Things Only a Vaper Experiences

When you vape, life is just different. It’s like being part of a select club, or a secret society where people who don’t vape just don’t get it. Here are some of the experiences only vapers know firsthand, and why it really does rock being able to smoke without the shackles of tobacco smoke.

-You smirk when people refer to your vaping as “smoking.” It’s just not the same thing! There is no actual smoke.

-Before you leave for the day, you have a lineup of making sure all of your e-cig gear is ready to go. Extra batteries are packed and charged, accessories are sorted and ready to go, extra e-cigarette cartridges are set, and you have your e-cig storage case all prepared for anything that comes your way!

-You know precisely how long each of your batteries lasts, so you can configure exactly how many batteries you will need for any amount of time away from the day.

-You’ve paired your e-cig flavor with certain meals and beverages because doing so rocks.

-When you receive remarks from people that you sure own a lot of e-cigarette gear, you scoff! It’s not that you own a lot of gear, it’s more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and you take it quite seriously! Extra batteries, chargers, and cartridges are necessities!

-You’d never think twice about using your e-cig in public; it’s part of your daily ritual.

-When someone gets curious about your e-cigarettes, and wants to try them, you get a little apprehensive. Who shares personal use items like that? If they are a close friend or acquaintance, you may have purchased a small starter kit or disposables for them after such an incident to retain the friendship and share your love of vaping.

Vaping is a lifestyle for many, many people, typically ex-cigarette smokers. It’s more than just an option away from tobacco, it’s about total enjoyment, savoring flavors, enjoying the nicotine, the vapor, and the experience as a whole. It’s not smoking, it’s vaping!