Let’s Talk Love Life & Dating… & Smoking

Vaping and your love life. You may think they really have nothing to do with one another, but that could not be any further from reality! If you’re prowling the dating scene, and looking for love, or just some fun, here’s a look at why you may want to switch to vapor! Hey, you never know… it could be just a single cigarette between you and Mr. or Ms. Right!

Turn-off #1: The Smell – The smell of musty smoker; it’s not attractive on any level. It stinks, quite literally! And what’s even worse, is that smokers have earned a reputation as such that not only do they smell, but their vehicles and homes tend to be funky as well.

Turn-off #2: The Finances – Smokers spend more on their habits, and as a result, their spending on such an unhealthy habit can be a turnoff to non-smokers who want a longterm partner who demonstrates financial responsibility.

Turn-off #3: The Health Choices – Health matters big time, and it doesn’t take a physician to make it clear that smokers are less healthy than non-smokers, generally speaking. Smoking can be a major turnoff due to all of the associated health issues that come along with it.

Turn-off #4: The (lack of) Education Factor – Considering the amount of information so readily available to smokers and nonsmokers alike in regards to the dangers and detriments of smoking cigarettes, it’s really amazing that anyone would opt to smoke tobacco anymore. It definitely makes one seem less educated by choosing to smoke when there are so many options to choose from instead. Like, hey! Don’t you know how bad tobacco is for you?

On the Contrary…

Turn On # 1: E-cigs give you something to talk about, make it apparent that you’re abreast of the current times, and they are a conscious choice that actually does benefit the planet. They are a statement of your choice to use something more responsible and less scary due to the fact that they do not contain tobacco or any of the thousands of chemicals. You won’t smell bad, and you will have the ability to proudly boast that you’re not a tobacco smoker! So if you’re dating, allow yourself the availability of all options open; why be a tobacco smoker if you don’t have to?

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Ten Reasons to Make the Switch in 2016

While everyone’s thinking about resolutions, we’d like to throw this out there: life is better with vapor! Making the switch can be amazing, and it can change your life in the best way possible. Want to know what we think about dropping the smoke for e-cigs, and why there is no better time than right now to do so? Keep reading!

  1. Save money! Who doesn’t need or want more money in their lives? Instead, reward yourself with little gifts, or save up for a big one, with all the money that would have gone towards tobacco.

  2. Think about your health. With so many people making the resolution to get healthier every new year, why not take some action towards a healthier you? Ditching the tobacco in favor of vapor is one way to do so.

  3. Versatility. Come on; it’s almost 2016! Everything has gotten digitized, streamlined, and convenient to the level of utter simplicity; why on earth, with all of this technology and ability to be fully modern, would you opt for cumbersome cigarettes when you can have clean, efficient vapor?

  4. Say no to weird chemicals by choosing vapor cigs. Our e-liquids contain just a few ingredients and we disclose what’s in them. As an added plus, there’s no diacetyl or acetyl propionyl whatsoever!

  5. Why smell bad if you don’t have to?

  6. Why offend others with gross tobacco smoke if you don’t have to? Vapor has practically no scent, and dissipates very quickly, leaving no trace, unlike smoke.

  7. Think about all the flavor you are missing out on by smoking cigarettes. Smoke happens to dull the taste buds, and you are very limited in flavor choices. With advanced vaporizers and electronic cigs and e-liquids, your choices are basically endless.

  8. Have more fun: cigarettes are quite boring compared to what you can do with an e-cig or vaporizer. Having more power, and the ability to blow some mega clouds allows you to actually enjoy the process of vaping, making it more thrilling and less of a mindless habit.

  9. More control of your smoking: with e-cigs, you can more mindfully decrease your nicotine intake, track your usage, and keep your vaping in check, on your own terms way more easily than traditional smoking.

  10. Options. Because having a thousand choices that allow you to make them work for you, and into your life is a fantastic thing. Why be enslaved to tobacco when you can have your cake and eat it too, with vapor?

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The Perfect Last Minute Holiday Gift: The Almighty Gift Card

Tick tock! Christmas is now officially less than a week away, and if you have been slacking or just haven’t gotten around to getting that perfect gift for someone who vapes, look no further. What you need is about 2 minutes of your time, and you’ll be giving them the finest gift of all: South Beach Smoke, in gift card form. When you order a gift card online, it will be emailed to the recipient, and will await them in their inbox. Total instant gratification.

