Get With South Beach Smoke Disposables!

Disposable electronic cigarettes are pretty darn wonderful; they serve numerous purposes, and allow you to have some additional freedoms if you are already using our

Should You Quit Smoking for a Job?

Need another great reason to choose e-cigs over conventional tobacco cigs? Your job. As in, your potential, future job. As if your health, expenses, and

How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength!

Choosing the right nicotine strength accounts for a lot of the experience. If you are just switching over from traditional cigarettes, you are going to

Celebrities Who Vape

Celebrities have always been on the cigarette bandwagon, and these days they are way more into the electronic offerings. In fact, some of e-cigarettes’ earliest

Tobacco Vapes as Replacement For Cigs

Vapor cigarettes are becoming so normal and accepted, that every time I go out with friends, to a bar or some kind of social event,

What's in Your E-Cig

What’s in Your E-Cig?

Do you ever put much thought into what’s in your electronic cigarette? Do the ingredients play a role in the brand you use? For some