Talking About Tanks

Tanks are a rather big deal when it comes to vaping. While the majority of the spotlight gets shined on the actual vaporizers and batteries, the gorgeously gleaming exteriors, there would be no action without the tanks. These essential components lend a great deal of function to the process, and give you the ability to vape without using pre-filled cartridges. Read on to learn more about South Beach Smoke tanks, and what these vessels do!

Tanks are a major part of the vaping experience when using advanced vaporizers because they are the part of the unit that holds the e-liquid. They come in a vast array of different styles, sizes, colors, and types, yet they basically have one thing in common: holding your e-liquid. They can be made of glass, metal, or plastic, come in basic colors such as stainless steel or black, or they can come in any color of the rainbow. Some are larger than others, making them “high-capacity” tanks holding liquid volumes in upwards of 2 ml, or they can be petite to fit a smaller vape pen, or hold less liquid for those vapers among us who prefer to change up their liquid frequently, or those who are more inclined to vape less often. Whatever your style is, we’ve got a tank that will fit you well!

Just like all South Beach Smoke products, you can expect our tanks to be made for the e-cigarette connoisseur who wants the finest quality. We don’t take shortcuts and sacrifice quality; we prefer to put every ounce of detail in for a better result; unlike most other tanks you’ll find from other manufacturers.

If you are looking for a particular vape tank, or want to experiment with some of your options, check out our wide selection of them. We’ve got tanks for the ultimate in vapor production and performance, as well as novelty tanks that were made for enhancing your vaping pen’s style. High capacity, low capacity, glass or metal, when it comes to holding your e-liquid, we have the best tanks around! Feel free to browse our selection, and give your APV something new to play with!