South Beach Smoke is Changing Lives, One Customer at a Time!

It may seem crazy that a simple product can really do great things to change lives, but that’s exactly what e-cigarettes are doing. When we get e-cig testimonials from our customers, it’s the best! Knowing that our products are improving their lives, and making life a little better, makes doing all that we do even more than worth it. You just can’t ask for a deeper meaning than that; having a positive influence on the lives of thousands is not something we take lightly. We love what we do!

We recently ran a sweepstakes, where the winners were flown to beautiful South Beach, to enjoy some great R & R in the South Florida sunshine. It was an exciting contest, and among so many awesome entries, we knew it wouldn’t be possible to please everyone.

Once our winner, Terry and her husband arrived, we arranged a chance to sit down and chat. Being able to meet two of our loyal customers was wonderful, and hearing their story really had such an impact. Terry is a cancer survivor. Heavy smoking left her with throat cancer, and she now lives with a voice box. She is a proud South Beach Smoke user, and there could not have been a more deserving winner in this contest!

Electronic cigarettes are changing smokers’ lives, it’s quite obvious. The time has really come for smokers to walk away from tobacco and choose safer, cleaner, smokeless alternatives. The harm that can come from smoking is real, and very possible. Terry is living proof! She was really lucky to get a second chance, because not all who smoke and get cancer do. We are really proud and honored to be a part of her life, and wish her all the very best.