Fashion Faux Pas at Mary-Kate Olsen’s Wedding!

Congrats to the newlyweds: the word on the street has it that Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy reportedly tied the knot last Friday night, in an event of utmost mystery exclusivity. After dating for three years, and making countless headlines as an unlikely couple, we could not be happier for the pair! However, despite the obviously stylish ambiance their wedding most likely entailed, with the affair being held at an ultra-private Manhattan residence, the delectably hush-hush wedding was attended by a mere 50 guests, including the pair’s parents and other family members.

Guests handed over their cellphones at the door and embarked on what would be a most memorable evening. Rumor has it that among the decor for the event were many large bowls filled with cigarettes, encouraging guests to smoke the night away in a haze of carcinogenic pollution! Surely, no one smelled pleasant after that!

Surely, we get it: Mary-Kate Olsen being a longtime veteran of the world of high fashion has a particular sense of creating a fashionable, if attention-grabbing, setting. Sure, she may be the biggest Francophile out there, but cigarette smoking, as en vogue en France as it may be, is definitely not a distinct style-maker. Whatever the reason behind the garishness of cigarettes being used as decorations, especially in today’s era of health-consciousness, we are saddened by their crude encouragement of tobacco smoking.

Had they chosen South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes or vaporizers as their prop of choice, and influenced their guests to indulge the night away in a mysterious cloud of vapor, we would be much more supportive and understanding.

Basically, for someone in tune with the times, (supposedly), it kind of shocks us that Mary-Kate would go for something as passe as cigarettes to mark the night. Old Hollywood glamour? Nah, it’s much more like stinky cloud of burnt carcinogenic plant matter, with added chemicals for good measure. Not fashionable on any level!

Despite their strange taste in party decor, we here at South Beach Smoke wish the newlyweds a blessed union, filled with love, passion, bliss, and longevity; if that’s what they’re aiming for, of course. May they opt for a less hazardous method of nicotine, and seek refuge away from the harms of smoke with South Beach Smoke e-cigs!