Thanksgiving Means One Thing: SALES!

Get ready, it’s coming…

Thanksgiving is approaching and while thats fine and dandy, we know it also means one thing, and one thing only: BIG HOLIDAY SALES! Aka: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you are a vaper, retail blowouts are great and all, but we are fully aware that you are in the market for other ventures besides uber-low TV’s and clothing! You want e-cigs, vape pens, tanks, cartridges, vape accessories, and e-liquids at rad prices! You want prices so good you’re going to splurge on new devices, grab some stuff you need, some stuff you don’t, and will probably update a thing or two. We know what you want, and we promise, the sales will start the day after Thanksgiving, and you will be very pleased!

In fact, whether you are shopping for yourself, or looking to load up on the holiday goods for all those lucky e-smokers, and traditional smokers who need to switch to vapor, in your life, (you know, in the spirit of giving gifts with meaning!). This is going to be the perfect opportunity for you to get all of that shopping done! We’ve got all the best vaping gear: from Express Reusable Kits for those curious beginners, to the most exciting advanced vape pens around; endless e-liquids available in custom-blended flavors and e-cigarette starter kits for vapers at every level.

While we are currently under a code of secrecy that prevents us from divulging what the exact deets will be, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to be good! So, enjoy the next few days of getting ready for Turkey Day, go nuts on Turkey Day, fill your belly up with all that goodness, and be prepared to spend some money and save a whole lotta money on the South Beach Smoke Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales! Ah, the holiday season is grand, enjoy it all to the max!