Be Green, Smoke Vapor

One of the best reasons to choose South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes and vaporizers is that they are a much “greener” option than traditional cigarettes.

When you smoke, you probably don’t consider the footprint you’re leaving behind, however smoking tobacco cigarettes leaves a rather large one. In fact, the amount of ways they are detrimental to the earth are many, and simply by choosing to go electronic with your nicotine you can alleviate some of the negative impact. At least on a personal level!

Tobacco cigarettes are the most littered item in the world. They get tossed everywhere, and even when they end up in the trash and make it to landfills, they are still accumulating there as well. When they are not responsibly disposed of, which much of the time is the case, unfortunately, they often end up polluting natural bodies of water, soil, the ground, and in places they have no business being in. Cigarette butts take 12 years to break down as far as they can, and as they do so, they leave a trail of many toxic chemicals behind. They are often consumed by wildlife, who mistake them for food. The result of this is often death, as cigarette butts are not digestible.

While that is a lot to think about, especially since most smokers think nothing of dropping their “inconspicuous” little butts on the ground, they add up big time. To get the title of “most littered item in the world” is quite a burden to hold, and quite a legacy.

So, if you have switched to vaping, you’re doing something great for the planet. E-cigarettes alleviate some of the burden, and the more smokers who switch, the less butts there will be left on the ground. While an argument may arise that e-cigarettes will be the next item to be strewn in large proportions, however on the contrary there is a lot less trash produced by e-cigs. Gone are the packs of 20, instead a single cartridge lasts the same length as approximately 40 cigarettes. E-cigarettes themselves are reusable, lasting many months, up to two years each. Consisting of mostly plastic and metal, the components of e-cigarettes are recyclable.

Although it can be hard to go eco-friendly in all areas of your life, and it’s certainly overwhelming to imagine all the ways your footprint can impact the planet, knowing that just by making choices like switching to vaping you are helping to do your part! Vape on, friends!