refillable e-cig cartridge pack with liquid

How to Refill an E-Cig Cartridge

Are you a cost-conscious e-cig smoker? South Beach Smoke has you covered. With our refillable e-cig cartridges, you can use the same cartridge again and again. Re-filling an e-cig cartridge is an easy way to vape on a budget.

But how can you refill your e-cig cartridges?

Below is an outline on the process to refill an e-cig cartridge. It’s not that complex, and it’s kind of like riding a bike. Once you do it the first time, it’ll come naturally. Check out our step-by-step guide below.

What You’ll Need for the Refill Process

Before you start refilling your own e-cig cartridges, you need to have the right gear.

You can’t just re-fill any cartridges. You’ll need to find some that are designed specifically for the task. Fortunately, South Beach Smoke can help. If you need refillable e-cig cartridges, we have five-packs available on our online store.

In addition to re-fillable cartridges, you’ll also need a narrow-nosed e-liquid bottle. These plastic bottles come pre-filled with e-cig liquid in a flavor of your choice, which includes all the tobacco flavors you might enjoy, as well as those found in cartridges: Menthol, Classic Tobacco, and Red Tobacco. They’re inexpensive and easy-to-use, even for newer users. The narrow tip of these bottles makes it easy to use them to refill your e-cig cartridges.

Once you have the right gear, you’ll need to learn the technique.

Steps: Refill E-Cig Cartridge

To refill your e-cig cartridges, follow four easy steps.

  1. First, make sure that you disconnect the refillable cartridge from the battery. To do that, unscrew the top and bottom pieces of the e-cig. This is an important step. After all, you don’t want to accidentally burn yourself your damage the cartridge.
  2. Next, remove the cap from the needle-nosed e-liquid bottle. If you already used the cartridge for one flavor of e-liquid, it’s a good idea to refill it with the same flavor. That will help ensure that you always have pure flavors that don’t mix with one another.
  3. Insert the tip of the bottle into the top of the cartridge (the same side as the mouthpiece). Then, squeeze – between eight and ten seconds should be enough to fill each cartridge. Remove the tip of the bottle from the cartridge and replace the cap.
  4. Last, reattach the cartridge to the battery. Make sure that you didn’t over-fill the cartridge – check for any e-liquid leaking or seeping from the container.

Finally, take a pull, taste the new vapor, and enjoy!

Final Thoughts on E-Cig cartridge Refills

Refilling your e-cig cartridges is a more than just a good way to be frugal while you vape. It’s also a way to become more familiar with all of the equipment required to vape e-cigs. Once you refill a cartridge once, it’ll become easier and more natural every subsequent time.

If you need any of the equipment listed on this page, you can find any of them available in our online e-cig store. With free shipping, 30-day returns, and our low-price guarantee, there’s never been a better time to get the gear you need from South Beach Smoke.