Comfort: Vapor vs. Tobacco

The majority of people are not interested in doing things that are uncomfortable, unpleasant or compromise their lifestyle. When it comes to making decisions between different products, most people aim for those that make their lives more comfortable and more enjoyable. And because humans are creatures of habit and creatures of comfort, if it causes us to not have those needs met, most likely we’re running in the opposite direction, and not going to do it. Here are some of the benefits to using e-cigarettes that can impact your life from a comfort and enjoyment standpoint, and why you’d probably be happier with the switch.

1. Cost. Because we all work for money, we all want the best deal, we don’t like wasting money, and no one wants to pay more in taxes than necessary. Simply, electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. A huge amount of the cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes is paid in taxes, and it can eat you alive! Some smokers feel uncomfortable spending around $100 for a starter kit, although with e-cigarettes, the initial cost is typically the most expensive and the cost of cartridge refills and or liquids is much less costly in the long run. Most smokers find that they save thousands of dollars a year by comparison. And, if you’re searching for economical e-cigarettes, look no further than South Beach Smoke!

2. Health. No, there’s no proof that electronic cigarettes are “healthier,” however when you eliminate the tobacco, you eliminate a lot of the risk. And that’s enough for many people to opt for vapor smoking instead. Smoke in and of itself is problematic; vapor is not.

3. Odor. Who really wants to smell like they never showered after they got home from the bar late night last night? Eau de saloon is not a perfume, and no one really likes the smell of musty tobacco smoke all over themselves, their partners, their cars, their home, their hair, their clothes and basically every aspect of their lives. Vapor allows you to smell like a breath of fresh air, odorless, clean, and definitely not musty.

This is exactly why smokers are turning to e-cigarettes. Never before has a product come along that truly encapsulated the smoking experience, without the actual tobacco, until e-cigs came along. And now that the industry has solidified itself as a veritable niche market, with millions of smokers having traded the smoke in for vapor, it shows that literally millions are seeing the benefit, comfortably!