Made for the Gods: Pangu is Our Deal of the Week!

Greetings, all! We hope your week is off to a fantastic start, and you are ready for some killer savings! We’ve got a fantastic Deal of the Week coming to you, and we hope you’re ready for an awesome deal that offers savings on one amazing item! So, this week, and this week only, get ready to score 10% off the Kanger Pangu Vape Pen Starter Kit! This amazing starter kit setup normally goes for the affordable price tag of $23.95, but this week, scoring an extra 10% off makes it even more worthy! Grab it and vape it, my friends!


Why You Need it

The Kanger Pangu is a revolutionary device, and it offers a world of great features, packed into an easy to use, easy to handle, powerful vape pen. Consider this little tidbit: the device was named for the Chinese god of creation; it was intended to do some mad creation in the way of vapor! If you are after serious sub ohm style performance from a vape pen, the Pangu has your name all over it. It was made for heavy vaping; it is not a beginner’s device at all! It can be used by beginners if they’re after some great performance, but this kind of vape pen is typically sought after by those who know exactly the kind of performance they want.


What’s to Love About the Pangu Vape Pen

The Pangu offers a sleek, slender design that fits the hand very well, especially if you’re after continuous usage! Imagine the easiest, most convenient sub ohm vape experiences, wherever and whenever you want them. Typically, a larger device is needed to get this kind of performance, however with the Pangu, you get the best of both worlds. The device gets powered from a seriously monstrous 2500 mAh battery, and capitalizes on this with a PGOCC coil that enables you to get the most intense levels of flavor. Best of all, you get all this precision out of a device made to fit in your pocket; no extra bulk or sharp angles involved.


The Kanger Pangu Starter Kit includes the following:


1) Kanger PANGU Kit

1) 0.5 ohm PGOCC Coil (SUS316L)

1) 1 ohm PGOCC Coil (NiCr)

1) Micro USB Cable

1) Spare Unit of Pyrex Glass

1) Seal Ring

1) Manual

How to Use it

And, among the best aspects of this amazing device is how simple it is to use! Basically, you’re going to charge up the battery. Then, unscrew the base from the tank, so that you can fill it up. See the exposed cotton in there? You’re going to take your e-liquid and drop it directly onto it, filling your tank in the top port. Now, reattach it! Click the power button on your Pangu vape pen 5 times quickly, and your device will turn on and be ready for vaping.


Bottom Line

Guys, this is one amazing Deal of the Week, so we hope you take full advantage and get one while you can at this crazy low price. Hell, we encourage you to grab a few; maybe get one for a friend because this kind of sub ohm vaping, and this kind of quality at this price is unreal! The Kanger Pangu is a solid machine ready for heavy-artillery performance. Big, luscious clouds, massively intense flavor, and a device made to handle whatever comes your way; this stellar deal will only be available for one week, so get moving and start shopping!

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Vaping & Migraines

Vaping has a slew of amazing benefits, and in terms of contrasting it as an alternative to smoking, the options are endless and the ways it can improve your life in both small and huge ways are many. However, that is not to say there can’t or won’t be any side effects.


Headaches, Migraines, & Nicotine

Which leads us to the discussion of vaping and migraines. Did you know that a very small percentage of people who are predisposed to, or are regular sufferers of migraines should limit their nicotine consumption as much as possible due to nicotine being a likely trigger of migraines? If you understand the basic science behind it, it’s actually quite amazing, however it’s true! Additionally, what’s even more interesting, is that there are also those who suffer from migraines, and have found the nicotine in e-cigarettes (not cigarettes) to be a suitable option for keeping the migraines at bay.


If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know there are few types of pain that are more debilitating, and it can be one of the worst, most brutal ways to ruin a perfectly good day with total aggravation. And what’s even worse is that there are few remedies to offer any type of relief, so basically, you’ve got to do what you can and ride out the storm.


How Does Smoking Cause Headaches?

Tobacco cigarette smoking has long been ruled as a trigger for headaches and has been known to exacerbate the feelings of migraines. While smoking is obviously very different from vaping, the link between smoking and migraines comes down to nicotine, which stimulates vascular activity in the brain. Studies have shown that in eliminating nicotine, symptoms lessen. Furthermore, for those who suffer from cluster headaches, most often the cause is related to smoking as 85% of people who have cluster headaches are also smokers.


How Does Vaping Cause Headaches?

For some people, there are a few ways vaping can cause headaches to occur. This is in no way the norm, however it is a slim possibility. A nicotine level that is too high, dehydration caused by propylene glycol, or even a propylene glycol sensitivity may all be linked to triggering headaches. Additionally, there is a theory that vaping can increase one’s sensitivity to caffeine, and after consuming caffeine a headache can set in. Interesting stuff, isn’t it?


