Pokemon GO: More Than A Vape and A Stroll…

We get it…

Pokemon Go has overtaken any reasonably sane existence once thought possible. Even for us level-headed, hard working, highly responsible, ultra mature adults. This rad game is not just for kids, and it’s the most fun, addictive game in the history of ever.

The game, which instantly garnered worldwide smash-hit-status, has everyone burning major holes through data plans and vape mods alike. Because what could be better than strolling along, chasing some imaginary pocket monsters, and enjoying a vape while you’re at it?

In such a relatively short amount of time, not only has a game that seems more like “Where’s Waldo” crossed with Japanime and played on a technologically-altered GPS system become all the rage, so has playing it while vaporizing your favorite e-juice. And why not? What better way to enlighten a typical power-walk or mundane evening stroll than searching for imaginary creatures AND enjoying a good vape?

Seriously. For those of you still so yesterday as to the magnitude of this overnight phenomena, Pokemon Go is so huge right now it actually gives Twitter a run for its virtual money as far as daily active Android users go.

Based on the ‘90’s trading card game and TV show characters you once obsessed over but live in denial about now, the franchise’s newest endeavor into the mobile realm has devised an even more ingenious way to commandeer your attention span as well as your smartphone. In a nutshell, Pokemon Go uses your phone’s time and location capabilities to identify when and where you are in the game and thus making Pokemon “appear” (hint – on your phone) around you, so you can catch them. As you continue moving around, more types of Pokemon will appear depending on where you are and what time it is. The idea is to encourage the otherwise unmotivated to get off their asses and venture into the (real) world, while catching Pokemon in the game. Brilliant, is it not?

And thanks to the trailblazers of the vape community, Pokemon Go and vaping have enabled taking a nice long walk to align in unconventional harmony. It’s like your very own wandering moment of zen, personalized and vaporized!

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Summer, Beach, Vape!

Be it festivals, BBQ’s and/or hurricane parties, summer is here. And chances are, wherever you are, you will be inseparable from your vape gear. Of course, with continuous use, keeping your vape pens highly and dry is the ideal course of action, because as we all know, the only way to really cool off when the temperatures start soaring is to submerge yourself into a body of cool water asap!

So, where is your vape pen going with you this summer? Got any travel plans? Any exciting concerts you’ll be hitting? How about long days spent lounging on the beach? All of these summery activities are best enjoyed with an all-day-vape and your trusty vaporizer, so here are our top picks for best summer-inspired e-juice blends!

Pina Cooler: Exactly like the name says; this is a cool, refreshing pina colada blend that will chill you out perfectly! Nothing like a tropical cocktail when the heat gets heavy!

Candy Appletini: A nice sour splash to wake your taste buds up! This flavor is a heavy dose of sour apple goodness that is both sweet and tangy; nothing says summer better!

Mint Julep: Whether you’re kicking back and watching horse races, or are more into chilling out and watching the waves roll in; a mint julep will relax your soul in the best way possible!

Cuba Libre: The iconic rum ‘ coke, with a splash of lime. Get liberated and enjoy the moment with this fine, cocktail-inspired vape!

Key Lime Cheesecake: Key lime pie crossed with cheescake results in this magnificent, tropical infused dessert! Tangy and creamy, and the total taste of the Florida Keys; what more could you want when watching the sunset on a summer’s night?

Watermelon Chill: Chill out right with this fresh and fruity taste that capitalizes on the icy taste of menthol by sweetening it up with crisp, cool watermelon. You’ll be cooled off in no time!

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Nothing Like Custom Built Vaporizers

When it comes to shopping for a vaporizer, it can be tricky finding exactly what you want and need easily. Well, we’ve got the perfect solution: the South Beach Smoke Custom Vaporizer Builder. Understanding the difficulty that comes with getting your vaporizer exactly how you want it, we know what you’re looking for without wasting a bunch of time in the process. Researching different accessories and add-ons, plus figuring out which power level suits you, what vape build you like, guessing how the size will fit your hand… that all takes the fun out of the process!

