E-cigs: better for your social life

Still smoking? Single ‘n looking to mingle among the masses? E-cigarettes are about to become your new favorite accessory. Here’s why.

If you are a smoker and have been having more trouble than you expected being able to line up the dates, have you considered that it may be a result of the tobacco factor? When socializing, whether you’re in the dating game, involved in a relationship, or are just interested in kicking back with friends, smoking can definitely get in the way.

Less people start smoking every year, and the number of adult smokers is also on the decline. With vapor cigarettes so readily available, it can really come as a surprise to many, both nonsmokers and former smokers, that anyone would still be smoking cigarettes anymore.

With tobacco, the odor is far from pleasant, the grossness of the habit and knowing how harmful it is, and the way it can make a smoker appear selfish and distracted by their need to smoke give a really negative vibe to those who don’t smoke. And, if you aren’t a smoker yourself, it’s a habit that’s hard to understand.

To a good number of nonsmokers who are scanning potential partners, smoking can come across as a habit they are not willing to compromise on. In the short term, they don’t want to smell the smoke (both on you, in your car, in your house, etc),or deal with constant smoke breaks. In the long term, the expense of smoking can put a strain on a relationship, the health problems can take a toll, and in the really long term, smokers are not expected to live as long as nonsmokers.

Smoking is a rather large hurdle to overcome and potential partners may see it as a deal breaker. Between the smell, the social implications and the cost, smokers have a somewhat tarnished image. While many people may still not have a full understanding of electronic cigarettes, educating them does not take long, and hey, if you want to show off your vaping skills and prowess, do a little demo for kicks!

Now, we’re not trying to say you need to drop things that you enjoy doing to conform to what you think others want you to be. We’re not trying to tell you that changing who you are is the best way to go about dating. No, on the contrary, we want you to be your badass individualistic self who rocks, in a tobacco-free, smoke-free format! Why limit your possibilities? There’s a big sea out there, and with so many fish; make yourself available