EasterWhatever your stance on Easter is, whether you celebrate or not, care or not, are religious or not, it’s a holiday good for one thing especially, particularly after we pass the age of caring about egg hunts and the Easter Bunny… and that’s Easter candy! In that regard, here are our top picks for Easter-candy inspired e-liquids, so you can get your happy bunny/ spring frolic/ Easter vibe on!

Marshmallow: Nothing says Easter candy quite like biting the heads off marshmallowy, technicolor candy duckies, right? Vape this marshmallow-infused flavor for a similar thrill, minus the toothache (and quasi-violence)!

Smooth Chocolate: Cream-filled milk chocolate eggs, anyone? This flavor captures the essence of those timeless classic treats that come around only in the spring! The ultimate taste of Easter, here’s the guilt-free version!

Yummy Gummy: The perfection of juicy candies, bursting with sweetness and the delicious fruity flavor no one ever gets enough! This iconic taste of pure candy will curb your temptations of stealing all the candy from the little kiddies! Leave the candy to them; you’ve got the vapor version!

Melon Candy: Sweet, tart, fruity, juicy, and cotton candy – goodness. This one may be even better than any Easter candy I remember from back in the day!

Bango Smoothie: This flavor is a mouthful of candy yumminess! It’s got marshmallow for some airy sweetness, paired with tropical fruit for a Jolly Rancher-like blast; it culminates in deliciousness!

Red Hot Cinnamon: Because why let the sweet candies have all the attention? Spicy has it’s perks too, and once you pop one of these babies in your mouth, you won’t be able to stop! Some like it hot, and we’re taking care of ya!

So, Happy Easter, from your friends here at South Beach Smoke! May your day be filled with blessings, may your candy game be strong (if you’re vaping some fab flavors) and may you have yourself a merry old time whatever you’ve got going on!

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The Very Real & Long-Term Costs of Smoking

Cigarettes are so expensive. Rounding out at around $7 per pack as a nationwide average (which amounts to around $2,500 yearly at a pack per day), and toppling out way higher than that in major cities, who can afford the habit at these prices? And, as exasperating as these figures are, there are a whole host of other ways cigarettes are taking a toll on your bank account. Here is a look at two of the real costs of smoking, and why vapor cigs make a most attractive option.

Insurance has become a staple to protect you and your loved ones in a vast array of different areas of your life. From health insurance (a total necessity) and dental insurance, to life insurance, car insurance, and home insurance, most forms of insurance are going to cost you more for being a smoker, and considering that you’re going to have to fit the bill for most of these types of coverage for the majority of your life, you’re looking at a lot of money spent out of pocket over a long period of time.

Hidden Costs
A higher likelihood of getting bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory issues, and other complications as a result of common illnesses such as colds and the flu are much more of an occurrence when you’re a smoker. In addition, statistics show that smokers lose more time at work, long and short term, and this can be an issue short term because less time worked means less money earned. In turn, this same loss of productivity adds up over time, and it poses the potential to be a massive long term problem because this can affect you by taking a hit on your Social Security and pension earnings, which is supposed to be the nest egg you can rely on during retirement. Imagine the thousands of dollars that you could be saving instead!

Smoking cigarettes can affect so many areas of your life, taking a toll on your finances from so many different angles. While you may set aside enough money to handle the initial cost of those daily cigarette packs, the long term effects and accumulation of costs can be monumental. Why not choose vapor smoking and save?

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Room Temperature is the Best Temperature

When it comes to your e-cigarette battery, you’ve got to maintain the right temperature in order to protect it. Most batteries are lithium ions, just like those found in cell phones and laptops. They are quite heat sensitive, and they also happen to be susceptible to damage from extreme cold temperatures as well as rain and moisture.

Here are our expert tips for storing and safeguarding your e-cig and vaporizer batteries when it comes to temperature. If all else fails, and you’re not sure about whether a certain temperature is ideal, just remember room temperature is the best!

-Never store e-cigarettes/ e-cigarette batteries in your car. This is cardinal rule number one. Temperatures in the car can exceed the temperature outside, and exposure to temperatures over 80° cause batteries to work harder, which will drain them quicker. They can also overheat to the point of explosion, which is a really bad predicament, best avoided.

-Avoid freezing temperatures. Sure, using your device outside in the cold is fine, but never leave it out there. E-liquid can freeze, which can cause the interior components to expand and this will destroy your e-cigarette. Freezing temperatures will also get you only about a 50% output from the device, which is far from optimal.

