What to Know: Choosing a Nicotine Strength

Nicotine E-JuiceChoosing an appropriate nicotine strength is super important to your experience when vaping. Some novices may jump right out of the smoking boat, thinking bigger, better, higher nicotine content! But I tell ya, the best way is not necessarily ‘more is more.’ Rather, you want to keep your nicotine somewhat on par with what you were previously smoking. Here is a look at the different ins and outs of finding the best nicotine level for your particular enjoyment of vaping. It’s all about the little things, and when vaping, these little things equate to everything!

Smooth Sailing

The best nicotine strength will allow you to have a good throat hit, will not cause a sore throat, will feel good, should not make you cough excessively, and will resonate with what your body craves. If any of those things are happening, you may want to check your nicotine level.

South Beach Smoke E-Liquids and E-Cig Cartridges

Our e-liquids and e-cigarette cartridges are available in a wide array of different levels of nicotine. From 0 – 3.6% in our extensive line of e-liquids, and 0 – 2.4% in our cartridge selection, you’ve got the world at your fingertips!

Here is a breakdown, to make choosing a nicotine strength simple:

  • 0% – No nicotine. This is self explanatory!
  • 0.6% – Equivalent to Ultra Lights. Very mild.
  • 1.2% – Equivalent to Lights. Fairly mild, perfect nicotine for the average smoker.
  • 1.8% – Equivalent to Reds. Strong enough for a heavy/ 1 pack per day smoker.
  • 2.4% – Equivalent to Unfiltered, and other varieties of extremely strong tobacco.
  • 3.6% – Only the heaviest of smokers will be able to handle this level; we’re talking 2-packs/ day.

So, that’s the simplest way to figure it out, and why you need to figure it out. Choosing a nicotine level shouldn’t be hard, and one of the best things about electronic smoking is that there is plenty of room to experiment till you get it right!

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Father’s Day: Best Gifts for Your Pops

Father's Day South Beach Smoke Gift GuideThe reason South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes are on every guy’s wish list is because they are the perfect blend of timeless cool and modern tech, rolled into one exciting product that allows one to save money, enjoy themselves fully, and replace an analog method without sacrificing any comfort or familiarity. Basically, vaping rocks, and it’s cooler than smoking. Typically, modern upgrades on products aren’t necessarily going to save you a lot of dough (unless we’re talking about energy efficiency…) Vaping allows you to save money because e-liquids, the counterpart to tobacco, is way cheaper, and it goes a whole lot farther. As an aside, they also lack the thousands of freaky chemicals, and the actual tobacco your dad can most certainly do without.

So, here you go. The best Father’s Day gifts for the dad who vapes or smokes!

The Thunder Vaporizer: Ideal for someone who currently is familiar with vaping, the different types of products, and how they work. 1300 mAh, variable voltage, a roomy tank, sleek style. You could certainly gift this to someone who is just beginning, especially if they dig technology and appreciate high-performing objects d’art

The Basic SBS Starter Kit: For the dad who smokes and needs the most basic point of entry. This is the perfect bridge between the smoking and vaping worlds. Perfect way to convince the more stubborn males of the species!

A Custom Built Hot Rod: Using our Custom Vaporizer Builder, build your dad an awesome vape, made just for him! Bonus- with the Storm setup, you can customize colors to match his fave sports team, his alma mater, match his pimped out ride or whatever floats his boat!

Father’s Day is coming right up, and you know exactly what your dad wants, and it ain’t a tie, a new wrench, or argyle socks! Seriously, hold the golf clubs, the bamboo-clad grill set, and the embossed metal flask. The one thing he needs in his life is vapor. Particularly if he’s a smoker, or a vaper using a substandard brand of vapes. Take the easy way out, we know the way to his heart!

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National Donut Day: Best Flavors to Pair with Your Donut!

South Beach Smoke X National Donut Day FlavorsHow do you like your donuts? Doubled up? With a hot, steaming cup of Joe? A Hot chocolate? Or are you the sort who prefers them paired with a nice, delicious vape session with the perfect e-juice flavor? Ah, we like where this is going!

In honor of National Donut Day, we thought it would be totally appropriate to not only get the hookup on all the free donuts, but to give you the lowdown on the best flavors to pair your donuts with! Hey, in the spirit of enjoying all things delicious, in our view, few things compare to the heavenly combo that includes hot coffee, vapor, and a donut! So here is our take on the best e-juice flavors to pair with the most popular of donut varieties!

Glazed Donut: Fancy Latte, Java Jolt, Hazelnut, Very Vanilla, or Sinfully Cinnamon would make exceptional partners to the classic, yet always perfect Glazed Donut.

Chocolate Glazed: Double Espresso, Dulce de Leche, Classic Custard, or Amaretto would match the chocolatey richness impeccably! Improve upon perfection? Not quite, but the right flavor will enhance it all the way!