This amazing feature on our website was designed to allow you the simplest, fastest way to create the vape pen of your dreams. Your options are conveniently laid out before you, you are walked through the process, you choose exactly what you want for your vape, and then you purchase it! Super simple, instant gratification, all your requirements met with minimal hassle and effort.

Choose Your Vape Model

Your options are clearly laid out for you; you get to choose between the South Beach Smoke Storm, Curve, or Thunder models, and then select which variant of these you want. Color options are power options are your choice as well; have fun!

Tank You

Next up is your chance to decide which tank will happily sit atop your new vape pen. The choices here are also nice and varied; you can go for small and simple, or advanced and technical if you’re into a more performance-driven experience. Your options are the mid-range Storm tank, the more basic Curve and Clear tanks, and the highly advanced Vaporflo and Thunder Air Flow tanks; all of which promise a great accent to your device.


Need additional atomizers to go along with your tank? We’ve got them! Grab a charger, and whatever else you may need, and add that custom-built beauty to your shopping cart! Before checking out, make sure you indulge in a few extra bottles of e-juice and get ready to vape with your personally-designed creation! Nothing beats getting exactly what you want!

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Get Ready for 4th of July Weekend

The Fourth of July is today, and everyone from South Beach Smoke would like to wish you a very happy, fun, safe, and joyously explosive celebration of our nation’s independence! Like most in America, we take this holiday very seriously, as honoring our freedom, and the history of of America is something awesome to celebrate. This is the 240th celebration of Independence Day, as in – the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress, so we urge to celebrate the nation’s birthday with your favorite people, with plenty of great food and drinks, fireworks, and of course, your fave all day vapes!

As a notion to the day of celebration, we’ve been running a 4th of July sale all weekend on the South Beach Smoke website, and if you’re looking for some of the best vape deals around, this is it! Through today, all accessories across the site are 20% off, and the shipping is entirely on us! So get on over, load up on all the awesome accessories you may need or want, and enjoy the free shipping. Think of it as celebrating your right to freedom by celebrating your right to shopping!

So party patriotically, you guys! Whether you’re partying or chilling, hitting the beach, pool parties, BBQ’s, parades, concerts, carnivals, baseball games, celebrate the radness that is America. Don your red, white, and blue, and get those flags out! Let your vape juice flavors be refreshing, may your vapor be monumental, and rejoice in the celebratory fireworks, whether you’re watching them or shooting them! And most of all, be sure to shop our killer 4th of July sale! South Beach Smoke wishes you a happy, safe, and fun Independence Day!

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Tough Times Call for Vaping

With so much bad news abound, with the major downturn of the British economy last week, the continuous onslaught of mass shootings that don’t seem to be getting lesser in occurrence, there’s a lot to be sad about going on the world at the moment. Our thoughts on handling life when it gets hard? A great vape juice and a seriously good vape device.

No, seemingly frivolous gadgets such as these will not save the world, stop economic crises, stop violence, or convince people to treat one another better, but they do serve one amazingly positive purpose: pleasure! Yes, pleasure. A few moments to take your mind off the bleak, scary stuff you have no control over. A few moments to savor some awesome-tasting juice that produces great clouds that make you feel great. A few moments to escape the dismal reality that is just part of the yin & yang of life. No, vaping isn’t solving major world problems in a single swoop, but it does offer a lot of benefit to those who enjoy it.

So, despite the sadness you may feel, the anger you may feel, we urge you to enjoy your ability to vape. A few moments of pleasure throughout your day can boost your morale, give you something to share in with a friend, and just relax for a minute or two while counting your blessings. Because there are many, regardless of how hard times may be.

With all of the crazy news and sad happenings going down in the world right now, with all of the exasperating stories constantly flooding the media, the one thing you know can turn to to get a little calming relief, a little release, a little bit of peace of mind from, is vaping. We’re not promising things are going to change, but while we hope for positivity, we’re going to enjoy the ability to vape with all our might! A little relief and enjoyment goes a long way, my friends. Wishing you a peaceful week ahead! Vape on!

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