Truth VS Rumor: The Truth About E-Cigs

Have you heard some whacky things about electronic cigarettes? Have you heard some odd stories, or tales that made you furrow your brow and wonder what someone was talking about? Have you questioned something about e-cigarettes because you’ve been told things you were not sure about? Well, you aren’t the only one!

Perhaps it just comes with the territory when something gets popular, especially when people get confused. E-cigarettes have been no stranger to myths and rumors, and if you’ve heard something that baffled you, here are a few of these tall tales, and the truth behind them!

Rumor: E-cigarettes are going to be illegal.

Truth: Definitely not, especially with the new regulations that have been implemented as of late. There will be age restrictions, and they will not be accessible to minors, however they will still continue to be sold.

Rumor: They are no different than regular cigarettes; nicotine is nicotine.

Truth: They are completely different than regular cigarettes. First of all they are electronic, they do not contain tobacco, and nicotine in cartridges and liquids is available in different levels, including cartridges and liquids that contain no nicotine.

Rumor: How can they be safe? How do you know what’s in them?

Truth: Do you really think substances made for consumption that were vagrantly, obviously harmful would be legal for sale? Maybe for a time, but it would only be a matter of time before lawsuits started rolling in, and companies began taking heat for selling dangerous products. Responsible e-cigarette companies disclose their ingredients, and generally, there are very few ingredients contained in them; unlike the thousands of chemicals that are included in traditional cigarettes.

Rumor: Aren’t e-cigarettes explosive?

Truth: Any electrical item has the potential to be explosive, and e-cigarettes are not inherently explosive. The instances where the items became an explosive hazard happened when the user modified their devices with parts not meant for use with them. If you follow directions, and do not take electrical items into your own hands against the advice of the manufacturer, you will be fine.

Rumor: There is no nicotine in e-cigarettes.

Truth: This is subjective, as they can be nicotine free, or have very strong levels of nicotine. You’ve got options, and “nicotine free” is just one of them.

Rumor: Electronic cigarettes taste bad.

Truth: Again, another subjective statement. Taste is a personal thing, just like some people dig the taste of anchovies, and others prefer sardines. Some don’t like fish at all; get my drift? There are many different e-cigarette flavors, across many different brands. You have to try them to know what works for you! On this subject, we offer custom blended e-liquids, and this enables you to choose from 30,000 different blend combinations; we’re sure you’ll find something you like!

Rumor: Aren’t e-cigarettes designed to make kids and teenagers want to smoke?

Truth: We saved the best for last on this one! This statement could not be further from the truth! E-cigarettes are made for, designed for, intended for use by adults! They are tobacco alternatives, and the latest e-cigarette regulation will confirm this, electronic cigarettes are not to be used by minors!