Need a Doggone Good Reason to Switch to Vaping?

Dogs are amazing, doggone it! These four-legged bundles of unconditional love enhance the lives of most people who own them. If you don’t have a dog, or have never had one, you don’t know what you’re missing! For those of you who do have a dog, you know exactly what I’m talking about, and because today is National Dog Day, it’s the perfect time to celebrate how wonderful these furry friends are… and if you’re needing just another good reason to switch to electronic smoking, your pup is a really, really good one!

If you don’t know it by now, smoking around your dog is a bad idea. It’s not only rude and unhealthy, but it’s disrespectful. Second hand smoke kills, and that’s no exaggeration. When your pets breathe it in, it can wreak havoc upon their systems, just like it does to people. Dogs, particularly are very sensitive, and can be susceptible to cancers of the lungs and the nasal cavity. They are also prone to allergic skin conditions such as dermatitis, which renders their whole bodies itchy, sore, and inflamed.

Smoking indoors when you have pets can lead to all sorts of problems for them, so it is especially important to take care not to. Second hand smoke indoors can cause what is known as “third hand smoke” because it leads the way for all the residual stuff, such as the carcinogens from the tar, to be left behind on surfaces pets come into direct contact with. These particles can also settle on their fur, making their way into their blood streams, and causing health issues in that manner.

And, just a reminder to all; smokers and vapers alike, nicotine is a very dangerous substance, and your pets should be protected from exposure at all times. Please be sure to keep all cigarette butts and sources of e-liquid away from them and their reach because accidental consuming or contact can prove fatal.

So, Happy National Dog Day everyone! If you have a dog, make sure to give ‘em extra treats and love today in gratitude for all the love they give you in return! Above all, don’t smoke around them, and switch to vaping to keep their lives as healthy and happy as possible!

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Vape On! It’s Back to College Season

Across the country, colleges and universities everywhere are reopening their doors for the back to school season. Dorms are being moved into. Textbooks are being purchased. Summer’s late mornings are making way for early rising. So, whether you are celebrating the cerebral journey ahead, or dreading it, if college life is currently your life, here are our top reasons why having vapor you can turn to can make life all the more pleasant!

  1. Most college campuses are smoke-free campuses. This was obviously a very responsible move, however for those who crave nicotine when their stress levels start rising, electronic cigarettes can be a major lifesaver! Having options is always a good thing, and smoke-free options in a smoke-free environment can make life way easier. Midterms, campus run-arounds, figuring your way through advanced calculus… yeah, vapor.

  2. Boredom sucks and it happens to everyone. In between classes, late nights when you can’t sleep, your plans get canceled.. whatever has you bored, fill the time by vaping.

  3. Stress fix. Stress is a huge part of campus life, and as much as you stress in hopes of achieving specific goals, it can have the adverse effect by upsetting you more, making you more anxious, and wreaking havoc on your immune system. Finding ways to beat it is absolutely essential! One of our fave ways to relax involves chilling outdoors, feeling the breeze, catching a sunset, and having a vape. You’d be surprised what a little chill-out time can do for you!

  4. Socialize. What would campus living be without the social aspect? It’d be just school! Socializing, meeting new people, sizing up the dating scene, joining clubs, partaking in activities; it’s all part of college, and one way to make the social scene even more fun is to bring your vape pen along. Vapor smoking not only has the benefit of being odorless, it’s also much more crowd-friendly.

  5. Money, money, mo-ney! College life is generally not lavish or filled with the riches of excess. Vaping saves a ton of money over smoking, and if there is one thing college kids need more of in their pockets, it’s cash!

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How to: Store Your E-Juice Properly

E-liquid is your connection to vaping. It ain’t cheap and it’s so good, so it’s rather important to know how to store and keep it safely. Whether you’re a bulk liquid buyer, collect flavors for fun, or just like to sample new things as they come along… You do want to make it last as long as possible, and keep it as fresh as possible, don’t you?

Here are our expert tips on storing your e-liquid, making it last, keeping it fresh, and making sure its potency remains at 100% potential.

Heat & Light: No Bueno

Store your liquids in cool, dry places, far, far away from heat and light. Keeping it in the car is a no-no! These two components are the nemesis of e-liquid preservation, and will do much harm as e-juice is particularly sensitive to them. Some people swear by the medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinets, basements… and these are all good options. Some vapers swear by the fridge or the freezer, however, be warned, others have warned that the flavors can change when stored as such, so if you choose this method, allow your liquid to return to room temperature before vaping with it.

