Introducing the Power Cig

The Power Cig is the newest accessory we have created with you in mind. This lovely piece of technology is the kind of accessory customers have been requesting for a while, and it lets you vape without needing to charge your battery for those times when you happen to be chilling in one spot for an extended time. Have you ever wished you could use your e-cig as it charged at your computer while you were working? Or how about as you were laying back on the couch parked in front of the TV, while your battery was next to you, charging in the wall outlet? Well, this is exactly what the Power Cig does!

It’s a separate e-cig battery that plugs into a power source on its own, and you can use it all you like because it has a continuous power source. Think about it; you’ll be able to save the power on your regular e-cig batteries, and use them when you are less stationary.

The South Beach Smoke Power Cig can plug into your computer’s USB port, your car adapter, or wall charger. It comes with a 7.5 foot long stretch cord, and makes vaping at home, in the car, or in the office more convenient than ever! We all forget to charge our batteries, and this helps avoid it altogether! Save your batteries for when you need them or when you aren’t able to connect to an outlet or USB.

When you use the Power Cig, you do not need to charge your batteries at all. As long as you are vaping it stays connected to the power source. It works with any of our cartridges, and only differs from our portable e-cigarette batteries because it is less mobile. When you have the access to a power source and you don’t plan on moving for a while, yet you still want the ability to vape as much as you want, this is the accessory for you!