How to Choose an Advanced Vaporizer

Choices choices choices: there are so many of them when you’re looking for a brand new e-cigarette vaporizer. All the different styles, shapes, colors, and accessories can make it even more confusing but there’s just something so intriguing about these awesome alternative smoking devices, isn’t there?

Here are some tips to help you choose an e-cigarette vaporizer so that you can make the best decision and get the most out of your awesome new advanced personal vapoizer.

1. Get to know the products in order to find the right one for you. You’re going to have to figure out what each type does, how they work, and how it will fit into your lifestyle. You’ve got options such as the different levels of battery power, an infinite number of flavor choices, different tanks and other accessories you can fit your device with. The more you know about e-cigarette vaporizers, the better.

2. Figure out what you want to spend. Vaporizers come in all different price ranges, from budget to high-end, technologically advanced models. Typically, you pay for what you get, but always remember that when shopping with South Beach Smoke, you get an e-cigarette selection that’s always top-quality at a great price.

3. Style points: while the style of your vaporizer is not directly linked to its performance, no one will deny that vaporizers look awesome. They’re made to have a very futuristic look, with very modern styling. There are a number of ways you can customize your mod to change up its look, between different colored batteries and tanks, and using some of the sweet accessory options. Tanks are often interchangeable, and can vary in size. You can add collars to many versions of vape pens. Do you want bright, eye-catching colors or is stainless steel more your thing? These are all things to think about when choosing a  vaporizer.

4. Another thing to consider is power level. Vaporizers come in a large variety of different levels of power and this is one thing you should research before choosing. More power equals stronger vapor hits, more powerful higher overall performance, and batteries that can hold charges for a nice long time.

Vaporizers really aren’t that complicated however if you’re coming to them from using basic e-cigs, it may take some getting used to. It doesn’t take much effort to get the right products that suit you, however, never underestimate the power of experimentation and trying a few different things because that’s how you’re going to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you.

Bottom line: keep your mind open, we’ve got tons of vaporizers that are made to please!

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The Magic of E Liquids

Using a liquids, as opposed to prefilled cartridges, has an enormous amount of benefits. And if you plan on using one of our brand-new advanced vaporizers, you’re going to have use e-liquids. There are plenty of reasons most vapers are going with e-liquids now, and if you need a good reason to try a tank yourself with our custom blended in liquids, here’e some motivation to try them. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed, and we’re sure you’ll be back for more in time!

Our e-liquids can be custom blended, and what that means is you can have up to three individual flavors blended into a single new flavor. They come in single and double shots, so you can adjust the intensity of each flavor as well. Mathematically speaking, when you take our more than 60 different flavors and blend them into all the different possibilities, you get approximately 30,000 different flavors at your disposal. If you’re concerned about getting sick of a single favorite flavor, don’t worry; the endless blends will keep you excited and experimenting for much time to come.

Another benefit to using nicotine e-liquids is that you fill them yourself into your tanks. This added level of control is something many vapers really enjoy and appreciate because not only does it give you a proper understanding of how much liquid actually you use, it’s also great to see for yourself the quantity of liquid being used. With refill cartridges, you never really know where it stands from start to finish, you have to take what you get. Liquids require more involvement, and that isn’t a bad thing.

Some people are intimidated about using e-juice because they feel that having to fill their tanks themselves creates added work and can be a hassle because you have to be very careful, and do it accurately. However, like any skill, with some practice you’ll be able to get it right easily every time.

If you’re concerned about using a liquids, knowing that there is a huge range of different quality levels available throughout the market, keep in mind that the our liquids are “powered by VaporFi,” are created using the highest standards in the industry and this equates to the highest performance. For example, all of our bottles are childproof, to ensure little ones aren’t going to get a hold of you liquids. Our e-liquids are “inhalation-grade,” designed to be inhaled, making them beyond even food grade quality. All of our liquid can be traced back to production because they’re all labeled with lot numbers. Our e-liquids are made with USP-grade Kosher ingredients and the very best Malaysian palm-sourced glycerin, which is ideal for avoiding issues with peanut allergies, and also excellent performance. Our lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer, and all of our formulas are registered with the FDA, giving them full disclosure.

While pre-filled e-cigarette cartridges come with many pros and cons, and should never be discredited because they are awesome, you should really give our liquids a try! They are very cost effective, offer you thousands more options when it comes to flavors, and they give you a little more control over the process, so grab a new Curve, Storm, or Thunder, a few bottles of liquid and get vaping!