Plastic Isn’t a Long-Term Option

If you are intending on keeping your liquids for a while, it’s a smart idea to replace the plastic bottles they come in, and swap them for amber glass bottles, which are designed for preservation. Amber inhibits the amount of light that will reach your liquids, and glass inhibits oxidation, as well as the growth of bacteria and mold. (gross!)

Check the Dates

Expiration dates are included for a reason; keep an eye on them! The general shelf-life of e-liquids is about 2 years, so if you’re a bulk-buyer, pay attention! Remember, after a certain amount of time, liquids can be susceptible to nasty bacteria and mold!

Other Handy E-Liquid Storage Info:

  • Keep your juices away from children and pets at all times!

  • Use child-proof bottles

  • If necessary, and for peace of mind, lock the cabinet door where you store it

  • Don’t leave your liquids laying around, anytime, anywhere

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Senses of Smell and Taste: How Smoking Affects Them

So we all know about all the awful, crazy, messed up, bizarre, complicated ways that smoking traditional cigarettes can affect the body. But what about more minor issues, ones that may not be life-threatening, but are still absolutely annoying? Yes, tobacco is full of tricks, and in addition to cancer and heart disease, smoking can do things like rob you of your ability to taste and smell things. And while these are not necessarily quicker stepping stones to your grave, missing out on the pleasures of the senses is a rather huge deal! Here’s a look at how and why life will certainly smell and taste sweeter without the smoke!


Cigarette smoking directly alters the shape of your taste buds, flattening them out, and can render them useless. The heat of the smoke can burn them, distorting their ability to perform their innate function, and though not all of your ability to taste is guaranteed to diminish, there is a good chance you will not taste things as pronounced as prior to smoking. And food sure is delicious; why lose out on this earthly delight?


Your sense of taste can be affected by the effects of smoking, as well as from the compromised sense of smell. You see, smoking can damage your olfactory nerves, which are located in the rear portion of your nose. These nerves are directly responsible for your sense of smell, which directly correlates to how you taste things. Should they become damaged, there goes another aspect of your ability to taste. Not to mention, your ability to smell, which is a major source of pleasure nonetheless. Don’t you love the smell of a summer rain? What about the ocean? Fresh mown grass? Awesome cologne? A delicious steak on the grill that you probably won’t get to taste much of either?

The longer you smoke, the more damage you do to your senses, so if you enjoy tasting and smelling, don’t smoke. On the upside, however, within 48 hours of your last cigarette, your nerve endings begin regrowing, so there is hope in regaining your ability to smell and taste once more! Isn’t the human body amazing?

So smokers, there’s hope! Tasting and smelling: these are some of life’s most beautiful, yet simple offerings. Why cut yourself short if you don’t need to? This is one of the best reasons to enjoy electronic smoking; no smoke is a great thing!

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Regulations: Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

When it comes to regulations, vapers aren’t totally against them. Vapers, being modern thinkers, after all, are actually for the most part, pretty much down with regulations that make sense. Age limits to keep minors away… Instituted safety standards that promise purity and safe ingredients… The FDA’s approval on what goes into e-liquid formulas… these kinds of requirements can only do good by the industry, and most vapers who are into quality, are absolutely in favor of them.

What people who support this industry don’t want to see are regulations that unfairly, unnecessarily target the vape community. Requirements that aim to classify electronic cigarettes in with tobacco products, for instance is something no e-smokers want. Both because seeing these money-saving products get taxed the same way as traditional cigarettes is not only wrong, but it is unfair. And also, by categorizing alternative cigarettes the same way may have the effect of continuing the same stigma on e-cigarettes as traditional cigarettes, and it just doesn’t seem fair.

Now, on the subject bans, we’re talking about a whole other animal! Some countries have gone to the extreme level of outright banning e-cigarettes, for all sorts of reasons. Some states, cities, counties, jurisdictions have done the same, or attempted to do the same. In the US at least, it seems rather unconstitutional to ban something that is not proven to be harmful, and that is able to be used within range of modifications. For example, perhaps not allowing e-cigarettes indoors seems reasonable, but still allowing outdoor usage, like traditional cigarettes, would be a  decent compromise to the problem. To outright ban vaping would be a major infraction upon the rights of those who are of legal smoking age, and are not subjecting others to their vapor.

E-Cigarette regulations continue to be a hot topic for discussion, and an arena where things are constantly changing. In the meantime, until things are set in stone, we certainly hope for the best possible outcomes in this industry! So far, the FDA has moved cautiously, aiming to appease all sides, and choosing not to make major decisions without definitive information. Vapers are not at all totally anti-regulation, and hopefully we will continue to see things moving in an open, safe, courteous, and justified direction!

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