E-Cigs: Keep ’em Clean

Cleanliness is not just about keeping yourself clean; if you want your vape gear to stay in tip-top shape, you’ve got to clean your stuff frequently. Once a week at a minimum, several times a week in an ideal world. Think you don’t have time? Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your vaporizer, and how simple it actually is to do so. So, no more excuses. Make the time, and keep yo’ stuff clean!

Why Clean? It’s Just Vapor…

Because e-liquid is liquid and NOT vapor, and it can seriously get stuck EVERYWHERE. And your device comes in several parts. And you hold it with your (probably gnarly fingers) and you vape on it with your mouth full of germs. It’s a personal use item; your vaporizers and e-cigs are going to get dirty!

What Supplies Do I Need?

As mentioned above, at least once a week, but hey, daily wouldn’t be bad either, to get down and dirty with all the intimate details. The best cleaning supplies to keep handy are:

  1. A cotton swab
  2. A clean, soft, damp cloth made of cotton or microfibre
  3. Something sharp (like a safety pin) to dislodge any stuck, dried up pieces of liquid
  4. An old toothbrush for scrubbing

How to Clean E-Cigs the Right Way

Take your device apart; disconnect everything. Wipe all parts thoroughly with your soft cloth, and as you do so, examine for dried up chunks of liquid. Along the area where the cartridge screws onto the battery is particularly susceptible, there may be liquid dried into the crevices. If so, use the toothbrush to give it a good scrub. If it still needs some help, carefully use the sharp tip of the pin to pick at it.

Why Even Bother?

E-cig hygiene is often about attention to detail. A regular inspection of your device can help to spot any problems before they arise. The little nooks and crannies that seem so convenient and stylish tend to hold dirt, excess e-liquid, and condensed vapor. As these contaminants accumulate, they can alter your flavors and even damage equipment. Regular attention to these places will help keep your device looking, performing and tasting great every time.

Don’t underestimate the cleaning power of water. A quick wipe with plain old tap water and a clean rag can work wonders. Also, a light touch of dish soap will help remove the more resilient gunk. However, be careful to avoid getting water on or near your battery.

Be Careful Of…

Electrical connections and equipment are sensitive to water. It is perfectly acceptable to clean off the cartridge tip with warm water, but using water near the connection between the cartridge and the battery can lead to dangerous short-circuits that may damage your device. If the connection itself is dirty, Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and a cotton swab should make quick work of any residue. Never submerge or “rinse” your device underwater as this will lead to permanent damage!

Be sure to avoid harsh chemical cleaners that may leave behind a toxic or foul residue. Not only will they impact the taste, but they will also slowly work to break down your equipment. It’s best to steer clear of chemical cleaners. You could accidentally ingest them if they are on or near your vaporizer.

When everything has been cleaned completely, your device will be ready vaping! Difficult, right? So, get busy and get cleaning! Better performance, and a nice clean e-cig awaits you!

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