Stay Tuned: Black Friday is Coming Right Up!

As you’re probably aware, unless of course, you reside under a rock, the holiday season is fully on! Thanksgiving will be happening this week (!!) and Christmas is a mere 31 days away (but who’s counting?), with Hanukkah smack in the middle of all this celebrating! And, yes, as much as we are totally down with celebrating and getting our spirit of caring, sharing, and partying on, it’s those awesome Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and holiday sales that really whet our whistle! We cannot wait to blow your minds with savings and great deals!

On another note, this week, as you get ready to plow into the feast of gratitude, hit the malls for Black Friday, and sit at the edge of your seat during the weekend as you await the killer deals you’re praying for come Cyber Monday, let’s take this moment to be grateful for one thing: vaping.

Sure, it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when prompted on gratitude, but really, if you enjoy the pleasures of vapor products, think about all the ways it has impacted your life for the better. Have you saved a ton of money over the duration of time since you switched? How about how great it feels to not be covered in a smelly haze of smoke? What about the feeling of freedom knowing you are no longer a slave to tobacco, and that you’ve got a world of options ahead of you? And, since we are talking about celebrating, and this time of year is all about getting together with those you love, who doesn’t love the freedom that comes with vaping when hanging out in a crowd? It’s so much more people-friendly, and not being exiled outside because you smoke is a really, really nice thing. So yeah, vapor is amazing!

So, Happy Thanksgiving from South Beach Smoke, guys! We hope your holidays are awesome! We’re totally grateful for all of you out there who’ve chosen SBS as your preferred vapor option, and we totally look forward to hooking you up with rad sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! It’s going to be crazy good!