We Aim to Please: We Are All About Options

The amount of options we offer to our customers is extensive. Not to brag or anything, but we’re pretty pleased to please all of you! Over the past three years we’ve grown and grown because of all of your support, and this has allowed us to expand our offerings. Our e-cigs have won numerous awards, been featured by MTV, embraced by Hollywood, been voted as the #1 e-cigarette across many categories, and we have continuously received rave reviews from our customers detailing how our products have helped them live better lives. So with that, it’s safe to say we love what we do!

In the spirit of pleasing and making our customers happy, in the past year we have added e-cigarette disposables and reusable express kits to our catalog, as well as nearly doubling the selection of flavors that we offer. Our batteries come in two sizes and with the choice of two different switches. Our starter kits go from the simplest set up to very advanced, very  much loaded packages that contain every accessory we carry. Our cartridges come in four different strengths of nicotine, starting with the strongest at 16mg, 12mg being equivalent to lite cigarettes, 6mg comparable to ultra lites, and 0mg, as nicotine free, for those who just want to enjoy the feeling and experience of vaping. Our Home Delivery Program offers customers the benefit of being able to have their cartridges delivered to them monthly, without the burden of trying to remember when to reorder, and waiting on shipping. It also saves 20% on refills, gives a lifetime warranty on all parts, and is absolutely free to join, without the trappings of a contract. So as you can see, we really are all about options!

While other companies rushed to the forefront to get their name out as quickly as possible when electronic cigarettes first became popular, we opted to build our business on client satisfaction, focusing on customer service, and investing in having the most solid quality we deemed possible. It has really paid off because our customers continue to grow, and are happier than ever!