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Reasons to Use a Hi-Tech Vaporizer

So as you probably know by now, South Beach Smoke just launched a rockin’ new line of advanced vaporizers. People are really into vaporizers these days because they offer a really advanced experience that takes electronic smoking to new levels of pleasure. This proves that too much of a good thing can be awesome! So in that light we’d like to take the time to give you a slew of reasons why using an advanced personal vaporizer is the current way to go in the vaping world. We’re all about basic e-cigs, but if you want a more advanced experience, get to know some more about vaporizers! Here’s why:

  • Vaporizers offer more control. Some models come with the variable voltage feature that controls so many aspects of the hit and the vapor production.
  • Vaporizers work with e-liquid. Using nicotine liquids not only saves you money as opposed to cartridges, but they come in thousands more flavors with our option of custom blending. They have excellent flavors, which come through better when vaporized, and having the control of filling them yourself is an added benefit.
  • You have a greater level of performance with vaporizers. From larger quantities of vapor to smoother, stronger hits, and longer battery life.
  • Style. You know you love hot-looking products. Vaporizers offer so much more style than basic e-cigs, which tend to look just like traditional cigarettes. Advanced personal vaporizers are simply much cooler-looking.
  • You can customize vape pens in so many ways. Vaporizers can work with different tanks, different mouthpieces, atomizers; if you choose a model with variable voltage you can control the level of vapor production with your hits. Batteries come in different power levels as well, and you can go with more or less power if you choose. In the end, you get to control and tweak how your model performs; that’s the beauty of using a hi-tech vaporizer.

So are you ready to try vaping with an advanced vaporizer now? If so, mosey on over to our website and have a look at all of the incredible products we got to take your vaping to the next level!

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Introducing Our New Vaporizers!

You knew this day was coming at some point, right? Well, friends, it has arrived, and we are more than elated to be bringing you the very best, state of the art South Beach Smoke vaporizers, ready to rock your world!

The South Beach Smoke Air has been around for a little while, and as awesome as it is, we weren’t inclined to stop there. We wanted to bring South Beach Smoke quality, originality, and style even further into the domain of advanced vaporizers, and give you all even more options when vaping with enhanced power and performance. So, without further ado, let us introduce these beauties!

The Storm

The Storm takes basic to a new level, and this line of vaporizers comes in four different, high-performing versions: the Storm 650, the Storm 1100, the Storm 650 LCD, and the Storm 1100 Variable.

The Curve

The Curve vaporizer combines exquisite looks and powerful performance; a rather enticing combo when it comes to vaping! This vape pen was designed with women in mind, to offer a sexy device that can perform when it needs to.

The Thunder

Can you feel it? The Thunder is a seriously profound vaping machine. Offering thunderous performance levels and rockin’ control options such as variable voltage, this a vaporizer made for action.

One of the coolest features we will be offering will be our Custom Vaporizer Builder, which will allow you to customize your vape pen digitally by mixing and matching batteries and tanks. The beauty of this enables you to have exactly what you want in your vaporizer, getting as creative as you want, to get the performance you want.

We are thrilled to now offer you an insanely sweet lineup of South Beach Smoke vaporizers! So we encourage you to get shopping, get vaping, and enjoy the rad performance; you already know our e-liquids rock! Be sure to share your creations with us; as excited as we are about the launch of our new line of vaporizers, we cannot wait to see the combos you come up with!

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Labor Day Sale!

Are you ready to save some money? Well then, get ready for our awesome Labor Day Weekend blowout sale! All South Beach Smoke e-cigarette cartridges are 20% off, and everything else on our website is priced at 30% off! Get ready for some shopping, folks!

From now through Monday (Labor Day) we’ve got great deals abound on all South Beach Smoke products. So we’re telling you, take a break from your holiday weekend festivities and hit up our site to load up on your favorite e-cigarette products, grab some cartridges, and treat yourself to something you haven’t tried yet.

Labor Day is considered the end of Summer to many, and for most, it’s one of the best shopping weekends of the year. Sales upon sales are happening at every retail venue and online site around, and everyone is looking for some sweet bargains.

Cartridges are essentials, and what could be better than scoring them at a discount? Try some new flavors and expand your personal arsenal; you can’t have too many of these, ready and waiting for you. Experiment with some different flavors or nicotine strengths, and stock up for a rainy day.

Need a new starter kit, or looking to try one of our excellent packages? Do it now! Our starter kits make vaping a (smoke-free) breeze, and getting a great deal makes electronic smoking even more enjoyable and cost effective. If you’re tired of your significant other always coveting your e-cigs, splurge on our Couples Kit Combo, which hooks you both up properly without breaking the bank.

Want to try our rad advanced vape pen, the South Beach Smoke Air? Grab that baby now!

Labor Day Weekend is about BBQ’s, pool parties, the beach, fun late nights, and tons of fun spent vaping. We encourage you to skip the madness at the malls, avoid the drama that comes with parking, driving amidst the masses, and waiting in long lines; enjoy your holiday weekend right- by having fun, and doing your shopping online with us! Save time, score deals, and get what you want; don’t you just love instant gratification?

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