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2019 Vaping Trends That Will Shape the Industry

The vaping industry is still relatively young, which makes it exciting because it’s constantly picking up steam. 2019 will see continued rapid growth as new vape products explode onto the scene and disrupt the industry. A lot can change in a year, and here are some of the vape trends we expect to see in the near future.

Local Shops Will Become More Prevalent 

If you’re following the vape industry, you probably already know about the JUUL controversy that occurred in 2018. In an effort to keep vaping an adults-only industry, the FDA cracked down on e-liquid sales at gas stations and convenience stores. FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb even went so far as to say they plan to restrict sales to online stores, specialty vape shops, and other age-restricted vendors.

In other words, it will become harder to find your preferred vape juice flavor while you’re filling up the car for your morning commute. Customers will have better luck going to a local vape shop, where they can still find a wide selection of premium products in a legal setting. When convenience is an important factor, customers may choose to shop online instead. 

E-Liquid Will Become More Sophisticated 

In the past, some vape brands have derived their style from popular food brands, using bright colors to differentiate themselves from competitors. We expect to see a more sophisticated approach going forward. As the industry matures over time, vape enthusiasts are becoming more knowledgeable about their options. Customers are starting to become interested in understated products that use informative language to pitch their true benefits.

 Low-Strength Nicotine E-Liquids Will Become More Popular

As vaping became more accessible thanks to smaller, simple, low-cost devices, more and more people switched from smoking to vaping. As law professor and tobacco harm reduction advocate says, “innovation is gathering momentum, and people like having power over their lives. A technological and public health revolution is afoot.”

As people choose to vape to get further away from a relationship with cigarettes, they may start to prefer the satisfying flavor and large clouds over nicotine potency. This vape trend will lead to greater popularity of low-strength nicotine salt e-liquids as well as nicotine-free vape juice. 

Mesh Coils Will Reduce the Need for Lower Resistance 

Most good vaping tanks are already compatible with mesh coils, and vape enthusiasts are starting to choose this advanced option over traditional wound coils. Low mass and high surface area combine to produce tons of vapor with relatively low power requirements. There’s less popping and spitting, too, because mesh coils create better contact between the wick and wire.

Since mesh coils are establishing themselves as a premium option, and they require less power to operate, there’s less need for high-powered rigs. The race to create coils with less resistance will likely slow down for that reason. We expect to see safer, low-wattage devices with single batteries become increasingly popular.

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