New Year, New You by Way of the Vape Plume!

Alas, the new year is here! Sure we’ve all had some pretty whacked out stuff go down, but not only have we made it on through to other side, but now that we are 2 weeks in, 2017 already seems poised to ring in much of the same as yesteryear. 2016 was a rough year after all, and gone are the days when that one resolution you seriously set your sights on ever stands a chance to begin with, right?

Or will it…

After all, you are what you make of it. And what about that “new year, new you” concept? Such cliches usually run amuck, but they really do challenge us for some reason – or was it the few-too-many glasses of bubbly at 4am on 1/1? Case in point, New Year’s resolutions come and go, but they stand the test of time when they truly mean something. And there’s no time like the present to treat yourself in making the switch from tobacco to vaping. The pros far outweigh the cons when comparing the two, and most of all, who doesn’t love to plume life-size vape clouds just for fun!?

Unlike tobacco, e-liquid, (or juice) used in devices such as vaporizers, (vape pens), and mods bring together more flavor and the option of less nicotine, they contain no tobacco whatsoever and burn zero plant matter – all beneficial in saying “no” to tobacco. And given how expensive it has become to light up, going the vape route won’t smoke your wallet. Indeed, making the switch is a benefit to your way of life, regardless of when it happens. So why not hit the ground running without gasping for air in 2017?

To put it in perspective, when was the last time you not only felt good about such a life-changing way of life, but marveled that it’s in fact possible to live it without ever feeling as if you made the wrong choice? Personal change is always good, especially when done for the better, as well as cheaper. Now that’s a New Year’s resolution worth keeping, forevermore.

So, good luck on those resolutions; always remember, South Beach Smoke is here to help make it easy, fun, and extremely enjoyable to make the switch, so let this be the year you make vapor a serious part of your life in lieu of smoke!

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Happy Holidays From South Beach Smoke!

From everyone here at South Beach Smoke, we’d like to wish you all the happiest of holidays, and to wish you a most Merry Christmas, since today is, after all, Christmas Eve!

If you’re looking for an easy way to celebrate the occasion that is the winter holiday season, our suggestion is to get in on these flavors that will certainly bring in the festive cheer! After all, who doesn’t love any excuse to enjoy the holidays, and anything that tastes like the holidays only adds to its enjoyment.

That said, ‘tis the season to savor these holiday e-liquid flavors from South Beach Smoke!

Frosty’s Eggnog:

Nothing says smooth like a mouthwatering hit of creamy proportions. Frosty’s Eggnog is all that and then some! Comprising a triple whammy of single shots eggnog, peppermint, and creme de la creme, this ultra refreshing juice takes a page from the classic holiday beverage that will enhance not only your tastebuds, but an appreciation which only comes from vaping rather than drinking its timeless taste.


Similar yet delectably different, this winter hit, simply known as Eggnog shares in the creamy goodness that is Frosty’s Eggnog. Yet instead of the deliciously cool mint flavor Frosty’s is known for, Eggnog is cinnamon spice and all so nice! Available in single, double and triple shot strength, Eggnog will get your attention waiting to exhale.


Perhaps the greatest flavor combination known to humankind, and seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate/mint? It was only fitting this e-liquid would be included in our holiday roundup, because what is the holiday season without a little chocolate mint to sweeten things up a bit? Even better is when this dynamic duo is vaped; it’s sensational!

Sparkling Champagne:

Because every celebration calls for a little bubbly, and we are in love with this light, refreshing, fruity taste that captures the spirit just right!

So, holidays from the whole South Beach Smoke family! Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and may your celebrations be joyous and filled with light!

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Kickstart Your Last Dash Holiday Gift-Grab With South Beach Smoke’s Starter Kits

Hectic. Stressful. Even hopeless.

Does ‘all of above’ easily describe your holiday gift ideas, or lack thereof, for those hard-to-shop-for family and friends? You’re not alone, and thanks to South Beach Smoke, finding the seemingly impossible perfect gift may have just become a little more

They are Starter Kits, and boy are they worth their vaping while and your wallet. Consisting of South Beach Smoke’s own line of vaporizers, these sweet pocket-sized presents come well equipped with their respective tank, atomizer(s), rechargeable battery, USB and wall charger.

But wait, there’s more!

Act now and you could save up to 75% off the listed retail price. Consider it an added bonus especially when shopping for those in desperate need of some holiday cheer. A little can indeed truly go a long way, and South Beach Smoke intends to keep it that way.

