Why Your Vape Juice Matters

E-juice is not all the same, and what you’ve got in yours can make a major difference in the performance of your device, your personal

E-Cigarette Safety: Why it is SO Important

Canadian teen finds himself at the wrong end of an exploding vapor device. His parents cry foul on the product. The device, an advanced “mech

Etiquette for Vapers

It’s time for a little etiquette refresher, y’all! Because you know, when you’re vaping away and creating those massive clouds, the last thing you want

Essential Accessories

When vaping, you need accessories. There are those that are total requirements; like a charger so that you can charge your batteries, and there are

Vape & Save Some Money

It’s presently the holiday season, have you found yourself broke? Well look at the bright side, be glad you’re vaping because imagine how broke you’d

Cyber Monday is Here!

Time to go nuts and get your Cyber Monday fix, South Beach Smoke fans! For all of your vaping needs and saving cravings on Cyber

Wanna Save Money? Switch to E-Cigs!

Saving money, aren’t we all trying to do that these days? You would think that most smokers would have made the switch to vapor by

Introducing the Air

We like to innovate, it’s one of the things we do best! And while we are so proud of our current line of electronic cigarettes,