Strawberry Filled: Very Vanilla, Creme de la Creme, Marshmallow, Caribbean Toasted Coconut, Orange Mint, or Banana Bash, depending on how you’d like to pair the idyllic flavor of a strawberry donut!

Chocolate Frosted: Tobaccolicious, Peppermint Bark, Choco-Java, Amaretto Truffle, the Godfather, and Rum ‘n Cherry Cola will be the most delicious complements to your vape routine!

Sprinkles: Tutti Fruity Gumballs, Java Jolt, Choco-Nut, Fancy Latte, Bubble Gum and Very Vanilla make amazing compliments to vaping goodness! Fun and festive donuts deserve equally vibrant flavors!

Sugar: Creamsicle, Candy Appletini, Peach Freeze, Toffee Nut Latte, Frozen Banana, and Double Espresso. Sugar and spice and everything nice! Sugar-covered donuts never get old, and adults love to indulge in these treats! Paired with the right e-liquid, they become even more delicious!

So, how are you going to enjoy National Donut Day? Hopefully with the right vape juice pairing and a giddy attitude!

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Etiquette for Vapers

How to Have Manners and Vape Consciously It’s time for a little etiquette refresher, y’all! Because you know, when you’re vaping away and creating those massive clouds, the last thing you want is to annoy those around you who aren’t down with vapor, and cause them to get volatile. So, here’s how to maintain your manners when puffing in public, and to help keep the hostility and/ or confusion at bay!

How to Talk to People About Vaping

Chances are, if you’re sporting a cool-looking vape in public, especially in a crowded area, you’re going to get some attention. People will probably inquire, some may run in fear or shock, some may be so intrigued they want to try your pen… What can we say? Humans are a gregarious and curious species! So, when it comes to being an e-cigarette ambassador, as you may be representing the whole community at that moment, keep an open mind and do your best to educate on these fab devices. Talk about what you get out of the experience, and why you vape. Focus on the positives and benefits of e-cigarettes, while making it known that “smoking” you are not.

How to Deal with Agitated Folks

Not everyone will want the facts, your experiences, or the benefits. Some will just see the vapor, recall info they’ve heard about there not being any proof on these things, and want you to keep your vaping far from their respiratory systems. Some may go so far into the depths of rudeness to ask you stop. If you find yourself in that position, be polite and find a more comfortable place to vape. It may not be fun, but being a disgruntled, argumentative vaper won’t win you any brownie points.

No Vaping Allowed

If you see signs that clearly demonstrate that vaping is not allowed, don’t vape. Even if you’re tempted, you’re most likely setting yourself up for a scenario in which you’ll be treated like a smoker who’s smoking where they shouldn’t be.

Not Sure?

Some places are perfectly cool to vape in; others not so much. If you aren’t sure, ask. Opening up the lines of communication and getting the go-ahead is better than creating a situation where people do get hostile about your aromatic vapor!

So, when you’re vaping in public, maintain those manners, peeps! You are representing an entire community after all, and being a positive example does everyone a favor!

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E-Cigarette Economics

Wanna Talk Savings? E-Cigarettes can save you money. You’ve probably heard this before, and you’ve probably balked at the price tag when you saw the price listed on starter kits, liquids, and cartridges. Yes, we know. We get that a lot from newbies. But what you need to understand is that the majority of purchases with e-cigarettes and items related, is that these are not one-time purchases.

Traditional cigarettes are a big, deadly, money-sucking trap. You have to purchase packs over and over again, and they are pretty darn costly. With national averages around $9.50; $5 at the lowest end, $14 at the highest (NYC), the math puts you at a minimum of $1800 per year, or up to $5000 yearly in smokes! That money could be way better spent, and if you switch to vaping, which costs a fraction in comparison, you can save yourself some serious dough!

You see, vaping requires a device, a charger, and liquid- whether you get it from prefilled cartridges, or you fill tanks yourself with bottles of liquid. The price on a single bottle of e-liquid, ours for example costs $15.99, will get you about a week’s worth of vaping, on average (depending on the user). Compared to the lowest average for a pack of cigarettes for the equivalent, it’s still less than half the cost! And for those who are on the highest end of the spectrum, this price is 80% lower than what you’re paying. Now, pre-filled cartridges are more expensive than using liquids, however they are still less expensive than the never-ending stream of cigarettes. The savings is monumental. Check out the South Beach Smoke Savings Calculator to see the savings for yourself!

And now, let’s talk about devices. Because they are one-time purchases, depending on your budget, your options are pretty wide spread. With prices that start at $18 per e-cig battery, or $15 per vaporizer battery, you’ve got a lot of choices that can inevitably add to the savings. Starter kits go up beyond those prices, but keep in mind, they include all the necessary parts for vaping.

Between smoking and vaping, smoke will cost you a pretty penny. Vapor, on the other hand, will help you save, and provide the additional benefit of convenience to your life! If you need a reason to switch, let savings be it!

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