E-Cigarette Batteries: Which to Choose

South Beach Smoke makes awesome electronic cigarettes, as you most likely already know! One of our biggest claims to fame are our batteries, which offer

Summertime and the Vaping’s Easy!

Summertime is approaching and most people are going to be heading outdoors. Did you know that electronic cigarettes work with the active lifestyle way better

Introducing the Power Cig

The Power Cig is the newest accessory we have created with you in mind. This lovely piece of technology is the kind of accessory customers

Vape Pens are Eco Friendly

Tobacco cigarettes are toxic for more than just the body; they are toxic for the environment as well. Switching to electric cigarettes is often done

Should You Quit Smoking for a Job?

Need another great reason to choose e-cigs over conventional tobacco cigs? Your job. As in, your potential, future job. As if your health, expenses, and