Essential Accessories

When vaping, you need accessories. There are those that are total requirements; like a charger so that you can charge your batteries, and there are those that are strictly for novelty purposes. When it comes to essentials, this is what you need to know. It will make vaping easier, and when you’re purchasing for the first time, it will serve as a good guide to follow. Vaping can be loads of fun, and we urge you to take full advantage of it. In the meantime, these are the necessary pieces you cannot live without!

  1. Batteries. Vaporizer or e-cig. Super-powered or entry level. High Capacity or Standard. Black or White. Automatic Switches or Manual Switches. You won’t be able to vape without one of these; they are the actual body of the device, and the power source. You need at least one of these. More is better, one is necessary.

  2. A Charger. Yes, that’s right, of all our awesome (and we do mean awesome!) choices, you really only need one. USB would be the obvious choice, as it comes with all of our starter kits, and allows you to charge from a variety of devices, however we also offer a wall charger, a car adapter, and the PCC (Personal Charging Case) that gives you the ability to charge your batteries anywhere without an outlet.

  3. Cartridges/ E-Liquids/ and/or Tanks. How else will vaping a vaporized solution be possible? Your choice of flavor, nicotine level, and method, however this is the vessel that holds the liquid!

So, those are your basic essentials. You can get as creative as you want beyond this, add as many pieces to your collection as you see fit, but this is where you start. For more info on our starter kits, have a look at all of our options, for both advanced vaporizers and e-cigarettes. For a look at our vast range of e-cig accessories and vaporizer accessories, check them out at!