-Moisture is a no-no. Any source of contact with water is not a good thing for your e-cigarette. This includes bodies of water like the beach or lakes, swimming pools, hot tubs, the bathtubs, and showers. Simply, any exposure to water is bad, because it can get inside of the device and destroy the heating element as well as causing battery damage. We urge you to keep your devices well away from the possibility of contact. Along these lines is the exposure to excessive humidity. Steer clear of it. So if you live in a very humid climate, definitely do your best to keep your device from being subjected to it outdoors, because, as you probably know, humidity is basically water. Over time, it can kill a battery quickly.

So, with all of this in mind remember that room temperature is the safest temperature. Approximately 67°F, as long as you’re above freezing and below 86°F your e-cigs should be able to escape temperature related damage.

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10 Awesome Things You May Not Know About Vaping

Yeah, vaping has gotten huge; #wordoftheyear for 2014, in fact! Vapor plumes can be seen just about everywhere these days, and more and more smokers are getting on board with ditching the tobacco for the juice. Vape culture is becoming way more than just a minor movement among rebellious folk; it’s about people embracing modern options that digitize, and streamline just about everything. Including smoking. So, if you thought vaping was just a trend, think again. Here are 10 cool facts about the #vapelife you may or may not know!

  1. Lots of devices exist. Vaping can mean all sorts of devices are used to achieve a vapor hit. E-cigs, vaporizers, mods, mechanical mods; these are the most popular devices being used and they are definitely not all the same thing.

  2. Vaporizers are AWESOME. Way more advanced than basic cig-a-likes, vapes give you bigger vapor, greater power, better battery capacities, more versatility, more fun.

  3. The vape culture is really not down with big tobacco. Because they suck. And vapor kicks ass.

  4. Flavor is a definite science, an art, a hobby, a pursuit in the vape world. Vapers take this really seriously because when you can have insane flavor, why go for mediocre? Yeah, this is not a subculture for those who opt for mediocrity!

  5. Vaping is seen as an investment. You may chuck out a couple hundred dollars to start out, but that money goes a long way.

  6. Vape slang exists, and if you are a part of this culture, you best learn it. How else will you be able to communicate at your local vape shop?

  7. 31 flavors and then some: nowadays, you are not limited by a small range of flavor choices. On the contrary, we carry over 30,000 different flavor possibilities. Endless options, and they’re delicious.

  8. The UK is regulating e-cigs as medicine. That’s right, on the other side of the pond, vaping is a legit smoking cessation option. They’re really into public health out there.

  9. It’s getting competitive up in here: people compete to see who can achieve the biggest clouds of vapor. Cloud comps are rad.

  10. Research is happening all around us. While lawmakers like to say there hasn’t been enough research, don’t believe ‘em. Across the globe, and throughout the USA as well, and beyond, research is happening all the time, and by legit scientists, universities, and medical journals.

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Why is Vapor So Effective to Help Smokers Transition From Tobacco?

It’s no secret that millions of people have switched from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vapor cigarettes with incredible success. It’s also no big surprise that most of those who have achieved success have been overwhelmingly happy with the results they received from using vapor. However, why is vapor so effective? Why are smokers enjoying the results of switching, and having greater experiences than they had with traditional cigarettes?

Here is a look at the whys: why vapor works, and why smokers love what it does.

Cessation Device it is Not

Traditional cessation devices are nothing like vapor cigarettes. Prescription drugs, patches, nicotine gum: none of these methods provide the same kind of similar action as vapor cigarettes, basically allowing smokers to enjoy a similar experience without the smoke. The habit goes farther than just tobacco and nicotine addiction; it’s a physical habit that involves taking a certain amount of designated time to actually smoke, using hand-to-mouth action. A nicotine patch does not require the same attention nor the same action.

Versatility in the Face of Rigidity

With vaping, the options are limitless: you choose among many thousands of flavors, a wide range of nicotine strengths, a variety of PG/ VG concentrations to get the right type of vapor. You decide what accessories will get incorporated into your vaping so that you can get that perfect custom fit. You choose among thousands of different devices, all of which can offer different types of experiences. Your choices are pretty infinite; whereas with smoking, they were extremely limited.


And then there is the freedom to consider. Smokers are used to hitting brick walls, as it has become practically illegal to smoke just about anywhere in public. Vaping, however, has more flexibility, and can be used in public without so much as a smell to offend anyone. That isn’t to say vape bans don’t exist, because they do, however, there is no denying it’s a different animal than traditional cigarettes. Vaping also does not require a continuous flame to light your cig, it does not require that you have a receptacle to toss your butts into constantly, and you have the simplicity and ease of a digital product in your pocket which can be taken out, used with minimal setup, and then put away with no extra work. Convenience is a major factor these days.

When it comes to why vapor is working for millions, it’s a no brainer: it offers way more and a much better experience than cigarettes can. Ready to make the switch? Check out our incredible selection of vapor products that can have you on your way to enjoying vapor in no time at all!

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