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What is a POD System? Beginners Guide to Ultra-Portable POD Systems

What is a POD System

The vaping industry has no shortage of new, innovative products hitting Florida’s South Beach market every day, drumming up major interest in the creative ways the top brands reinvent vaping. For vapers new and experienced alike, this constant stream of product options is great news, because it offers a wide range of ways to enjoy vaping. With such a top-quality array of vape product options, it’s easy for just about anyone to find their ideal vape set-up creating a highly-personalized vaping experience.

One of the latest trends to sweep the vape community is the Vape Pod, which is a POD-based vape system, a device that combines user-friendly operation, affordability, and high-quality performance. For many vapers, a POD system vape is a perfect way to make the most of their vape hobby, particularly for those looking to recreate an authentic, cigarette-like experience. Plus, because vape pods are in the middle ground between cheap e-cigarettes and expensive, advanced mods, they are an ideal choice for vapers who want the best of both worlds.

Are you considering purchasing a POD system to add to your vape arsenal? Here’s a handy breakdown of everything you want to know about POD system vapes, including how they work, their pros and cons, and what you can expect as a vape pod owner.

What is a POD System Vape?

In comparison to other popular vape devices, a POD system vape falls between basic e-cigarettes and advanced vape mods. This style of vape has characteristics from both ends of the vape spectrum, making it a popular choice for vapers of all experience levels.

Unlike a traditional box mod, a POD system vape does not use an atomizer or tank. Instead, it uses a pod-based system, the primary feature for which a POD system is named. This pod system is what contains and vaporizes your e-liquid, averaging about 2 mL capacity. Depending on the system you choose, you will either utilize pre-filled pod cartridges or refill them yourself using the e-liquid of your choice.

Vape pod systems are considerably more compact than classic box mods, typically measuring just slightly larger than a vape pen. Pod systems are often visually compared to a USB drive, though many brands also make options that look like small-scale box mods.

It’s not uncommon for beginning vapers to upgrade to a pod system after some time with an inexpensive, basic vape pen. Generally, e-cigs and vape pens are designed to operate at the simplest level, keeping the vape experience easy, portable, and super affordable. Once a vaper is ready to take their vape experience to the next level, advanced box mods are no longer the only option. Vape POD systems offer more features than a basic pen or e-cig but are also less complicated and more budget-friendly than most advanced box mods.

If you decide to try a vape pod system for yourself, you’ll find that you gain access to the best of both ends of the vape spectrum: the discreet, hassle-free experience offered by a vape pen as well as the ample power of a traditional mod.

How Do You Use a POD System?

Operating a POD system varies slightly depending upon the model, but they generally follow a similar approach. To begin the vaping process, you’ll first need to load up your device with a pod full of e-liquid. This means either removing and refilling a reusable cartridge or obtaining a brand-new, pre-filled pod. The pods typically click right onto the device, with some utilizing magnets for a secure fit.

Then, you’ll be ready to begin vaping. Some devices are draw-activated, meaning a simple inhale is all it takes to get going. Other devices use button-activated firing, much like traditional mods.

Advantages of Using a Vape Pod System

Vape pod systems have plenty of benefits to offer:

  • They are portable, discreet, and easy to use. You’ll be able to enjoy a good vape session anytime, anywhere.
  • They are easy to maintain, requiring little to no effort on your part to keep everything running smoothly.
  • They are extremely affordable, with a variety of options to choose from under the $50 mark.

Disadvantages of Using a Vape Pod System

Like any vape device style, a vape pod system has a few characteristics that might count as a drawback for select vapers:

  • Your vapor production will be slightly less than if you were to use an advanced box mod, though most pod systems still put out an ample amount of flavorful, fluffy clouds to satisfy the average vaper.
  • You’ll need to recharge the device more frequently than a box mod and work with a slightly shorter battery life.

Open System Vape Pods vs. Closed System Vape Pods

There are two types of vape pod systems: open systems and closed systems. Each device is categorized according to how the vaper handles e-liquid refills.

  • In an open system, you will manually refill the reusable pods using the vape juice of your choice. You have the benefit of using your preferred e-liquids, but you will have to deal with the time and cost required to regularly replace coils and cartridges. Overall, most pod vapers report a smoother draw and increased vapor production with an open system vape pod.
  • In a closed system, pre-filled e-juice cartridges are used, then disposed of when empty. You’ll never have to deal with potentially messy refills, and there’s virtually no maintenance to speak of. However, expect to be slightly limited when it comes to e-liquid options since you’ll be choosing from a series of pre-filled pods rather than any e-juice you want.

Each system style has its pros and cons and choosing the right one for you comes down to your personal preference.

How Long Do Refillable Pods Last?

The lifespan of your refillable pod depends largely on your vape habits. Vapers who use their device more than average can expect to refill and replace their pods more often, whereas less frequent vapers may have longer-lasting pods. Other factors that affect pod replacement include the type of juice used, the pod size, and the coil.

On average, many vapers report being able to refill their reusable pods between 10 and 20 times (or about 3 to 5 days) before noticing a decrease in performance. If you detect a burnt taste or a drop in the flavor potency, it’s definitely time to swap our your pod for a new one.

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