Let’s Talk Love Life & Dating… & Smoking

Vaping and your love life. You may think they really have nothing to do with one another, but that could not be any further from reality! If you’re prowling the dating scene, and looking for love, or just some fun, here’s a look at why you may want to switch to vapor! Hey, you never know… it could be just a single cigarette between you and Mr. or Ms. Right!

Turn-off #1: The Smell – The smell of musty smoker; it’s not attractive on any level. It stinks, quite literally! And what’s even worse, is that smokers have earned a reputation as such that not only do they smell, but their vehicles and homes tend to be funky as well.

Turn-off #2: The Finances – Smokers spend more on their habits, and as a result, their spending on such an unhealthy habit can be a turnoff to non-smokers who want a longterm partner who demonstrates financial responsibility.

Turn-off #3: The Health Choices – Health matters big time, and it doesn’t take a physician to make it clear that smokers are less healthy than non-smokers, generally speaking. Smoking can be a major turnoff due to all of the associated health issues that come along with it.

Turn-off #4: The (lack of) Education Factor – Considering the amount of information so readily available to smokers and nonsmokers alike in regards to the dangers and detriments of smoking cigarettes, it’s really amazing that anyone would opt to smoke tobacco anymore. It definitely makes one seem less educated by choosing to smoke when there are so many options to choose from instead. Like, hey! Don’t you know how bad tobacco is for you?

On the Contrary…

Turn On # 1: E-cigs give you something to talk about, make it apparent that you’re abreast of the current times, and they are a conscious choice that actually does benefit the planet. They are a statement of your choice to use something more responsible and less scary due to the fact that they do not contain tobacco or any of the thousands of chemicals. You won’t smell bad, and you will have the ability to proudly boast that you’re not a tobacco smoker! So if you’re dating, allow yourself the availability of all options open; why be a tobacco smoker if you don’t have to?