How can Vaping Help Migraines?

Indirectly, one interesting way vaping may be able to help the effects of migraines would be as a means of stress relief. One of the major causes of migraines is stress, and a big factor in keeping the migraines away is handling stress and keeping it from sabotaging your day to day life. Like so many things in life, stress can cause a wide array of chain reactions, migraines being among the results. So, in this regard, if vaping is something that can help with stress, it can be used to potentially help you keep your calm.
So, for anyone who suffers from migraines, you may want to consider the option of not vaping with nicotine. If you do suffer from migraines and are a vaper, reducing your nicotine level or gradually decreasing to 0% nicotine e-liquid may an option to keep in mind. And, for a select few, there lies the possibility of vaping with a small amount of nicotine as an option for warding off the difficulties and agony of migraines. However it goes, be sure to do your research and check with your healthcare provider if you have questions.

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Deal Of the Week: 15% Off Cartridges

15% All Cartridges on South Beach Smoke, This Week Only!

Greetings, Vapers! We’ve got an astounding new deal curated just for you! This week take 15% Off every cartridge on South Beach Smoke! That’s right, every single cartridge whether it be 15, 30 or 45 packs of cartridges gets 15% Off! Save big on your favorite flavors that range from Tobacco, Fruits, Menthol and even dessert!

Each one of our cartridges is loaded to their maximum potential with our carefully crafted juice blends. From the first draw, you’ll know these e-cigarette cartridges hit above the mark in the flavor and cloud department. From robust Golden Tobacco notes to tart Lemon-Lime draws, there’s a flavor for everyone.

Tobacco Classic perfectly emulates the draw of a traditional cigarette while adding subtle smoothness and a cleaner draw. If you are a fan of Turkish blends, Golden Tobacco Cartridges deliver a rich sweetness combined with golden smooth tobacco notes to every drag. Deluxe Blue Tobacco brings the flavor and feel of a light tobacco while delivering an authentic cigarette feel.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, our cartridges bring a pleasing aromatic and sugary draw. Choco-Holics be on notice, our Chocolate Cartridge is a sweet dessert explosion that will have you coming back for more. Vanilla Cartridges bring a pleasant aromatic smoothness straight to your lungs while filling your tastebuds with a vanilla bean note you’ll savor all day.

Menthol Cartridges offer a refreshing draw with long lasting flavor qualities you will savor. Our Menthol Cartridge option brings out subtle freshness with each drag and a blast of coolness upon the exhale bound to keep your attention for a long time. Mount these bad boys on your SuperMAX batteries and get your freshness on demand.

Feeling Fruity? We have more fruit flavored cartridges than most with a wide range of options that will keep you refreshed. Frank’s Lemon-Lime cartridges bring a piquant front note of flavor with a succulent squeeze of tart lemon-lime collision you will taste all day. Bite into a fresh slice of deliciously ripe Watermelon with a sensationally sweet front note bound to deliver delicious every time. Garnish your tongue with a sugary cherry on top with a Cherry Cartridge. This delectable flavorful force brings layers and layers of delight you won’t be able to put down for long.

For those who are more adventurous, South Beach Smoke offers flavor profile combination cartridges you’re going to be excited to try. Orange Mint brings juicy and tangy notes to a refreshing setting that will make for an amazing all day vape. Like your Tobacco with a Cool twist? Our Tobacco Mint Cartridges deliver rich tobacco qualities with a hint of fresh menthol to bring your palate pleasure.

If you’re looking for variety, look no further than our Sample Pack! This sampler comes with 1 Tobacco Classic, 1 Tobacco Blue, 1 Golden Tobacco, 1 Menthol, 1 Cherry, 1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla, 1 Peach, 1 Pina Colada and 1 Peppermint. Want more than just a 5-Pack? Choose up to a 30 Pack of sensational sampling to bring your favorites all together in one amazing flavor bundle.

Take advantage of these savings and get the cartridges you love for 15% OFF!

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Deal of the Week: Get Elevated with the Atmos Jump


Greetings, vapers! We hope your week is off to a fabulous start, and we’d like to enhance the efforts by letting you know the Deal of the Week has totally been arranged to celebrate the fine occasion known at 4/20 later on this week! So, we’d like to offer you a whole week of savings; that’s right, not just one day, but a whole week of awesomeness that allows you to save a whopping 10% on the one and only Atmos Jump! That’s right: the Deal of the Week will be happening to honor this most enlightening day with an absolutely amazing herb vaporizer!