So without further ado, meet the starter kits that continue to introduce vaping in new and satisfying ways.

Storm Starter Kit: Unparalleled in its technology, the Storm Vaporizer offers both performance and power exactly how you want it. Complete with a 2.2 OHM atomizer, 2mL tank capacity and 650 mAh battery, the storm will surge your need for the ultimate vaping experience.

Curve Starter Kit: Offering sleek design by way of it curvature, the Curve vaporizer kit more than impresses in both its vape ability and killer looks! Offering a 2.2ML Curve tank, 650 mAh Curve battery and 2.2 OHM atomizer, this vaporizer is as chic as it is unique – all the while delivering uncompromised output.

Thunder Starter Kit: Showcasing some of the best vaping technology around, the Thunder Starter Kit brings powerful performance unlike any other. Loaded with a 1.7ML Thunder tank offering airflow control, 1.8 OHM atomizer and a ridiculous 1300 mAh battery, the Thunder vaporizer is a bold vape experience to behold.

South Beach Smoke Air Starter Kit: A modern yet compact device, the Air Starter Kit is an advanced vaporizer offering power and performance that’s second to none! With it’s hidden wick atomizer, 350 mAh battery and ability to tap an extensive line of 100% USA made e-liquids, pre-filled cartridges are now a thing of the past. Welcome to the next level in personal vaporizer technology.

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The South Beach Smoke Gift Card: ‘Tis The Season And Reason why #VapeIsLife!

Did you know the holidays are fast approaching? Of course you do! And before you know it, they will be right on top of you without a moment to spare in finding that perfect gift for that special someone.

That’s why there’s the South Beach Smoke Gift Card.
Accepted, worldwide at, the SBS gift card is available in $10, $25, $50, $100 & $250 dollar amounts. No doubt, when crunch time is upon us, it’ll arrive just in time to be that last minute, save your rear-end, kind of gift.


Easy. Quick and easy, in fact. The card can be redeemed as fast as it was purchased via email for instant gratification in shopping all South Beach Smoke has to offer. And because it can be emailed to the lucky recipient of your choice, especially when, say, the holidays are here, it eliminates the once unavoidable burden dealing with conventional mail or parcel carriers and their “special” holiday rates. Best of all, it can be done from the comfort (and sneaky discretion), of your humble abode. 

The South Beach Smoke gift card is great for anyone and everyone who enjoys the freedom and convenience of purchasing their vaping needs whenever – wherever. And for those choosing to #maketheswitch from traditional cigarettes, there’s no better way to introduce a friend, colleague or family member to the better nicotine option electronic cigarettes offer and spread a little holiday cheer knowing they chose to walk away from the ashtray – for good.

So whether those dearest to you are seasonal vape pen users, seasoned mod engineers or simply new to the world of e-cigs, the South Beach Smoke gift card is the perfect reason to remind us – ’tis the season to #maketheswitch and #staycloudy.

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Black Friday is Happening NOW!

Right now, our one-day-only Black Friday extravaganza is going on, and if you’re looking for a reason to stock up on all the South Beach Smoke goods you can get your hands on, it’s time to get busy! We hope your Thanksgiving was awesome, and we’re sure you need the right kind of action to follow up the feast, so this sale is all you need to know about. Black Friday happens but once a year, and it’s the ultimate time to score some amazing gear at amazing prices. Are you ready for this?

Today, and today only, get on over to to get a load of a whopping 35% off everything, sitewide, along with a lovely little 20% all cartridges! So if you’re aiming to score some rad new vape pens, a new starter kit or two, or if you’re getting your holiday shopping done early for all the smokers and ex-smokers in your life, this is the sale to hit.

Why face the masses at the malls or other shopping venues when you can keep your happy, (possibly hungover) self at home, in your PJ’s, and do Black Friday the right way? Without the stress of haggling in line, dealing with other irate individuals trying to one-up you in your deal-finding, or fighting your way through traffic and obnoxiously packed parking lots? We’ve got the best deals on the web, and are offering it up to you simply, with minimal effort involved! 

So, head on over and start saving big on e-cigarettes, vaporizers, e-liquids, cartridges and all types of accessories that will enhance your vaping at the max! We have an awesome Black Friday sale that will make your day extra smooth, and keep your savings level at the top of the game. The holiday season is officially on, and the season of savings is here, so don’t miss the deal; it’s extra hot today only!

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