South Beach Smoke gift cards make the perfect, the ultimate gift no matter what the occasion may be. They take minimal effort to give, and a gift card from SBS makes a most awesome gift! At once they are fun, creative, useful, and beneficial; who would not want one to spend any which way they want on their favorites e-cigs, vaporizers, e-liquids and accessories? Gift cards enable the receiver to get exactly what they want, the ultimate in simple, effective, and everyone is pleased.

Vapers can be a notoriously picky demographic to shop for. Because e-cigarettes and vaporizers cross the borders between cool tech item and personal use item, they are highly individualistic and every vaper has their particular favorites, as well as preferred products. Plus, if you’re buying for a seasoned vaper, you are probably aware that they are most likely kinda picky about what they want. So, save yourself the trouble of guessing, and wondering if they have something, or don’t have something. Go with a gift card and keep it stress-free!

You’ve got so little time left; don’t boggle it guessing, or paying an arm and a leg with overnight shipping on gifts you’re not even sure the vaper in your life will like or want. Go with the safest option: a South Beach Smoke gift card, and you’ll be thrilled with the results! Happy holidays!

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E-Cigarettes and Popcorn Lung: Let’s Talk Facts

Surely by now you’ve heard that 75% of e-liquids are supposedly causing the dangerous lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans, you know, popcorn lung, right? Tossed your e-cigs and vaporizers in fear, and went running for the hills? Have you had an MRI scan of your lungs to examine the damage using e-juice has most likely inflicted? Yeah, we haven’t either.

Because if you believe every story that’s been spun out of control based on a study that was done erroneously and inconclusively, you’d probably have a lot more problems to deal with than you already do!

This week, results from a study done by the Harvard University School of Public Health reached the media, and it was subsequently blasted through news outlets and the internet that using e-cigarettes has been linked to popcorn lung. And while it certainly is cause for concern, and there is no denying all the proof that exists legitimizing the claim that popcorn lung is in fact caused by diacetyl inhalation, there are a lot of holes in this study. Only a select number of flavors were examined, while there are countless brands who’ve pledged to keep diacetyl out of their liquids.

For those of you who are worried, all you have to do is read the labels and websites of brands carrying e-liquids. For the most part, any legit brands will not be including this chemical in their formulas. As for South Beach Smoke’s stance on the matter, our customers can rest assured; if they’re buying juices from us, they won’t be getting popcorn lung as a result because you won’t find diacetyl in them.

The bottom line here is that you need to read your labels, know your products, and not take every “study” published as actual truth. All e-liquids are not going to lead to popcorn lung; those containing diacetyl, however, will put you at risk.

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Vape Gift Guide 2015

It’s the holidays y’all, and it is time to get shopping for all those lucky smokers and vapers in your life. And common sense will tell you, there is only one really worthy gift for all of them: South Beach Smoke. We’ve seriously got everything you need for everyone who enjoys the vapelife, and here are our top picks for holiday gifts. We have the very best selection, and incredibly low prices so, you’ll not only be able to knock out a big chunk of your list with us, but you can do so in one quick, timely swoop! So here you go, if you’re wondering what to buy everyone who enjoys vaping and smoking, this is it!

For the Cigarette Smoker: A Deluxe Plus Starter Kit. This is the all-around, basic e-cig kit plus a few nice upgrades.

For the Happy E-Cig Smoker: The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit. This is your best bet for the e-cig smoker who loves their e-cigs, and has no interest in upgrading to more advanced products.

For Coworkers Who Smoke Cigarettes: Reusable Express Kits. These kits make the perfect stocking stuffer, and are great to give out generously due to their highly attractive price tag of $21.99.

For the Restless Vaper: A Storm Starter Kit. This is the ideal gift for someone who gets bored easily and enjoys the excitement of technology. This is a simple to use, yet very powerful vaporizer, sure to please anyone who is into vapor.

For the Hard-to-Shop-For Vaper: a custom vape pen built on our Custom Vaporizer Builder in their favorite colors, with a some cool accessory upgrades. You just can’t beat custom building when it comes to getting things exactly as you want them!

For Everyone: South Beach Smoke Gift Cards! The ultimate stocking stuffer, and the easiest gift of all to give, SBS gift cards rock! No one will shy away from one, and for any vaper, they make an awesomely thoughtful present!

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