Bring Your Best Vape: NBA Game 7

Whether you like it or not, folks Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals will be THEE sporting event on Father’s Day! Not only is it a time to take in the absolute culmination of the 2016 season, but one filled with plumes of absurdly good highlights only professional basketball can offer. All we can say is that you best bring your vape pen ready to go because there’s sure to be plenty of moments you’re going to need it!

And whether or not many (if any), of you thought after Games 1 & 2, this series would go this distance, here we are. It’s got all the fixin’s and a recipe done right; sort of. And as far as the NBA’s concerned? They’re frothing… Seriously.

Aside from Lebron James, Stephen Curry and the bookies in Vegas, who’s more overwhelmed than those too far mentally invested? Everyone quite frankly.

The Finals have been everything but ordinary. The physicality. The drama. The officiating. The OFFICIATING! Just bounce around the social mediasphere and read up on some of the rather colorful ‘comments’ concerning this whole phenomena. Of course, many stretch well beyond the verbitual limits anyone morally obligated can publish. For others, there’s hope.

Aboard Twitter, for example, there have been modest suggestions for tonight’s game.  One anonymous yet casually disgruntled fan writes: Dear @nbarefs , please let them play tonight …you did your part in gettings us here 
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