The Atmos Jump is a phenomenal device. It offers some of the most advanced technology available towards vaping dry herbs, and best of all, it makes the whole experience a total pleasure. What more could you ask for? Smoke free, odor free, versatile, portable, no fire or ash involved; it basically makes vaping herbs as easy and convenient as standard vaping with e-liquids! It’s utterly revolutionary, if you ask us!


As for quality, the Atmos is excellent. It was designed and constructed to be a premium item, and that is exactly what you get with it. As one of the top products available since dry herb vaping technology hit the market, to this day, the Atmos Jump remains of the top devices for those seeking a great vaporizer with top of the line performance. The vapor it produces is mighty fine, and the ceramic filter it includes really allows the resulting flavor to be phenomenal. Unlike traditional methods of smoking herbs, you don’t have to deal with the flavor getting stale or ashy towards the end; the design and functioning of the Atmos Jump allows for smooth, clean, and fresh flavor all the way through.


In terms of the day-to-day convenience and efficiency, expect the Jump to supply generally 5-6 full vape sessions through a full battery. To fill the chamber, about 0.2 grams of herb is needed, and will yield a generous number of hits; we love that about it! For a device that was made to keep up with your busy lifestyle, it will have no problem going the distance. After you’ve vaped, cleanup is also a breeze. The brush it comes with will enable you to sweep things clean in seconds, making way for any built up funk to be released quickly and easily. Additionally, in the event you need a little extra help getting it clean, a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol will clean it up instantly.


The greatest draw, of all the features to the Atmos Jump is the value. It really is the best in the market when it comes to dry herb devices. For the quality, craftsmanship, and the cost, you will not find an item that tops it!


4/20 has been long hailed as one of the “greenest” and most herbal occasions of the year, and with the immense popularity of the myriad of vape devices out there, we knew it was due time to celebrate the day in the best way we know how: with a super special Deal of the Week! So happy 4/20 from all of us here at South Beach Smoke! Enjoy it, and be sure to take advantage of the savings by scoring an Atmos Jump at 10% off!

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Deal of the Week: The Innokin Endura T18 Vape Starter Kit

The Deal of the Week has landed and this time it’s bringing you some rather marvelous savings! Are you ready for this one? Well you’ve been warned: you will want to get your hands on the Innokin Endura T18 Vape Starter Kit, which for this week only, is going to be specially priced at 10% off! We know you love savings, and what better to save on than new, highly-innovative vape gear? This is one deal you will want to grab ASAP if you’re in the market for a new vape pen. Keep reading to learn more about the Endura T18; surely you will want to get your hands on it after learning more about it!

As far as “beginner” vaping devices go, the Innokin Endura T18 may very well be among the best in class. This device was certainly designed with the novice in mind, however it lacks nothing in quality or abilities. It is a great beginner’s mod, or the ideal upgrade for a vaper looking for more in terms of battery power, along with a slim size. It is a supreme option for a truly satisfying experience, while being very simple to use. It covers all ground, promises a great vape, and won’t break the bank. We absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to vape well with absolute pleasure!

The Innokin Endura T18 is the ultimate vape mod that is a standard vape pen that delivers the power and user friendliness vapers desire. It provides fantastic performance on all fronts, and ensures the user is equipped with enough power to get the most bangin’ hits. It is the ideal beginner vape pen, and it will not require any extensive training to use. Imagine this: the T18 was built with the simplicity of an e-cig, with the power and performance of a mod.

This is no ordinary vape pen, and from the first glance, it’s easy to be taken by the looks of it. Innokin definitely did their homework on it, and it is a very beautiful vape pen from every angle. The Endura T18 fits perfectly in the hand, and the exterior is a smooth, silky, powder-coated finish that feels exquisite to the touch. The size is small, and it was made to easily fit into a pocket or small bag. The slim build adds to the convenience, making this device very easy to carry anywhere.

For a beginner’s setup, the T18 Prism tank is the perfect accompaniment to the Endura vape pen. Because of its easy coil swap feature, you can have the performance of great coils without a whole lot of effort. As a top-fill tank, you can expect the easiest filling possible, without having to deal with mess or complications. In regards to how this exceptional vape pen performs, you can expect some really massive flavor output. It also excels on behalf of its ability to produce mighty fine clouds of vapor, especially when you consider it is not a sub ohm device.

Overall, the Innokin Endura T18 delivers on great performance, and if you’re after a slim pen that is super easy to get the hang of, look no further! This is a very exciting Deal of the Week, and we hope you are aiming to get your hands on it at this amazing price. So, get moving! You’ve got one week to make it yours!

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